KaibaCorp HQ

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KaibaCorp's main base on Coolsville.

Description[edit | edit source]

KaibaCorp's headquarters of its main branch, set on a very important economic city in america after moving from japan.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 0[edit | edit source]

Kasuga Ichiban tries to break in, but is shot by The Dragonlord and thrown into a dumptster.

Much later, Okada Kazuchika along with the members of CHAOS surround the area before Kasuga Ichiban and his friends return and try to gain access to the building again. Jack's Squad stands guard at the entrance of the building, but Ichiban appears with his new friends and they convince Jack that they are not real chaos.

Ichiban's group enters and defeats The Dragonlords henchmen guarding the way, Seeker and Jason, but a large number of Robotic Weapons surrounds them. Just them, all of Ichiban's allies and friends' allies show up to hold them off, and the group reaches the main office, where Sinbad reveals The Dragonlord is long gone and he became KC's leader and the company is now set to be merged into Sindria Trading Company. Then KC's chairman, the complex and old Tengan Kazuo, tries to kill them but Sakakura Juzo drops several stacks of chairs on him.

The building probably got remodeled or something after that, who knows.