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    The main character of Kamen Rider: Decade, a guy who travels dimensions and appears as a normal person in them. Kamen Rider lore is hard.

    "I... am watching to see if this world should be destroyed or not. If all I see is […] the demon king in the future... then the answer is obvious." ― Kadoya, to Tsukuyomi[source]

    The Destroyer of Worlds[edit | edit source]

    TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

    Now his travels across realities have lead him to yet another new world thanks to the dimensional merge, The World of The Final Rumble, in this new world he appears a wrestler in TFR's ring. Intrigued, he wants to learn more about this world, find the Rider(s) that reside in it, try to do good, and ultimately, decide if it's bears danger to other universes and destroy it if it does so.

    Episode 9

    Debuts in a rumble trying to pass as another wrestler.

    TFR/Off-Season 3[edit | edit source]

    Fights a match against other heroic individuals, but doesn't quite get the hang of wrestling.

    TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

    Feeling a strange attraction to TFR like something is happening, he returns to the ring.

    TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

    After the tragedy, Kadoya is now sure he must destroy this world

    Episode 2

    Turns Chosen Hunter into a yugioh card after BTFOing him in the ring.

    Episode 3

    Confronted by Mitake Miyao under suspicion of killing his father, he admits he must destroy this world. Kadoya cryptically answers that he remembers everything now after the King of Hell rose up. Miyao attacks him after he spews nonsense, but he just says that he can't defeat the one destined to destroy everything. Miyao is defeated after a hard fought match. However Kadoya spares him...

    His rider decade form is in fact his persona.

    Episode 4

    Miyao confronts Kadoya again and questions why Kadoya spared him. Kadoya explains that he believes Miyao is just a naive kid that doesn't know any better. Kadoya mulls over his own inability to destroy nor save the world and what he holds dear, but is convinced by Miyao to help his friends go against their destiny and to assist in their efforts to change the world and help find his friends. Even thought Kadoya points out that the two traitors are ready to put a finishing blow on Rando, Miyao instructs Komaeda to go find Tatsuya and Makoto, and Kadoya gives up on stopping such a strong will.

    After Broken Man goes on to face BANS, Kadoya, Makoto, Tatsuya and Komaeda are the last ones remaining. Kadoya keeps clearing the way as they run for the exit, but the tremors keep intensifying. However, after BANS' match ends, it's already too late. Kadoya desperately tries one last thing as the rumbling grows to its tipping point.

    >Kadoya casts Toraport!

    Episode 5

    He and his group arrive in the diamond realm and meet Yasuhiro Hagakure who offer them Jah's blessings to get stronger after defeating certain apparitions in the area.

    Reveals himself to be an alternate Suou Tatsuya who received assistance from a complex individual to travel to this new world to stop the events of Battler/47's altercation and the rumbling from happening but failed when his memories became muddled during the merging dimensions events.

    In order to receive the last Jah's blessing to get stronger, he fights Tatsuya for the right to have it but is defeated by his other self.

    The group then travels to the world of TFR twelve years into the future and catch up the situation of the resistance. They decide to watch various qualifier matches of their aged peers that are fighting over spots on the resistance raid teams.

    Episode 6

    As they go to the raid on Tazuna Industries, Tatsuya and Kadoya are tasked with cleaning up the front. Tatsuya wonders how Kadoya's life was during those 12 years, but before he can give it, a familiar roar resonates: They end up against a team of monsters, but defeat them.

    Episode 8

    As they rest and wait for the raid on Ruber's Castle to end, Tatsuya bullies Kadoya about wearing glasses and wonders if his taste will get that bad in 12 years. Feeling useless about the situation, Kadoya says he trusts Central but they need to move faster. Makoto wonders what they can do without Komaeda, but Kadoya heard of the fire in his eyes when beating up Sweet Tooth, and comments that Tatsuya could learn from him, as they are one and the same. Just then, Tatsuya receives a message: it's Komaeda waiting in a city cafe.

    ...honk. Take my bloon.

    Episode 9

    Makoto, Kadoya and Tatsuya go to the raid into The Factory.

    As they are exploring the back area, the sound of a motorcycle resonates, and Tatsuya is taken to a fiend's realm where he is sentenced to 10 pure strikes. Kadoya and Makoto hurry up and go to search for him.

    As they search, they hear screaming from the basement area, and find The Circus beating up Tatsuya. Makoto and Kadoya move in to fight, but Makoto tells him to take Tatsuya and run for it, if Kadoya sacrified everything to come to this timeline and save them, then he will do the same. Makoto closes the door after Kadoya drags Tatsuya, and guards it with his life.

    Episode 10[edit | edit source]

    As Kadoya makes his way to HQ from visiting Tatsuya at the hospital, he notices the guys entering it are members from The Three Kings' forces. He remembers on how he tried advert Central that this could happen, but apparently he wasn't paying attention. Trying to avert such a future from happening again, Kadoya sneaks around a fat monster, when he spots Robo Jensen shutting down the facility with the controls. He steps in and they engage in a fight. Jensen shoots Kadoya in the chest...

    Somehow still alive, Kadoya drags himself with all his willpower into the controls and with the last of his strength opens the gates, allowing people to escape. Tatsuya arrives sometime later being discharged from the hospital, finding the place has been vacated, and finds Kadoya struggling to stay alive.

    He rushes and picks him up in his arms, and wonders, just why they couldn't destroy this fate...? But... even if he couldn't change everything, he could defy destiny... in his history, not a single person was let alive... this is where timelines diverge. Kadoya closes his eyes. It's all on Tatsuya now.

    And even... if you c-can't change everything... y-you can still... defy your destiny...
    T-That's what... I did... And it's all on y-you now...
    In my timeline... not a s-single other survivor was left...

    Episode 15

    As Tatsuya's friends lie on the ground and the clowns move in to finish them, Kadoya's voice resonates within Tatsuya and encourages him to defy his destiny, and summoning Kadoya's Kamen Rider Persona, he wills himself to stand up and protect everyone. Casting Deadly Burn on JOKER starts to burn away his mask, and the sheer force of his determination in his eyes is enough to scare even the clowns into fleeing. Clownmaeda stares at him and smiles, saying that he's glad he could embolden his hope, and that the world's fate is up to him.

    Episode 17

    Katsuya's wishes are able to reach Tatsuya against Nyarlathotep when he takes the summoning key.

    Tatsuya... I told you... Things would be different this time around.

    Humanity's collective wishes make him drop the key and Tatsuya uses it to seal finish him, forever.

    TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

    After somehow reincarnating in the new universe despite not being originally from the previous one and retaining part of his memories, Kadoya ends up opening Survive Bar, named after having survived something which can only be attributed to a miracle, while keeping his real identity a secret from those that would obviously not remember anything.

    Episode 4

    Kiryu Kazuma and Suou Katsuya have a short meeting at the Survive Bar.

    Episode 7

    Katsuya and Ooishi Kuraudo visit the bar. After they order, The Bartender offers them the drinks on the house for "No specific reason. You could say I just felt like it.".

    Episode 8

    Kasuga Ichiban gathers at the bar with his allies Jack Garland and Sinbad before HEAVY MACHINERY causes a commotion outside.

    Episode 11

    Ichiban and Serge wait at the bar for Jack to return to the party.

    Episode 14

    The mercenaries, Depp, Hopper and Bathhouse Owner, arrive at the Survive Bar for a drink and tell The Bartender of what has just happened at KaibaCorp's entrance. Noticing something isn't right, he makes haste and tells the mercenaries to follow him if they value their leader and really want to help destroy chaos.

    As Kasuga Ichiban's group ventures into KaibaCorp HQ, they defeat their initial defenses, but they feel the rest of the Robo-Kiryu production line is soon coming for them. Before the robots have a chance to stop them, Okada's CHAOS' allies show up to back him up, and Evil Itself admits that even if he may not be as powerful as Kiryu, Ichiban really can be a Dragon too after all. However, the robot army arrives and still far outnumbers them... but the person who has witnessed Ichiban's adventure from the start arrives: The Bartender, who brings along three mercenaries. With so many people helping them, the party ventures further into the Dragonlord's lair.

    TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

    Continues attending to the Survive Bar while pondering the nature of his current and past lives.

    Episode 1

    Trying to walk aimlessly around Coolsville to put the mind at ease, Kyle Hyde still ends up in no other place than the Survive Bar, ordering the same bourbon as always. "Drinking early might be bad for the liver, but it's good for the soul, and no organ receives as much torment as time is doing to his spirit.", he thinks.

    He asks The Bartender for the newspaper...

    >Another murder, a brutal one at that, of a wrestler. Darren Young. Obscure midcard wrestler. Only data of note is a rumor of "assaulting" the "American Dragon" in the summer of 2010, allegedly made up by a guy who fled the psych ward.

    >"OMW star paralyzed after risky maneuver goes wrong.", just another day trying to make ends meet in the indies.

    >"New Captain Soap photoshoot sparks debate: Is it a girly magazine?". Afraid not.

    >"Confirmed: Gas Chamber's next concert to take place at the home of the Coolsville Suckers football team."

    A slow day for news in Coolsville's usual hustle. The Bartender mentions he too had to deal with his fair share of chaos, it's even odd to think sometimes. Kyle takes another drink, when he gets an odd call... the TFR Board of Directors's representative. With such a rare occasion, he tells them to skip to the part where they fire him, but... they actually ask for his help in helping TFR as a whole (reminding him of the shady way Wright ran things), and want to talk more details in person. Since he needs to pay the bills (including the current drink), he ignores the bad feeling this gives him and decides to leave the only friend he can trust (whiskey) behind and go while The Bartender saves his bottle.

    Episode 3

    It's been a while since Kyle went to Survive Bar, but the Bartender kept the bottle waiting for him as promised, so he gets to it. As he takes the first sip, it sinks that it's the first break he's had in a while, while looking concerned at his phone for half-expectant of a message from work or Ja/ck/. After sitting in silence for a while, The Bartender suddenly breaks Kyle away from his concentration by saying he suddenly remembered how he looked a few weeks ago, and compared to now, he can see a speck of hope in him that wasn't there before, but Kyle just tells him to cut the cheesy talk and pour him another for the long night.

    Episode 5

    Kasuga Ichiban arrives to Survive Bar and meets with his friends The Bartender and Wonder-Red. Since he hit an important milestone in the Part-Time Hero program, Red will be paying the drinks, and also asks how his friends are doing. He works front desk at the Sindria Trading Company's Coolsville Branch (not as fun as the Part-Time Hero work, but still pretty rewarding) so that answers for Sinbad, Okada Kazuchika's been back in Japan for a while, Jack Garland's been all around the world with his squad, and Serge was too in an international TFR house show few weeks ago. It's been a while since he's wrestled with them, or at all, so he wonders if Red would want a quick match, but Wonder Red promised he would NEVER EVER step foot in a wrestling ring. Before he gets to ask why, Ichiban's boss Sinbad (still weird to think about) calls him: as he's getting into a plane to Sindria, he says there's important things to discuss and booked one for Ichiban later in the day, before hanging up. He apologizes for having to leave in a hurry so soon, but Red remarks it's a good place for a vacation anyways, and The Bartender says he better bring some souvenirs.

    Late at night, Kiryu Kazuma appears in the bar to, uncharacteristically drink himself away to escape his problems, like he's been for the past nights. Does he really think that's that's the answer? Abandoning everyone and wasting away at Survive Bar? Doesn't he want a better future for himself, for the kids? He may be just a bartender, but he can say one thing:

    Even if you can't change everything, even if you can't control your past... you can still defy your destiny.

    Luckily, seems like Kiryu won't have to drink alone anymore. Our of nowhere, Kasai Tatsuyoshi enters the bar. It's a long story why he's here, but he heard the news, Kiryu begins lamenting about the shadows of the past finally catching up for doing the wrong things, but Kasai paints a different story: He might not be the most knowledgeable about these things, but a video like that takes time, and coming upon all the stuff in the video just a few hours after arson?―it can't be coincidence.

    Just as it dawns on Kiryu, the sound of a car violently stopping resounds outside the bar. Kasai guesses it must be the Yamai Syndicate catching up with him, since he's been keeping them away from the rest of the family. Yamai Yutaka enters the bar and playfully taunts Kasai about his hiding away, before noticing the legendary dragon himself is there. As the most famous criminal on Coolsville right now, his head must be worth a ton, so Yamai calls his henchman Sasame Ojiro to take care of them, as Kiryu and Kasai prepare to fight together on Steven's name.

    It really was the Dragon of Kojima after all... Yamai noticed his useless henchman unable to fight anymore and disengaged, but he never thought he'd see him with his own two eyes. Before leaving, Kiryu demands to know what his business with the Sonozakis is, but Yamai thinks that would be... boring, in fact he's already bored of this place, and leaves until their next meeting. As Kasai curses that damn asshole, he urges on Kiryu to go check the others together since they've hid in the family restaurants; Kiryu doubts if he should involve with them with the current situation, but he owes an eternal debt to Steven and the Sonozaki, and Kasai is happy to have him back.

    Episode 9

    The Bartender is surprised at seeing Kyle at such an hour at the bar, but it's hard for him to do anything else when the protests are blocking everything again, besides, it's not like coming to drink and feel sorry for himself was his first choice, but it's hard when their General Manager locks himself in his office and watches Joshi stuff all day. Trying to keep the drink at bay, The Bartender wonders if there isn't some contingency plan he could use, but he gives up when Kyle suggests alcohol might help him think about it. Even if he's not one to deny a drink to one of his best customers, there's no doubt he ought to go back to training those kids since it has done more good than bad for him.

    Taking this chance, Kyle decides to collect his thoughts once again, and spends a while thinking to himself and drinking. Just then, he receives a phonecall... and not from Jack, but Phi telling him to haul ass. First wondering if another impromptu football game began or Mod finally got off his ass, apparently Phi heard of a special broadcast happening at Town Square, maybe that YouTuber they've heard so much of recently. He better not forget and arrive late because he's got someone to mentor, but Kyle would never because they both agree that he's... remarkable alright. Either way, Phi's going over the script with Retinz and Jingu while he comes. "Life always finds a way", The Bartender blurts ironically, but Kyle apologizes for shattering his expectations of drinking himself to tears. As he leaves, The Bartender tells him to have fun, but Kyle puts down to not mix him with the actual one who would look forwards to fun in a workday, Wright, but more importantly, Bartender tells him something...

    Follow the path that will put your heart at ease. Even if the truth might hurt, you'll feel some peace when you reach the end of the road

    But Kyle is already resolute in seeing it through to the end, so he tells him to not worry.

    Match History[edit | edit source]

    Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
    Royal Rumble
    1. Doomguy
    2. Raiden (MK)
    3. Zeke Yeager
    4. G-Man
    5. Sminem
    6. Gene
    7. Marco Rossi
    8. DELTA
    9. Sou Yaguruma
    10. Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV
    11. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
    12. Van Darkholme
    13. Jeff Mangum
    14. Louis
    15. Suou Tatsuya
    16. Rando
    17. Bane
    18. V
    19. Nagito Komaeda
    20. /v/-tan
    21. Joshua Graham
    22. Doctor Piccolo
    23. Tsukasa Kadoya
    24. Drake Bell
    25. Kaname Date
    26. Chosen Hunter
    27. Dutch Van Der Linde
    28. Vergil
    29. Big Show
    30. Rance
    W0 L1 -1
    0 0 P
    For Title: /v/ #1 contender
    Tsukasa Kadoya, Marco Rossi, Louis, Lancelot, Jeff Mangum, Archer Lose
    W0 L2 -2
    0 1 P
    Louis ➡ Tsukasa
    Emiya ➡ Lancelot
    Magnum ➡ Emiya
    Marco ➡ Magnum
    Louis ➡ Marco
    30-Man Royal Rumble
    1. Fred Jones
    2. Tom Brady
    3. CJ
    4. Rance
    5. Hisoka
    6. /v/ Rage Guy
    7. Marco Rossi
    8. The Protomen
    9. Demaro
    10. Kazuhira Miller
    11. Shingo Shoji
    12. Pixy
    13. Fargoth
    14. Extra
    15. Serge
    16. Nagito Komaeda
    17. Archer
    18. Zoomer
    19. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
    20. Elite Crew
    21. Zeke Yeager
    22. Tatsuya Suou
    23. Rando
    24. The Janitor
    25. Tsukasa Kadoya
    26. Travis Touchdown
    27. John Bradford
    28. Ichiban Kasuga
    29. Joshua Graham
    30. Chosen Hunter
    W0 L3 -3
    0 1 P
    Elimination №: 26
    38-Man Royal Rumble
    1. Sakakura Juzo
    2. Geralt of Rivia
    3. Zoomer
    4. Balthios James
    5. Shoji Shingo
    6. Aniki
    7. Van Darkholme
    8. Joshua Graham
    9. Door-kun
    10. Osama bin Laden
    11. Kazuhira Miller
    12. Tazuna Joe
    13. The Protomen
    14. The Chosen Hunter
    15. Rean Schwarzer
    16. Rance
    17. Kadoya Tsukasa
    18. Pixy
    19. John Bradford
    20. Alucard
    21. King
    22. Suou Tatsuya
    23. Boomer
    1. The Chosen Hunter
    2. Rean Schwarzer
    3. Pixy
    4. Suou Tatsuya
    5. Boomer
    6. Kuzunoha Raidou the XIV
    7. Kasuga Ichiban
    8. Fred Jones
    9. Arthur Morgan
    10. Gene
    11. Marco Rossi
    12. Rando
    13. Serge
    14. Robert
    15. Hisoka
    16. /v/ Rage Guy
    17. Demaro
    18. Demi-fiend
    19. Komaeda Nagito
    20. Mario

    W0 L4 -4
    0 1 P
    Elimination №: 17

    Note: The game crashed, but Kadoya was not included in the reboot due to already being eliminated.

    Triple-Threat Suou Tatsuya, Kadoya Tsukasa, Mitake Toujirou Lose
    W0 L5 -5
    0 2 P
    Chosen Hunter Win
    W1 L5 -4
    1 2 P
    W1 L0 1
    1 0 P
    Note: Straight up exploded him.
    Mitake Miyao Win
    W2 L5 -3
    2 2 P
    W2 L0 2
    2 0 P
    Note: IMAGINE
    Suou Tatsuya Lose
    W2 L6 -4
    2 3 P
    W2 L1 1
    2 1 P
    Stage: Diamond Realm
    Tag-Team Suou Tatsuya (Team)

    The Animals

    W3 L6 -3
    2 3 P
    Elimination Chamber
    Haze Stratos, Chris Redfield, Yuki Makoto, Kadoya Tsukasa, Narushima Koga, Philip U. Butler Lose
    Adam Jensen Lose
    W3 L7 -4
    2 4 P
    W2 L2 0
    2 2 P
    Dutch van der Linde

    Komaeda Nagito & Kadoya Tsukasa

    30-Man Royal Rumble
    1. Tazuna Joe
    2. Albus Bernstein
    3. Robert
    4. Dimitri Blaiddyd
    5. Adol Christin
    6. Ruber
    7. Headmaster
    8. Rean Schwarzer
    9. Sakakura Juzo
    10. Gold
    11. Mitake Miyao
    12. Arthas Menethil
    13. Ushiromiya Battler
    14. G-Man
    15. Second Carlos
    16. Haze
    17. Kasuga Ichiban
    18. Fred Jones
    19. Ooishi Kuraudo
    20. Travis Touchdown
    21. John Bradford
    22. Kadoya Tsukasa
    23. Kotomine Kirei
    24. Dr. Piccolo
    25. Rance
    26. Emir
    27. Okabe Rintarou
    28. Demi-fiend
    29. Date Kaname
    30. Albert Wesker
    Lose For Title: King of Noncanon
    Royal Rumble
    Full List Win Rokkenjimania II
    Kadoya Tsukasa & Komaeda Nagito & Yuki Makoto & Mitake Miyao

    Rando & Kasuga Ichiban & Power & Suou Tatsuya


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