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Koshimizu Hayao is a character from SMTV.

For The Sake Of Japan[edit | edit source]

Season 0[edit | edit source]

The Japanese Prime Minister, a man dedicated to improve Japan and it's procreation problem.

Episode 7

While Red is saddened over Extra's "dream" of sucking dongs for appearing in low-paying gay pornos, he surprisingly makes himself known to her and offers a solution. Due to how many wrestlers are imported to Japan and vice versa, the culture suffers a sort of exchange of influence, thus he came to improve what's being brought over since the Japanese TFR (Total Fertility Rate) is on the down; thus, he needs to improve Coolsville's image in that regard, and Red as well as her words of "a group's well-being above any individual's dream" would make the perfect poster image of that. To that regard, he answers that he came to teach her a few things, so that she won't need to fight on her own anymore. Red agrees, anything as long as she can stop Tre from licking some old fart's balls...

Episode 9

Red and the Prime Minister observe Chuck's from a distance as some salad-dodging fatfuck was about to give it to Tre, when a truck crashes into the building and interrupts it, chalking it up to luck. But Koshimizu corrects Red, in that was all according to plan thanks to what he wants to teach her to become... a Pokémon master. It was through the use of a creature that the truck was crashed, and with the power of Pokémon can Red use these tools to fight against her destiny and secure the future generations.

Red is ready to learn all about them, buy Pokéballs, and buy punctured condoms to make Tre forget his dumb dream. As for Koshimizu, he'll have to think how to punish his Pokémon creature for screwing up the crash, maybe even swap him for a Braun Strowman.

Episode 10

Koshimizu presents Red with three options to pick as starter; the normal/ground Big Show is discarded for being slow and uneffective, and bug type Adam Cole is rejected for being too weak, but psychic/grass Joe Merrick is perfect, perfectly as big a bitch as Tre that is. To level up her new Pokemon, Koshimizu puts him in a tournament an old acquaintance is putting together: NXT's King of /v/ Tournament. If Red can win the tournament, she'll be one step closer to being a Pokemon Master, and perhaps even Tre.

Episode 12

After her pokemon failed her at the last moment, and with Red's very own "Beat The Clock challenge" ticking, she needs to become experienced soon, and as Koshimizu suggests, what better way to become a big name than get a gym badge? Her challenge is Kane, the legendary wrestler and pokemon trainer who became mayor of Knox County, and holds the position as the leader of Coolsville's Fire Gym to this day.

Episode 13

Koshimizu praises Red, as she has walked the path of the Pokemon Master and realized her potential. At this level of strength and with her father's pokemon, nothing is beyond her reach.

This is finally it for Red, she's waited for so long with time against her but she made it. It's not about what she wants anymore, but about what she must do; all other choices have faded out, this is her duty that she must fulfill. And so, Koshimizu says, go on ahead, to the greatest fight of your life.

Tre, I'm going to breed with you.

Episode 14

Returns to japan when Red gives up the pokemon master life.