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Kaiba Corporation, generally referred to as KaibaCorp or KC, is a worldwide entertainment company.

It is The Dragonlord's company that he uses to create technology centered around children's card games and weapons of mass destruction.

Description[edit | edit source]

A company specializing in the entertainment and gaming industry; more specifically, it is aimed at creating technologies centered around the Duel Monsters game, although it generally produces whatever "The Dragonlord" Kaiba Seto's autism dictates for the day, including an amusement park filled with killers that one time.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally an arms manufacturer owned by Kaiba Gozaburou, Kaiba Seto took control through an hostile takeover and made it revolve around his autism of collecting dragons inside cards, and generally whatever Kaiba feels like making it produce.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

Eventually, after being beaten a bunch of times by some kid who then leaves for some outlaw mudshow, he decided he had enough and begins thinking of a way to get back at him. That's when the company chairman, who everyone was convinced was some docile old man, revealed his plan of world domination by creating robotic dragons of mass destruction; although Kaiba didn't exactly like the idea of defiling the image of his precious dragon in the machines, they were made to be based on a legend of a legendary dragon fighter in Coolsville, and Kaiba agreed despite not caring about the chairman's plan at all for one single reason: autism. The prototyping and mass production preparations began in KC's american headquarters.

Sinbad, who was at odds with KaibaCorp, noticed his plot and forged a plan to use Kasuga Ichiban as decoy, telling him to infiltrate KC, only to be knocked out so Sinbad can then defeat Kaiba with a deadly headcrank. KaibaCorp was then absorbed into the Sindria Trading Company making Sinbad the CEO; however, upon acquiring the company, he noticed that there had been someone acting behind the scenes, and decided to continue forth with not only KaibaCorp's goal, but using Ichiban in an attempt to draw him out and stop him.

KC also had struck a deal with the president, Hazz Maticus, to make programmable clones of a spy he had captured for unknown purposes, as a way to secure funding for their robot army project. However, as the technology in their prototype was very lacking, the cloning project was delayed, to Hazz's annoyance.

Eventually, just as he planned, pretending to conflict with Ichiban lured the man out in an opportunistic attempt to kill him, and Sinbad used his careful planning to survive the encounter and defeat the man with the help of Sakakura Juzo.

Members of KaibaCorp[edit | edit source]

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
Ichiban's Party Lose 0 0 1 Members: Seeker, Jason & Robo-Kiryu
Lose 0 0 2 Members: Seeker, Jason & Robo-Kiryu×2