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"Yorokobe shounen" ― Kotomine

A character from Fate/stay night.

Priest of Despair[edit | edit source]

Designated to be a servant of the holy since birth, Kotomine Kirei was born twisted: He could not feel happiness or emotions, and instead craved to see others suffer; he could not see beauty as the world saw it, and instead wished to see it desecrated. For years, Kirei tried to correct himself so he could be normal, suffering much hardship yet not comprehending this as suffering in the way people do, but to no avail, his only resort seemed to be correcting himself by reaching God through suicide. Near the end of his path, even the death of his wife, who deeply loved and understood him to the point of taking her own life in hopes of making him cry, only brought him tears in the sense that he wasn't able to kill her himself. He wondered if his birth was a mistake, and wondered why he existed without purpose. At last, he came to the point where if not even such a tragedy could save him, he should forsake salvation altogether; he gave away his daughter and walked in the direction his nature pointed to.

TFR/Season 1[edit | edit source]

Now he has turned to TFR in a last attempt of salvation, trying to see if the almighty power of wrestling may heal his twisted fate.

Episode 5

He fights with Doc Piccolo as a medical exam, but Piccolo is unable to find the a cure for his problem,

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Still to no avail, his feelings haven't changed, Kirei carries on in his search for happiness.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Kirei loses to a skilled young man with a strong abhorrence of the magical. Although he was soundly defeated, the young man gave his hand in compassion. This gave Kirei no happiness at all, such an action that would fill anyone's heart with a feeling of being accepted, Kirei felt nothing. However, after the fight, the man had a change of heart that maybe miracles of the holy could indeed be real. Such a change, despite giving Kirei no emotion at all, had a deep impact on him. He came to respect this man, a man so deep in his devotion to deny the magical, much like he once respected his own father.

If their paths were to cross someday, in alliance or in conflict—at his side or taking his life, Kirei feels he could get a feeling that would fill the void inside him.

Episode 8.5

Kirei manages to get the King of Jobbers Title.

Episode 11

However, not even this Title Belt gives him any pleasure. An action that would feel anyone with pride is but void on him. He wonders if maybe assassinating a Master in this Holy Grail War he might find the happiness he desperately so desires. He considers eliminating Arthur, the enemy of his black friend. Maybe this shall please him.

Episode 12[edit | edit source]

However, he was not able to take down Arthur, as that mongrel got in the way.

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

Appears in his Fate/Zero self during the Dimensional Merge.

Episode 2

A young Kirei is defeated by a ruthless assassin and loses the belt.

Episode 6[edit | edit source]

Kirei reflects on his inability to acquire pleasure and the words of his black friend, and decides to stop pretending and follow his instincts.

Kirei aims for the belt and fights Pegasus.

TFR/Off-Season 3[edit | edit source]

The man who sold the canon

When Dan Schneider defeated "Johnny Knoxville" in seconds, Kirei cashed in right then and there, declaring it's nature as canon.

In looking for a surprise attack, he finally finally felt something inside him, and defeated Dan winning the title.

Yorokobe Shounen, all of this butthurt... it brings me great joy.

TFR/Season 4[edit | edit source]

After winning the title like that and bringing forth his delight for suffering into wrestling, Kirei continues searching for something more inside of him, a sense of purpose.

Episode 3

Even now, he feels a void in him as holding the most prestigious title in this industry holds nothing of value for him.

Deciding to hold on it waiting for the unexpected, he declares an open challenge non-title match, his true intentions to observe the suffering that will be caused by the fight, either being defeated by the one holding the title, or winning against him but gaining nothing.

Later that night, he would confront a most fierce warrior from a faraway land, and satisfy his curiosity.

Episode 8

Kirei went to Hell itself for some reason, and challenged it's twisted master, Mr. Bones. However, he put a condition that he wouldn't resist: If he could challenge the ruler of hell itself through his physical manifestation, La Parka, he would vacate his position. Mr. Bones, perhaps amused by such foolish challenge, accepted. However, Mr. Bones wasn't expecting Kirei to unleash such a holy power against him and be defeated. And that's exactly what he did.

Episode 9

After defeating the baron of hell itself, Kirei smiles as his plan has just begun. He searches hell for a "caged beast", a being he wishes to contract as a Servant so that he may employ it to cause much more suffering still.

However, he feels like he has already unleashed a much greater evil to come.

Rejoice, boy.

Episode 10[edit | edit source]

Kirei, finding the beast's cage and making a contract with him, gets a feeling that the world is already heading towards ruin this very instant. How beautiful.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

When Kojima is having boasting about his writing skills to Hachijo Tohya, Kirei and the beast, Dimitri Blaiddyd, enter into the room. Kirei determined that while they don't support Battler's happy ending, Kojima's plan stries away from the optimal course to maximize suffering, and so Kirei will ensure that Tohya's match will not be interfered, by having Dimitri entertain Kojima's last defense, Senator Armstrong. This, he feels, is a good way to repay Battler for making him feel something close to joy.

You don't realize... How much pain is still to be brought to this institution.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

A hellish fiend lands in hell...

Thus, Kirei's prediction would soon become true. As a series of murders start to happen backstage, and even more deaths bloom away from the camera lights...

A girl is found murdered after Adachi was rejected, and he brags about it.

Episode 3

Kirei talks with director Hideo and asks him to insert him into the tag-team title match tonight. Hideo has to oblige, and Kirei takes his leave.

Later that night, he and his servant would win the titles.

However, that night, Tomitake's body was also found...

Episode 5[edit | edit source]

Almost complete keikaku
Almost complete keikaku

Kirei once again corners the director into having to put him in a World Title contendership match, and this, as well, is all part of Kirei's plan.

Episode 7

When Date confronts Hideo, he reveals the truth. Kirei is in cahoots with the fiend from hell, and his goal is set on getting all of the belts to form The Holy Belt. He has been forcing Hideo with the threat to kill everyone in the death game and moving on to this universe, thus Hideo chose to trust Him and follow Kirei's orders to keep the pace in this world.

Date wagers that Tomitake must've been killed because he found out the truth.

Episode 9

Raiden and Date confront Kirei in his church on the hill, but while arresting him, he summons a huge fucking boulder with his magecraft, as they try to run from it, Aiba instructs Date to summon Chris Redfield, buys time for them, but despite his boulder punching expertise, Kirei's boulder is simply too strong, and ends up killing him.

Date and Raiden make it in time to blco Kirei's path, but they are defeated by him and his servant.

Episode 9.1[edit | edit source]

Ingurland cashes-in and steals the belt from him. Long live ingurland.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

It is revealed however that Kirei convinced him to safeguard the belt for him so he can form the holy belt.

However, when Dimitry asked Ingurland for what he was promised with the wish and found out it didn't match what he was promised, Dimitri went mad and went searching for Kirei.

On the church he finds Archer on the floor, and remembers he indeed was the one who beat him up and also killed Tomitake, both innocent people, as ordered by Kirei's Command Spells. Seeing how he was used the whole time just enrages him further, and he swears to kill Kirei.

Kirei meanwhile confronts Hideo about his little attempt to take the belt from Kirei with Ingurland, and asks for a title match with Jensen now that, to Hideo's knowledge, it'd be impossible to get the Holy Belt.

Jensen manages to retain the title just barely, and Date and Raiden show up to arrest him, however Dimitri also appears in a rage, and Date & Raiden try to hold him off. As Kirei tries to escape, Punished Narukami Yu appears as well with an intent to kill despair. Lamenting having to waste it, Kirei uses his last command seal to tell Kirei to hold them off.

Episode 12[edit | edit source]

As Raiden takes Narukami away, Kirei appears to kill Date, but Dimitri wakes up and uses his Tempest Lance on him. Dimitri leaves, his battle now finished. Kirei, however, reminds Date that on focusing to capture him, the death game will reach it's conclusion soon enough, and thus his plan will be fulfilled. Kirei laughs and laughs, and laughs as he's taken away by security.

And as foretold, Kirei massacres Security Guard Joe and escapes prison, just in time for the death game's tragic conclusion. After BANS reveals how Kirei saved him and made him second lord of hell, as the universe collapses at the tragic end of the death game, to hold the ceremony to transfer BANS into the body of Miles Edgeworth, Kire's the last thing seen by the rescue party before they leave the crumbling Universe 2K20.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Nobody has seen Kirei or anyone from the death game since the incident, and as such are presumed dead. However...

Episode 3[edit | edit source]


Kirei appears along with BANS during the takeover, being his second in command.

Episode 4

Kirei meets Hideo once again, and with the other rioters, force him to book the show they want.

He talks to BANS about testing his new body and how little time they have left to escape before "they" use their last resort.

After Broken Man's fight, BANS and Kirei leave taking all those who pledged allegiance with him, just before the deployment of RUMBLE-17.

Episode 5

12 years in the future, as his right hand man, Kirei leads large parts of the forces of the BANS Army to wage war against The Three Kings and Sminem Corp.

Episode 7

While BANS is having a meeting with the one known as "Dark Serge", the sudden invasion to Serge's Fort by The Final Resistance proves an occasion for Serge to show himself worthy of being one of high ranks of BANS Army. BANS and Kirei leave for Serge to take care of it with his own men.

Episode 10

BANS and Kirei decide to hire Johnny Gat due to his potential, and give him a demonic arm created by their scientists.

Episode 12

Silently stands next to BANS as he deals with God-Emperor II, the greatest assassin of the chaos army.

Episode 13[edit | edit source]

Kirei demonstrates his poor affinity with hot-blooded young men

Greets Rean Schwarzer and Albus Bernstein to the BANS Army HQ, as the two were invited to help train their recruits. Afterwards, he gets to teach their rabbit girls.

Episode 15

At Coolsville Arena, BANS and Kirei have a meeting to discuss their goal, their top priority is to gather the belts, and once the night ends, their focus should be on taking over the arena itself.

Episode 17

Finally, Dimitri meets Kirei again, after holding back for so long, holding to not give in to the rage, Dimitri finally gets his chance at revenge for everything that was done to him. The priest is far superior in skill to him and the match is close to ending in his favor at any time, but he finally lets it out after 12 years, all the rage had to give, and finally defeats and kills Kirei for good.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

A priest who works for the Holy Church. His desire is set on obtaining all of the titles, and perhaps that will give him some joy.

Episode 1

Gets interviewed before his EC match; he plans to exit the chamber victorious and walk right into the royal rumble. And soon enought, all of the company's titles will be his.

With two eliminations each, Kotomine Kirei and Geralt are the last two in the chamber, and after a long struggle and some luck, Geralt manages to come out on top, winning the King of Jobbers Title.

Episode 2

Almost wins the KoJ title, but he is pinned by Max Payne.

Episode 9

Kirei visits the GM Office with a very important offer: the only way to keep the company afloat, if he doesn't want any "rumored incidents" to come to him without any safety net. And whilst Vitalik compliments him for his attempt, he knows his tricks and won't let him get into his head, and counters him with the fact that he already has his allies and his ambitions have no legitimacy. Kirei calls him a fool for the talents he has assembled is praiseworthy and vast, soon making everyone in this company thirsting to be under their flag; but as Vitalik's answer doesn't change, Kirei has to express that his RAW show will burn to a crisp under his regrets.

Before Kirei leaves, Vitalik has one last idea; a chance to meet and propose his idea to one of their best wrestlers, as he also carries a great deal of influence. Kirei agrees, and the chance to meet him is, of course, a match.

Episode 12

After Vitalik rejects his offer, Kotomine Kirei begins his "project" on his own, garnering a network of collaborators, but to really bring it up he'll need the approval of The Old Council, and goes to the retirement home. After a handshake, Kirei affirms he needs it a approved by any means necessary despite The Council's urgent checkers match, and amidst the confusion brought at 5PM and lost dentures (Greg spins in the background), the only sounds produced when Kirei asks for objections is one of them shitting their pants. With the council's full support, the next step is at hand, and Coolsville will soon rejoice...

Episode 14

Somehow, the fixers he had an arrangement with all died, a surprising twist at their age. But he already secured their approval, and his plan is already in motion. In some time, Coolsville will never be the same...

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

A priest who can't seem to feel any joy, beyond causing suffering to others.

He seeks to form The Holy Belt.

Episode 2/TFR

The priest, unmoved after breaking someone's leg because it wasn't despairful enough.

Overhears Maximillion Pegasus talking to himself about his goal to form the Holy Belt, and challenges him to a battle that, were him to win, they would become a tag team.

He wins the fight after Pegasus does strangely poor in the ring, something unusual for him, being forced into the priest's plot.

Episode 4-6/TFR

Pegasus keeps throwing fights, which makes Kirei assure him that one day, he'll let him have all the suffering he can make.

TFR/Off-Season 7[edit | edit source]

Episode 15: April Fools

"im evil" ― Kirei

Steals Rakesh's $19 fortnite card cause hes evil then sneedfuls it away. Faces the sneedful sir.

TFR/Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Episode 15: April Fools

"still evil"

Episode 32

Wins the rumble to contender for the title because he's evil.

Episode 33

His opponent for the newly-reinstated TFR Championship is... Pegasus because he never lost the rumble.

Episode 37

Btfos several people in the rumble and wins.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

Despite the chaotic events at work, Kirei continues working on his own twisted machinations, and may now own something that will leave hundreds crying and begging for an end to despair...

Episode 7

Even Our Black Friend was no match for it, Kirei is impressed. Sometimes, a union that works well together is all it takes to take out the strongest of them all.

But now, he has everything he needs to proceed with the next step. From the start he knew this couldn't be achieved in short notice, to achieve a complete black-out, make one see nothing but darkness, it required a great deal of planning and preparation. But no past failure is holding him back now, or all the time he spent will be deemed worthless. His ultimate objective shall finally be achieved.

Rejoice... because it's time...

For the taste test! Is the flavor strong enough to knock a normal person out? To render them unconscious?

Mii... It needs a little more spice, nanodesu.

Impossible... this recipe that took so long to put together, that even our friend Gary "Buster" Holmes couldn't stand, defeated so easily by this child...

Poor, poor Kirei! You've been trying so hard... Fight, on!

Next time, he'll surely make a mapo tofu no one will be able to forget!

Mii, you sound motivated! Looking forward to it! Nipah~!

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

As he gets to witness the end of Coolsville, Kirei takes things easy for a while by opening his own Ramen Shop that serves nothing but the spiciest mapo tofu in the continent.

Episode 3

Saten enters Kirei's Ramen Shop to discuss something with Kirei, when he sees that referee that got kicked from Jack's Steakhouse recording something and laughs at him.

Episode 9.1

After months of waiting, Kirei finally finally managed to get his hands on the final ingredients. So easily accessible... almost as if someone wants it to come to fruition. No matter what, though... this is the last step before he can become a full-fledged mafia boss. At last a guest, Suou Tatsuya, arrives, who claims his tofu looks like it'd clog someone's arteries. His creation shall go to waste in people's eyes, that's what he's saying...? It took forever to perfect its taste and texture! Wouldn't someone want something that took years to make?! Unlike cheap factory imitations, this is artisanal, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say his lineage's honor is at stake. It will be the most delicious thing he'll ever taste!

But... Tatsuya is far from impressed. Is he not feeling the divine flavors? Maybe he doesn't have the sophisticated palate required, obtained from years of eating well and drinking fine wines. He hasn't even had a fulfilling life yet, has he? If he won't accept the truth... then Kirei shall take back what was given.

Episode 10

Zach arrives to Kirei's shop, but is only given a cryptic message:

The LORD hungers... Drown yourself in "drink", and sip the forbidden food... Then return to me.

...then turned away. He's already sick, and after a quick trip to Survive Bar, Kirei remunerates his lack of self-preservation...

The LORD hungers... For your suffering! And he shall rejoice, seeing your current state.

...and gives him [Pocket Tissues].

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • On S2E8.5, was the first on the Elimination Chamber and lasted until the end when he fucking won. What a chad.
  • The chad priest does it again, beat V and is on his way to the title
  • Turned an off-season match that OP was forced to do because Janny was unable to play XCOM into a canon match via MITB cash-in, and winning it all just to make OP suffer. Yorokobe Shonen.
  • Actually beat Mr. Bones' avatar La Parka holy shit.
  • Is generally a jobber except when it comes to fucking other people over, or when it's a plot match, in which case he gets nigh-unlimited plot armor to win matches.
  • 'ates Abortion
    • Luvs tofu
    • Simple as
  • is evil
  • Ranked 25th place in Season 0's Popularity Poll〈016 votes〉.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Royal Rumble
Full List
W1 L1 0
1 0 P
For Title: Million Dollar
Dr. Piccolo Win
W1 L1 0
1 0 P
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Battle Royale

Steve, Boomer, Kirei Kotomine, Spiderman, Joe Baker, Shingo Shoji, Rando, Mr. America

W1 L2 -1
0 0 P
Ushiromiya Battler Lose
W1 L3 -2
0 1 P
W1 L1 0
1 1 P
Iconic Match
MITB Qualifier: Holy Magic is Real
For: MITB Qualifier
Van Darkholme Win
W2 L3 -1
1 1 P
W1 L2 -1
1 2 P
Elimination Chamber Arthur Morgan, Kirei Kotomine, Richtofen, Adam Jensen, V(Champion), Mastema Win
W3 L3 0
3 1 P
For Title: King of Jobbers
Triple-Threat Extra, Arthur Morgan, Kotomine Kirei(Champion) Win
W4 L3 1
4 1 P
Agent 47 Lose
W4 L4 0
4 2 P
W1 L3 -2
1 3 P
Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain

For Title: King of Jobbers

Kotomine Kirei, Big Smoke, /v/-tan, Brendan Fraser, Zoomer, Raiden Lose
Chris Redfield, Balthios James, Gene, Alucard, Kotomine Kirei, V Win
W5 L4 1
6 2 P

For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Maximillion Pegasus(Champion) Lose
W5 L5 0
6 3 P
W1 L4 -3
1 4 P
For Title: /v/

Note: Die For Me'd

MITB Ladder Rance, Dan Schneider, Drake Bell, /v/-tan, V, Van Darkholme, Raidou Kuzunoha, Kirei Kotomine Lose
W6 L5 1
6 3 P
Note: Not even 5 minutes into the match, Dan got the case. Time was rebound backwards to save the cursed timeline
Vergil, Van Darkholme, Manny Pardo, Kotomine Kirei

Abismo Negro, Konnan, El Zorro, La Parka

W6 L6 0
6 3 P
Iconic Match
BONUS: Team TFR vs. Lucha AAA
Referee: Dad

Note: Team TFR had to eliminate them by Ringout to stand a chance, and still lost.

Note: Submission elim'd

CASH-IN Dan Schneider Win
W7 L6 1
7 3 P
W2 L4 -2
2 4 P
Iconic Match
/v/ Championship: The Grand Priest Steal
For Title: /v/

Note: Cashed-in in the non-canon Dan/Johnny match, making it canon, and won the title.

NON-CANON Johnny Knoxville Lose Note: punishing the priest
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
Joshua Graham(Rumble Winner) Win
W8 L6 2
~8 ~3 P
W3 L4 -1
3 4 P
For Title: /v/

Note: Got his entrance interrupted.

The Prince Lose
W8 L7 1
~8 ~4 P
W3 L5 -2
3 5 P
「Kotomine Kirei's Open Challenge」
Note: Endured 10 minutes of restless attacking, baffling the audience by continuing to kick out.
Johnny Knoxville Lose
W8 L8 0
~8 ~5 P
W3 L6 -3
3 6 P
For Title: /v/
NON-CANON? Extra, HUNK, Senator Armstrong, Raiden, Maximillion Pegasus, Dan Schneider, Kirei Kotomine, Johnny Knoxville Lose Twilight Of The Battlers' Mind
Game: WWE 2K19

"I'm... I'm sorry Battora-san...Johnny...couldn't"

La Parka Win
W9 L8 1
~9 ~5 P
W4 L6 -2
4 6 P
Iconic Match
Confrontation of the Infernal and the Holy
Stage: Ring of Hell

Note: He was finally defeated, but just what does this mortal want?

Royal Rumble
  1. Steve Burnside
  2. Black Ref
  3. Vorgin
  4. Kirei Kotomine
  5. Sebastian LaCroix
  6. Ricardo Milos
  7. Big Show
  8. Chuck
  9. Raidou Kuzunoha
  10. Mrs. X
  11. Eric Sparrow
  12. HANK
  13. Richtofen
  14. Albert Wesker
  15. Donte
  16. Sneed
  17. Van Darkholme
  18. Doomguy
  19. Arkantos
  20. Arthur Morgan
  21. Mark Wolff
  22. CJ
  23. Aniki
  24. Agent 47
  25. Chris Benoit
  26. Tommy Wiseau
  27. Hank Wimbleton
  28. Johnny Knoxville
  29. The Undertaker
  30. Battler Ushiromiya

Lose Christmas Special
Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
La Parka, Doomguy, Manny PardoHUNK, Kirei Kotomine, Dimitri Blaiddyd Win La Parka Commemorative Stream
Game: WWE 2K19

Note: HUNK and Doomguy were eliminated one after each other, leaving a Parka / Kirei 1v1. Their fight was intense and Kirei broke out time and time again, but his La Parkinator left him weak enough to get defeated.

NON-CANON Nagito Komaeda Lose Notes: OP would only start the finale if the stream got more than 60 viewers, which happened just as the match ended.
HUNK, Johnny Knoxville, Extra, Kirei Kotomine

Lobotomy Corporation, Dimitri Blaiddyd, James Sunderland

NON-CANON Maximillion Pegasus Win TFR's 1st Anniversary
Tag-Team Men With a Plan

Dimitri & Kirei

W10 L8 2
~9 ~5 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team

Note: The match ends shortly after Ruber betrays Dutch van der Linde and leaves the team.

Van Darkholme Win
W11 L8 3
~10 ~5 P
W5 L6 -1
5 6 P
For Title: /v/
Tag-Team Master & BERSERKER

The Coomer Gang

W12 L8 4
~11 ~5 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team
Cash-In Cam on Ingurland Lose For Title: /v/
Adam Jensen Lose
W12 L9 3
~11 ~6 P
For Title: King of Jobbers
NON-CANON Koga Narushima, Haze Stratos, Ooishi Kuraudo, Geralt of Rivia

Battler Ushiromiya, HUNK, Cam on Ingurland, Kirei Kotomine

Kasuga Ichiban Win
Rena Schwarzer Win Rule 63 Episode
Randa Lose
Royal Rumble
  1. Yuki Makoto
  2. Suou Tatsuya
  3. Queen of Ingurland
  4. Rena Schwarzer
  5. Randa
  6. Ushiromiya Battler
  7. Pieckstra
  8. Haze Stratos
  9. Agent 63
  10. Pamela
  1. Tazuna Joe
  2. Albus Bernstein
  3. Robert
  4. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  5. Adol Christin
  6. Ruber
  7. Headmaster
  8. Rean Schwarzer
  9. Sakakura Juzo
  10. Gold
  11. Mitake Miyao
  12. Arthas Menethil
  13. Ushiromiya Battler
  14. G-Man
  15. Second Carlos
  16. Haze
  17. Kasuga Ichiban
  18. Fred Jones
  19. Ooishi Kuraudo
  20. Travis Touchdown
  21. John Bradford
  22. Kadoya Tsukasa
  23. Kotomine Kirei
  24. Dr. Piccolo
  25. Rance
  26. Emir
  27. Okabe Rintarou
  28. Demi-fiend
  29. Date Kaname
  30. Albert Wesker
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon
  1. Suou Tatsuya
  2. Okabe Rintarou
  3. Narushima Koga
  4. Second Carlos
  5. Phoenix Wright
  6. Ooishi Kuraudo
  7. JOKER
  8. The Necrodancer
  9. Lucifer
  10. Kotomine Kirei
  11. Head Doctor
  12. Rean Schwarzer
  13. Tricky
  14. Extra
  15. Raiden
  16. Roger Retinz
  17. Travis Touchdown
  18. Maebara Keiichi
  19. Bevi
  20. Elite Crew
  21. Ushiromiya Battler
  22. Kasuga Ichiban
  23. Demi-fiend
  24. Haze
  25. Arthas Menethil
  26. Komaeda Nagito
  27. Dutch van der Linde
  28. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  29. Cam on Ingurland
  30. Philip U. Butler
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon #1 Contender

Elimination №4

  1. Demi-fiend
  2. Kasuga Ichiban
  3. Albert Wesker
  4. Fred Jones
  5. Kuzunoha Raidou
  6. Lucifer
  7. Geralt of Rivia
  8. Leon Kennedy
  9. Narushima Koga
  10. Fat Albert
  11. Van Darkholme
  12. Rean Schwarzer
  13. Extra
  14. The Headmaster
  15. Bevi
  16. Komaeda Nagito
  17. Elite Crew
  18. Haze Stratos
  19. Narushima Jakob
  20. Rando
  21. Second Carlos
  22. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  23. Suou Tatsuya
  24. Arthas Menethil
  25. Yuki Makoto
  26. Kotomine Kirei
  27. Big Show
  28. Phoenix Wright
  29. Johnny Gat
  30. Ooishi Kuraudo
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon #1 Contender

Elimination №27

NON-CANON Ushiromiya Kinzo Win Rokkenjimania II
Royal Rumble
S6E15.5§#The Rokkenjima Rumble - Prelude to The Golden Land
Full List
Extreme Rules
2/3 Falls
Dimitri Blaiddyd (2-0) Lose
W12 L10 2
~11 ~8 P
W5 L7 -2
5 8 P
Royal Rumble
  1. Bane
  2. Albert Wesker
  3. HUNK
  4. Agent 47
  5. Zoomer
  6. Ricardo Milos
  7. Ushiromiya Kinzo
  8. Mr. X
  9. Kotomine Kirei
  10. Kyle Hyde
  11. Leon Kennedy
  12. Dutch van der Linde
  13. Chris Redfield
  14. Boomer
  15. Saihara Shuichi
  16. Mastema
  17. Spider-Man
  18. Phoenix Wright
  19. Steve
  20. Extra
W12 L11 1
~11 ~8 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Elimination №5

Royal Rumble
  1. Sakakura Juzo
  2. Fred Jones
  3. Aniki
  4. Rando
  5. Suou Tatsuya
  6. Chris Redfield
  7. Bevi
  8. HUNK
  9. Coyote
  10. Van Darkholme
  11. Kasuga Ichiban
  12. Adol Christin
  13. Mitake Toujirou
  14. Jacket
  15. Leon S. Kennedy
  16. Kotomine Kirei
  17. Gene
  18. Ooishi Kuraudo
  19. Rean Schwarzer
  20. Second Carlos
  21. Mario
  22. Mr. BANS
  23. Agent 49
  24. Narushima Koga
  25. Aleph
  26. Haze Stratos
  27. JOKER
  28. Rance
  29. Kido Reiji
  30. Date Kaname
Lose Elimination #19
Triple-Threat Kotomine Kirei, Mishina Eikichi, Yanagishita Junichi Lose
W12 L12 0
~11 ~9 P
NON-CANON Gene Lose Support: Undertaker & Ooishi Kuraudo
Kotomine Kirei, Majima Goro, Agent 47, Max Payne, Roman Reigns Lose
W12 L13 -1
~11 ~9 P
Maximillion Pegasus Win
W13 L13 0
~12 ~9 P
W6 L7 -1
6 8 P
Extreme Rules
The Gym

Kotomine Kirei & Maximillion Pegasus

W13 L14 -1
~12 ~10 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contender
Mystery Inc.

Kotomine Kirei & Maximillion Pegasus

W14 L14 0
~14 ~10 P
The Hacks

Maximillion Pegasus & Kotomine Kirei

W15 L14 1
~16 ~10 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contender
Kotomine Kirei & Maximillion Pegasus

The Sons of Sperdo(Champions)

W15 L15 0
~17 ~10 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team
Royal Rumble
  1. Chad
  2. V
  3. Nakamura Shinsuke
  4. Ilya Kuvshinov
  5. Russell Adler
  6. John Bradford
  7. Kong Wenge
  8. Senator Armstrong
  9. Brendan Fraser
  10. Chris Redfield
  11. Agent 47
  12. Kotomine Kirei
  13. Robert
  14. Spazz Maticus
  15. Ushiromiya Kinzo
  16. Third Carlos
  17. Akasaka Mamoru
  18. Dr. Piccolo
  19. Maximillion Pegasus
  20. Rean Schwarzer
W15 L16 -1
~17 ~10 P
For Position: TFR General Manager

Elimination #18

Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Game: 2K18
NON-CANON Powerful T Win
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Popularity Poll Rumble
Place: 12th〈33 votes〉
Ushiromiya Battler, Kotomine Kirei, Mitake Miyao

Third Carlos, Kyle Hyde, Max Payne

Win Note: Gigadimes
NON-CANON Sneed Lose 『April's Fools』
Susuhara Suzumu, Kusabi Tetsugoro, Kotomine Kirei Lose
Elimination Chamber
  1. Geralt of Rivia (#6)
  2. Komaeda Nagito (#3)
  3. Joker (#4)
  4. Yuki Makoto (#5)
  5. Kotomine Kirei (#1)
  6. Majima Goro (#2)
W15 L17 -2
~19 ~11 P
For Title: King of Jobbers
Royal Rumble
Full List
W15 L18 -3
~19 ~11 P
For Title: TFR
Fatal-4-Way Dante, Kotomine Kirei, Tazuna Joe, Max Payne Lose
W15 L19 -4
~19 ~12 P
For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender
Triple-Threat Kotomine Kirei, Majima Goro, Stork Lose
W15 L20 -5
~19 ~12 P
Eren Yeager Win
W16 L20 -4
~20 ~12 P
W7 L7 0
7 8 P
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
Full List
Lose Popularity Poll Rumble」
Place: 25th〈016 votes〉
NON-CANON Ushiromiya Battler Win
Royal Rumble
Full List
W16 L21 -5
~20 ~12 P
For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender
Backstage Brawl
Maximillion Pegasus Lose 『April Fools』
Game: WWE 2k22
Jacket & HUNK

Kotomine Kirei & Haze Stratos

Win Note: OP limited FPS to 60 but match was still sped up
Extreme Rules
Lucid, Kotomine Kirei, Date Kaname Lose
W16 L22 -6
~20 ~12 P
Iconic Match
Wub wub, Coom this World

For Title: Literal Jobber #1 Contender Note: Date kept doing funny shit through the match.
Royal Rumble
Full List
NC Note: Crashed
NON-CANON Edward Richtofen Lose
Royal Rumble
Full List
W16 L23 -7
~20 ~12 P
For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender
Full List
W16 L24 -8
~20 ~12 P
Royal Rumble
Full List
NON-CANON Raiden Win
Royal Rumble
Full List
W17 L24 -7
~20 ~12 P
For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender
Maximillion Pegasus Lose
W17 L25 -8
~20 ~13 P
W7 L8 -1
7 9 P
Iconic Match
Crowning the Rumble Survivors
For Title: TFR
Komaeda Nagito Win Rokkenjimania IV』– Dark World Arc
→Round 1

Stage: NXT

Joshua Graham, Kotomine Kirei, Nakamura Shinsuke, Johnny Knoxville, No One, Batman, Hisoka, Raiden Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– End of Sumo Arc
→Round 2
Royal Rumble
Full List
W17 L26 -9
~20 ~13 P
For Title: TFR #2 Contender
NON-CANON Majima Goro Lose Note: CASH-IN
War Games
Agent 47 +Mario, Cody Rhodes, Veer Mahaan

Robo-Battler +Slipshaw McGraw, Kotomine Kirei, Triple H

Lose 『2K23 RELEASE』
Game: WWE 2K23
NON-CANON Fight Knight Lose Game: WWE 2K23
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Game: WWE 2K23

Note: DL'd CAWs were so OP that the match's contendership was cancelled

Royal Rumble
Full List
W17 L27 -10
~20 ~13 P
Iconic Match
For Title: Literal Jobber #2 Contender
Roger Retinz & Kotomine Kirei

Phoenix Wright & Nero

Win Referee: Saihara Shuichi

For Title: World Tag-Team

Extreme Rules
Rean Schwarzer, Kotomine Kirei, Spazz Maticus Lose Game: WWE 2K23

Referee: Saihara Shuichi

Maximillion Pegasus(Champion) Lose
W17 L28 -11
~20 ~14 P
W7 L9 -2
7 10 P
For Title: TFR
Royal Rumble
Full List
Osama bin Laden, Sakakura Juzo, Arthas Menethil, Haze Stratos, Tazuna Joe, Kazuhira Miller, Kotomine Kirei, Agent 47 Lose TFR's 5th Anniversary
Game: WWE 2K19

Note: Saihara's spot got taken by 47

Note: There was a mysterious "White Walkman" roaming in the audience that disappeared during replays

Suou Tatsuya Lose
W17 L29 -12
~20 ~15 P
W7 L10 -3
7 11 P
Iconic Match
The Pride of a Tofu born from Sin
Stage: Near Kirei's Ramen Shop

History - G1[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Matches TBA

Abilities[edit source]

Magecraft Displays advanced Magecraft abilities.
Holy Element Innate abilities and objects that deal damage against unholy beings.
Command Spell Can give powerful orders to a Servant to do almost anything.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

╟The Church on the Hill╢

  • Probably, no, DEFINITELY has the best entrance in TFR.
  • Has a black friend at all times, which lets him use the N-word.
    • BTFO'D DAN
  • Due to his match history, where, notoriously, a large contributing number to his victories seems to occur in matches with title and/or plot connotations, occasions where characters seem to suddenly win on plot-related moments are sometimes dubbed a Kirei Moment.
  • His post-TS design is based on SMT's Rasputin due to Rasputin taking over Kirei's body in Fate media.

Gallery[edit | edit source]