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"Don't You Like M.Zakky?"

A character from Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Turn It Off[edit | edit source]

A former guard of Eva's, and latter hired by Okonogi Tetsurou. Might have visited a village once, or maybe not. He's fundamentally a thrill-seeker, willing to take on dangerous jobs for very little pay.

At one point, he did work as a guard for Ange, but after repeatedly violating Eva's strict orders not to speak to her, Eva grew to dislike him and fired him. Ange seemed not to mind having him around, as he would often chat with her.

This man, who has traveled between the Japan Self-Defense Force, the Foreign Legion, and non-government military companies, has skill at counter-sniping and protecting VIPs.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Shows up in TFR Underground.

Episode 9

Participates in a qualifier rumble, but Johnny Gat wins instead. However, Gat impresses BANS enough to get instantly promoted into BANS Army, so Amakusa is placed in the tournament instead.

Episode 10

Loses to Charles' deadly mafia MMA techniques.

TFR/Off-Season 7: April Fools[edit | edit source]

Debuts in his birthday, as a joke, but Spazz Maticus interrupts him.

TFR/Off-Season 8: April Fools[edit | edit source]

His birthday is interrupted again by Perc Jones high on a bean.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

After the end of the brand wars with the fall of Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling that also left The Final Rumble crippled, Okonogi Tetsurou sought to re-establish themselves with a less hands-on approach, and so they bought out Amon Elite Wrestling and gave the task of managing to their protege: former G1 wrestler Amakusa Juuza. AEW got rebranded as Amakusa Elite Wrestling, and under his (spastic) direction, it was slowly but surely sucking all the life and talent away from TFR's hastily covered wounds.

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Juuza addresses the RECORD BREAKING sold-out crowd, because unlike the old men at "the fed", AEW is hitting ALL FUCKING TIME FUCKING HIGHS (like at his birthday parties) and it just won't stop, their first ever eight-star match is right around the corner as he heard from a good source, not unlike some other journalists which are goddamn FRAUDS, anyway they just sold 200 morbillion tickets for their Greenland house show in 32 months so they can take their fraudulent money they got from their Industrial Illusions sponsorship that he knows they have and SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASS because AEW is #AllTruth verified by professional FACT CHECKERS, now the real reason he's out here is not just how great AEW is and your support is to our sport (yes the S-word, and suck a fat one if you want to call it entertainment) to keep the good fight going. He's talking about the newest hottest debut at AEW those guys have wrestled all over the world, Mexico, Japan, anywhere they go they might as well be the entire team division, they've got the chemistry and moves and IT factor, the greatest tag team in PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING TODAY and possibly next AEW tag-team champions, LET'S FUCKING GO.

After the second AEW World Title Tournament match, Juuza cuts in to say that just like how Nero said earlier in the night, big debuts coming, but at AEW expectations are to be exceeded, so next up in a tournament match there will be not one but TWO exciting debuts. First up is an absolute star...

John Witcher congratulates AEW management for doing what a few people were too scared to do, and that is give Witcher a mic and a title shot. For the first time in his career, the playing field is even, no bad gimmicks or jokes, only raw talent. What he was always looking for is here, only raw, hard hitting physical talent to leave everything in that ring and receive a reward for your effort, and that's why his "former employers" are in deep, deep trouble right now and everyone is jumping ship, and anyone in the locker room with a similar opinion can change the VERY FOUNDATION of this business. And so, his fresh, exciting never-seen-together-before opponent arrives... That's ZOOM right there!

Episode 2

Wow who could have guessed they would've sould out the entire arena ONCE AGAIN, but there'll be even more space once they finalize the partnership to host the first AEW show in SPACE, AEW will innovate in every single aspect when they crown the first ever AEW Intergalactic Champion... It'll be a new way to recognize talent's effort as everyone can be a main eventer when they rise to new heights in every sense never seen before, the "brass ring" the "glass ceiling" that those in "the fed" never seem able to break through. That way this night we'll be looking forward to crowning the long-awaited TRIOS DIVISION titles (yes TITLE just like we'll call it BELT you hear that you senille old fucks? what we do is not sports entertainment it's professional WRESTLING for God's sake). The world tournament will conclude as they crown the best in the world just like AEW is the best in the world and if you don't like there's two words: SUCK IT because we're the, there's two more words: THE BEST IN THE WROLD. More legendary debuts coming, more amazing rivalries like Nero vs The Silent Badass and uh that other one too the show will be great legendary even and there's more in the tank, so you're either with us or against and naturally if you're on the right side of history you'll follow Juuza and scream LET'S FUCKING GO...

Episode 2.1

Pride month is starting with a bang that'll make all superfans PROUD to represent the brand especially since 0.00001% of all profits will be for charities that help the visibility of gay people. It's great to be back here for the debut of the next big thing the next big show-sorry Paul Wight of AEW because welcome everyone to AEW Dark! the last time here we had one of the biggest sellouts in professional wrestling as the cameras caught only 12 tarped sections of the arena by the time the first match started and it's in order to give something back by seeing top AEW stars at the highest level, be prepared to look at records breaking with so many debuts of the highest class you should be shaking in your boots. This show is truly something you'd never see in "the fed", stars rising thorugh the ranks in front of your very eyes might even be lucky enough to see the beginning of the next Stone Cold or even the next Slipshaw, but you already have all the luck you need as you're watching AEW in it's possibly best episode so far and it'll only get better as they look for even more independent scene talent to debut and give spotlight nowhere else would give them because no other place can develop talent like AEW does with Dark being the next evolution of the industry and some might say evolution is a mystery but this one is definitely not, bit knees big superkicks big flips it's got it all!

So........................................................................... Yeah, you ready?

Episode 3

Nero is doing a speech about respect and calls out The Silent Badass Alucard, and then...

From behind! As Amakusa points, it's Phillip Butters, despite J. Witcher confusion's, wrestling megastar Philips Butter emerging behind Nero! And look at JJ not far behind, J. Witcher still as lost, they're both looking to sow chaos here! The Butcher and The Blade! They must be aligned with Alucard looking to respected an acknowledged! As J. Witcher fears, they might even be... a threat to the very foundation of professional wrestling.

At the closing of the show, Juuza delivers EARTH-SHATTERING announcement with never seen before excitement:

Great to be here tonight at AEW.

The last few weeks we made some announcements regarding the debut of AEW superstars.

On June 16th live on

I'm here tonight to give a little more information about the debut of an AEW superstar.

I'm here to announce.

That the AEW episode on June 16th will feature.


Captain Soap.

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

(Juuza is extra excited for this announcement)

Thanks for joining once again at AEW Dynamite once again looking at announcing yet another huge announcement and look at all the massive progress our company has been making in multiple aspects first of all there was the legendary debut of Captain Soap a superstar looking to be signed for such a long time and he's finally here unlike those senile old men at "the fed" who never deliver but moving on before this game-changing announcement a moment to thank all the pro-wrestlers in the locker room who've been putting in real work sure some still got the "fed stink" but it's going away and eventually they'll learn to be truly AEWsome also can't forget to congratulate people such as Teddy Maxis not only in ring but backstage as well with his science lessons also others such as Rakesh setting up videogame tournaments, this is how we cultivate a healthy company culture. Of course there was also an amazing episode of Being the U.S.S uploaded to their channel last week AEW has been making impact over social media it's even looking to overtake "the fed" on every platform because just outselling them isn't enough you know gotta spread the word gotta make everyone know about how talented our professional wrestlers who wrestle wrestling matches are, anyway those are just small topics compared to the huge announcement coming but don't leave your seats because the merch sales the merch sales have been through the roof all month Pride month has truly been breaking records at AEWstore DOT com it's got great designs to wear in public like Rakesh pajama set and AEW Dark talent new collection is now live because like Demifiend says AEW is forever and AEW is foreveryone so wait no more to wear your Alex Mercer shirt and elevate yourself in your social spaces but the best has got to be "Load Chaud" now that's inspired design by marketing staff they truly deserve all the recognition they just work tirelessly much like the talent does

but talkking about workrate can't not mention some of their best matches ever coming up tonight June 16th on Twitch at this very arena still two title eliminator matches which might might now determine new #1 contender for the AEW Twitch Championship and AEW World Title respectively very hungry very dedicated competitors who are happy to get this opportunity they wouldn't get outside Amakusa Elite Wrestling Live tonight the 16th of June of 2023 on Twitch And before continuing i'd like to pay tribute to one of the greatest not just in bed not just in ring but during his time on this earth very warm very comforting person very missed paying tribute to the Great uh meant the Big Pussy very respected AEW locker room icon even if he didn't wrestle here the people of Coolsville salutes his contributions... Yeah uh rip Big Pussy

also coming up next the greatest announcement the most earth-shattering the most game-changing thing you've been waiting

We at AEW are very proud to say that.......


We're excited to announce exciting new announcements coming in the coming weeks and expect to see you all here then and hope you're all excited to hear those exciting announcements AEW is hard at work twenty fourty/seventy to bring you the best announcements of the best wrestling products on the market so you can look forward to some crazy stuff in our future that's for sure so enjoy the rest of the AEW Dynamite episode tonight on the 16th and... LET'S FUCKING GO!

Episode 5[edit | edit source]

(Juuza is MONOCHROME-OVERDOSING for this exciting announcement!)

Great to be here tonight at Amakusa Elite Wrestling at the Amakusa Elite Wrestling arena for another episode of Amakusa Elite Wrestling Dynamite (Possibly Amakusa Elite Wrestling's flagship show) We're Happy To Provide You All With Another Amazing Episode With Very Entertaining Matchups And Storylines That Have Been Carefully Crafted As We've Got Yet Another Gargantuan Annnouncement Coming up That Is More Than Just One Announcement And That Is Just TONIGHT Because We've Got A Flurry Of Announcements Coming Up In The Coming Weeks So Not Just Tonight But Also Last Week And Also Next Week And The Week After AnD ThE WeeK AfteR AnD ThE WeeK AfteR We'vE GoT AnnnouncemenT AfteR AnnouncemenT After AnnouncemenT JusT DeliverinG HugE SurpriseS StarT By CongratulatinG OuR NewesT ChampiN HerE In AEW FuturE Of WrestlinG ChampiN AnD ThaT Is EugenE ChauD AnD HiS PreviouslY MentioneD LoaD ChauD ShirT At AnD I JusT GoT OnE MyselF SincE He HaS ProveN HimselF WorthY Of ThE BrasS RinG OnlY At AEW It'S OnlY At AEW ThaT YoU CoulD FinD TalenT SucH As HiM TaLeNt ThAt HaS NeVeR bEfOrE bEeN sCoUtEd By "ThE fEd" BeCaUsE tHeY jUsT dOn'T bRoAdEn ThEiR hOrIzOnS aNd We FoUnD eUgEnE aT a ReCeNt OMW sHoW aT nEaRbY bInGo HaLl AgAiNsT sTaCkEd McSlAcKs TeArINg ThE hOuSe DoWn If YoU wErE wOnDeRiNg AnD tHe LaTtEr CoUlD sHoW uP aT AEW sOoN eVeRyThInG iS pOsSiBlE aRoUnD hErE and wE LoVe talent like him and he's got history with the U.S.S. too so potential dream matches but moving on let's congratulate Eugene on his titlle and performance he showed up for the main event spot and boy did he deliver him and Steve were like veterans nailing some of the best suicide dives and tope suicidas ever if you'd like to call that mamma mia they got it all to succeed and to give them that sence of recognition here comes the first announcement: the AEW "Hardcore Ass Motherfucker" Title for the most hardcore fucker in AEW.

As you can see we don't hesitate the F word unless you the F word you're talking about is "fed" because FUCK the fed and holy SHIT we fucking love saying FUCK just like we FUCKING love science we aren't PG we're a MATURE program for MATURE people also huge announcement the debut of HUGE STAR coming up next week on Amakusa Elite Wrestling I know you were all excited for C. Soap last week but but time to outdo ourselves

a man who held gold before and is coming to AEW for that exactly as soon as he arrives he is someone with tons of suppprt and the AEW community will propel him to greater heights to break the glass ceiling perhaps the most legendary debut of them all coming to AEW last week I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait


Episode 6

Tonight once again another time yet another week week after week for unfathomably AEWsome episode of Amakusa Elite Wrestling Dynamite live on TWITCH dot TV! you have all been witnessing another extraordinary show so far with the best of the best for the most prestigious of titles you know i've gone back to japan recently it's a really great place like home to me truly and i'm always welcomed back with open arms because everyone in japan also owes alot to me Amakusa Juuza CEO of Amakusa Elite Wrestling of course I used the opportunity to talk with some of the best talent and offer them you know just to keep the wheel turning just to see what we could get blowing that forbidden door wide open even if AEW have done it a few times already always looking for more and more never satisfied like our viewers always looking for more fresh yummy content fresh yummy debuts its why we need passionate people who care about wrestling first and foremost which takes priority over the financial side and betting on people's love for professional wrestling is how we're looking to capture some of the best workers with the best workrate for working a work without working themselves into a shoot on the planet and that is by offering them a very large chunk of the money the Okonogis have entrusted me with for this project knowing that I'm glad to announce...



THAT'S WHY.................................... week coming up a gigantic debut that will not only shake the very foundation of this industry but also change the CULTURE


Episode 7

Great to be Amakusa tonight at Here Elite Coming up we've got a main announcement but also a few little announcements we have within this big announcement that I'm looking forward to announcing to all of you First of all tonight we'll have the Hardcore Ass Motherfucker Championship match between Ryuki and Zagreus we'll determine who has the biggest ass in all of AEW motherfuckers much like last week the AEW champion puts his title on an open challenge not afraid of anything And specially not badd booking which you would not see here in AEW things planned way ahead of time like Even before the (scientifically proven) big bang we already had this open challenge here Among other flawless decisions comes also a partnership with Make-A-Wish as we recently got to fulfill The dreams of yet another young competitor but if you wanna talk about history and science-retconning tier debuts TONIGHT we'll have the bigggest the greatest capture in AEW Those at "The Fed" better be preparing their caskets because soon enough that company will rest in peace mmmmmmgugrgugghhh after the ratings numbers for this Dynamite drop as we're set to have the highest highins how ever so if you're a true bad ass hoping to catch the best action with the best prospects And the most legendary legends around then be ready because tonight is the night and the night isn't only young its a FUCKING baby when we're around so light the fuse Break the rules and LET'S FUCKING GO!

TFR/Off-Season 9: AEW Dark[edit | edit source]

With AEW hotter than ever, they're going into a hiring spree, bringing in more quality wrestlers for the audience to mark out than ever!

Episode 1

Is busy managing one of the sport teams he bough with the Okonogi money to appear for this episode.

Episode 4: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

Inoki's time has come... but he entrusts Amakusa to let everyone know what his "WrestleDream" was... a match between two skinny midgets... in his own promotion... as far away from Japan as possible... something like SuperKicker vs. The Lone Wolf... Amakusa promises... to make his WrestleDream come true... to give him the power to die in peace... because such is the power of Inoki's "WrestleDream"!

..........So this is what you call 'WrestleDream', huh? Such a simple straightforward concept......... Yet it was hard to get at first! Mr. Inoki's genius is way smarter than most, could never figure out why some people said you were a genious but finally understand his pure greatness! And it can only be achieved by someone as special as you thank you for creating such a masterpiece of a product..................................... Now I gotta spread this message far and wide and convince everyone else this is the best show out there they'll see it's not long before AEW becomes the #1 company in the world and once that happens once we reach new all tiem highs in terms of viewerships and revenue.............. There's no other show out there that has greater purpose than this one there's no other show out there that can achieve greater heights than this one and there's no other show out there that can have a greater impact upon the world than this one so until that day comes I shall keep up with my daily routins. That includes helping out with the production of quality content such as tonight's episode of 'Being the U.S.S.' with Ghost and VECTOR which will feature the debut of a new character played by non othr than JASON RUFFER!!!!!! And until that day comes I shall keep up with my diet consisting solely of McDonald's Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets................ And I shall keep up with my trainings consististing solely of playing Dragon Quest IX on my PS3 and eating my Big Macs while doing so.................. And I shall keep up with my sleeps consisting solely of me crying myself to sleep every night dreaming of the day when I'll show the world how wrong they were in rejecting WrestleDream and bring about the new Renaissance................. And I shall keep up with my hobbies consisting solely of drawing fan art of Jason Ruffer based off memories of when I met him backstage at an NXT show once upon a time............... And I shall keep up with my religious practices consisting solely of praying every single night ot the great god of gachi music Hideo Kojima requesting for the second season of 'Being The U.S.S.S.' already.................. And I shall keep up with my busibness involving trading in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Shitcoin........................... And I shall keep up with my personal lfie consisting solely of masturbating to pictures of Jason Ruffer................ Until that day comes I shall keep up with my thoughts consisting solely of wild conspiracy theories involving Coolsville Hills being controlled by an ancient evil that can only be defeated through the power of fireball kicking................ And I shall keep up with my feelings consisting solely of intense hatred for the entirety of the wrestling fandom that hasn't yet accepted the brilliance of 'WrestleDream' and it's genius creator Mr. Inoki........................ And I shall keep up with my soul consisting solely of a single sentence repeated over and over again in my head 'You will respect Mr. Inoki's genius or you will face the wrath of the Great Sword'! And I shall keep up with my terminology consisting solely of 'WrestleDream' and until that day comes I shall keep up with my conclusions consisting solely of "Why don't they understand? Why won't they praise the genius of Mr. Inoki?!" And I shall keep up with my openings consisting solely of 'Do they not realize what we've done to endings? Do they not realize what we've donte to the art form?!' and I shall keep up with my closures consisting solely of 'They'll pay for this. One day, they pay for this. And when that day comes...' and I shall keep up with my thoughtsclosures consisting solely of "I'll make them all bow down to the greatness of 'WrestleDream' I'll force them to recognize its superiority everyone I meet everywhere'". And I shall keep up with my stories consisting solely of 'Once upon a time there was this kid named Amakusa...' and I shall keep up with my endings consisitng solely of '...And he founded BCW and made it dominant over all others by introducing a new kind of powerlifting called 'The Big Show Strengthening System' known simply as 'BS4' and he did it all by himself alone without any help froma nyone else and he did it within a week of starting his new job as President of AEW.' LET'S FUCKING GO!

Amakusa welcomes lord Darkiplier into his humble ring, who is honored to be here after all he has heard. It has been some time since Amakusa met "his highness", but Darkiplier is astounded at his strength in showing up despite his devotion for WrestleDream, a proof of how dedicated Amakusa is to making sure those who step on this stage only leave with victory in their hands. The injustice he has faced can't be understated, so he would appreciate if he was allowed to help one more time... AEW's dark partnership thus begins.

Kiryu arrives at AEW to put an end to their dark deal. Amakusa appears before him, commenting on the shame about the sad fate that awaits his friend The Cagist as he makes his way to Darkiplier's castle on a tank. Kiryu wonders how he can find any of it acceptable, but Amakusa believes Darkiplier to be a figure far greater than anyone here; his ambitions trascend anything humanly conceivable. Kiryu can't believe he's in front of a man that would cheer on the death of men fighting for their dreams and calls Darkiplier a simple tyrant with no moral compass, while Amakusa wonders how he can dare to speak ill while considering such petty a thing as a "moral code", and while Kiryu suggets this is a battle of ideals, it's not one between good and evil anymore, but one between those who see the bigger picture and those stuck in the much, as only those with open minds can understand inferior beings can only appreciate the greatness of their leader from afar. But enough talk, it's time to show what his true strength is about, the power bestowed that is testament to the glory of a superior being...! With a lightning strike, Amakusa turns into... Cocaine Bear.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

As most other wrestling promotions (and Coolsville itself) keep going lower and lower, AEW and it's wrestlers stand high, closed off from the world in their ideal bubble world of wrestling―a perfect dream that rights the sinful wrongs of the past.

Episode 2

Amakusa, could you please clarify the rumors that came out recently regarding talent such as HUNK being unhappy about the way things are being run?

And with such GREAT talent as the guys we have backstage we are bound to create a culture where everyone wants to be on top but in AEW of course we are all friends so we all have space for everyone who wants to be at the top to actually make it to the top and to have their time to shine in the spotlight as you've heard from some of the GREAT wrestlers we have such as Demi-fiend AEW IS FOREVERyone that shirt is still available by the way on AEW shop dot com you can buy it now at a discount to get ready for pride month twenty twenty four but yeah HUNK has been having a GREAT time here at AEW he's just so much fun to be around and he's a true mentor for some of those young kids he runs uh you know the backstage court and everything but not in a toxic way like in the fed just like as a fun way you know to relax and to develop GREAT relationships between wrestlers who love to wrestle in this professional wrestling ring so yeah regarding Joe Merrick last week he's just so damn talented it's hard to talk about the guy without mentioning how good he is and how much he brings to the table as you know here in aew talking about tables we do love table matches but we dont have a head of the table because its like everyone is the head of the table because we have such a GREAT culture yes we have indeed been shattering records thanks to some of those guys we broke the gate record of this specific address during half-moons in the month of january of 2024 we have truly been breaking new ground and reaching new heights and its thanks to talent like Joe Merrick and HUNK and if you've heard anything bad about them that's simply not true it's a rumor that was not verified by any scientific experts or independent fact-checkers HUNK is very happy to be here and so is Joe Merrick despite being forced to kneel in that ring that was not something off script but we cant really talk about the script as that would be breaking the kayfabe kayfabe you know is a insider term so you shouldn't pry too much into that but yes the finish to last week's HUNK match was the intended one we always meant for that count-out to happen of course we did as you know that is part of Inoki's WrestleDream and HUNK agreed to it before the match and he was very happy with the outcome and the reception he got from this hot crowd here at AEW the only reason we had the hard cam section tarped was because we were afraid the roar of such a hot and incredibly huge crowd could bring the entire arena down and as you know we're the safest company in the business you can ask every single one of our medical professionals and they just know what they're doing they won't slap you a z pak like they would somewhere else and we have GREAT policies and our talent only works through injuries that are manageable and are sure not to end their careers but yes indeed everything is GREAT here so may I take any more questions no thank you have a good night everyone!

Episode 4

Great to be here tonight (twitches) at great place for great show (twitches) we're gonna have so much fun it's gonna be really great (twitches) but let's get ahead to the big announcements (twitches) while some in the fed are making the news for crimes (twitches) not like their crimes against the sport of professional wrestling weren't enough (twitches) aew we are making the news for breaking records (twitches) gonna be bringing in even more debuts and even more new talent promising new talent (twitches) the rock of tomorrow the stone cold of tomorrow just like eugene chaud just like steve burnside you know that caliber of talent just amazing great stuff great (twitches) but more important than that next week we're gonna be having the biggest show in AEW history (twitches) and I'm proud to announce that next week at the usual time on twitch dot tv next week we'll be having (twitches) next week the first AEW pay per view (twitches) not a premium live event that's bad fed terminology (twitches) just a pay per view you know old times next week (twitches) it will be named in honor of one of the greats a man that we have lost but that we all can only hope to be like (twitches) a man that brought a new vision to the great sport of professional wrestling he revolutionized this business (twitches) no not business this art form known as professional wrestling (twitches) and that man is of course the great Saihara Shuichi so next week the first ever AEW pay per view with the Saihara Shuichi Memorial Show (twitches) you can expect us to put on something that would make him proud wherever he is (twitches) and of course after the show we're gonna be having a great press conference (twitches) so I'm hoping to be asked about what is Peppino's favorite pizza just the hard stuff that not many would have the courage to answer (twitches) and definitely not those guys at the fed (twitches) anyway really looking forward to all the great stuff coming up and of course how could we ever forget LETS FUCKING GO!

Episode 5[edit | edit source]

very excited about tonight's big event (twitches) tonight's big show (twitches) sorry tonight's Paul Wight his non-slave name (twitches) AEW's first ever pay-per-view event live tonight (twitches), not only can you look forward to a great show (twitches) with great yes indeed great in-ring debuts of some new toys I bought (twitches) but also changes backstage as well that are bound to lead us to a great exciting future as you can see (twitches), a great is here (twitches) the great one himself the man who came up with great concepts such as (twitches) the Berserker Brawl tournament he is Sandro The Great! Sandro steps out to a hotter crowd than he ever got (since he's used to dead crowds) and is happy to unleash a new era in TFR as the new Head of Creative! Back to Juuza, very proud (twitches) to have indeed a great mind (twitches) he has such a great you know (twitches) work ethic and he'll surprise you with great exciting booking (twitches), this is a card worthy of Saihara's legacy (twitches) a true legend of this industry and more than anything I wonder what great twists and turns are waiting for us on the road ahead (twitches), and they already have a record breaking attendance for an AEW pay per view (twitches) here on our first ever AEW pay per view (twitches) just keep breaking records and putting on great numbers everywhere

Juuza & Sandro

After the amazing main event and great show (twitches) its truly a night they'll never forget at AEW (twitches) had a great surprise too to close out the show who could have imagined something like that (twitches) but anyway lets get it started for this press conference (twitches) please everyone welcome our guest at this time (twitches) the one the only the great the man the myth the legend HUNK! Ok first question g-

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I'll start, kid. There's a few things HUNK's gotta talk about first. Regarding the marks talking trash on Cagematch and you so-called journalists... Ever since that disaster against Joe Maverick or whatever, all he's heard is a whole lot of bullshit. And the fact he's have to sit up here because we have irresponsible people who call themselves "pillars" and couldn't fucking hold together a porch... so they tell the media I'm "toxic", a "politicker", the fact I have to talk about this is fucking embarassing. Now, tell me, what did the HUNKster do to deserve an empty-headed dumb fuck like Merrick to go into business for himself and screw up the finish, what did I ever do, Dave?

Dave Meltzer
You tell me.

We have a PR department, don't we? You're here to pour money into this company. Should've known better, no one backstage knows how to mmmmmmanage a Target. When somebody who hasn't done a damn thing jeopardizes the first 100 dollar house that this company has ever drawn, OFF OF MY BACK... goes out on national television and ruins a match like that, it's a disgrace to this industry and this company.

This meat by the way is from Jack's Steakhouse. Great stuff. Don't think anyone else in this room can get in, though, well except for Ghost and Vector, have their signatures on the wall there.

Didn't wanna lower mmmmmyself to their levels but let's talk booking. Having to work with TFR rejects that wouldn't know what a dime is if it hit them on their faces. What do you expect me to do? Actually, one of those rejects held the company's top belt tonight. I guess that says a lot. And then... I'm booked against Steve Burnside and not even for the title? I beat him, but then nothing comes out of it. How is anyone supposed to get engaged with a product like that? Next week, I'm facing his butt buddy Chaud. THIS is the future of this business? Those little pricks are the ones feeding you "journalists" false info in the first place, that's why you hype them up so much, isn't it?

(Juuza shakes uncontrollably while staring daggers at HUNK)

They say I'm a bad guy behind the scenes, pretend I oppress them when all I want is to give young talent some good advice on how to conduct their careers. You know what's fucking oppressive? Being forced to participate in some dumb video game tournament. Where's Wrestler's Court when you need it? I don't play video games. I'm a bad ass. All we have is those geeks backstage who never got their shit kicked in in the locker room showers—they think they know everything because they flipped around in their backyards for a bit! Can't I have one good promo about whatever the hell I want? Does it all have to be fucking stupid baby shit? Yet still I eat the chicken shit they feed me, because unlike those frauds The Grim Reaper's a fucking professional. But I'm hurt, I'm old, I'm fucking tired and I work with fucking children.

Amakusa Juuza
Oh, hi, Juuza! Great show tonight! Question for you: About those AEWsome amazeballs debuts we had tonight, what can we expect from them in the future?
Amakusa Juuza
Oh of course you can expect them to-

Expect them to fill arenas and not get in the way of the people trying to make this company worth a damn! Your own personnel trying to get their niche internet audience to hate the company's top star for bullshit rumor? It really pisses me off, like Soap didn't come to work today and you're already spewing out shit about contractual disputes or something. If anything, it's more likely he just doesn't want to share a ring with some smartass who looks at the best and goes "I don't need your advice. I'm not gonna listen to it. I know what to do." Imagine if I did that to Steven Sonozaki back in the day. Fucking grow up. Maybe Soap's doing the right, I'm tired of wrestling these pricks too! Kids who think they know everything!

Dave asks about... uhhh... well, about, uh, you know... Saihara Shuichi, right *cough*... had different question planned but plans changed and, you know, it is what it is, so, uh... This memorial show, Saihara Shuichi's... You know, his career... you know, the whole Slipshaw thing, uh... I mean, you've still got people denying he ever did any of that. He's always been an unique performer... OMW, always good to look back on... would always hear about his potential back then. Then of course his run as Mystery Masters... you could argue that was a highlight he also didn't really get much the spotlight, you know, had two big stars around him and all... Looking back, Saihara, uh, he was definitely, you know, a wrestler... but I uh, I wouldn't, like, I wouldn't be surprised if, you know... Saihara... Hold on, let me get my notes...

...Well, once again, I just wanted to make it clear that being here talking about all this is just a disgrace and a complete shame but facts are facts. wish I never had to pronounce their names again but what can you do? Just tired of seeing people on the internet yapping about "JUNK" and whatever unfunny shit they come up with. Be more responsible with what you're putting out there. After all... you don't wanna mmmmmmess with me, do you? Also, just putting this out there... Contrary to popular belief, I'm a very nice guy, you know?

Amakusa Juuza
T-Thanks, HUNK! H-Have a good one!
W-Well that was it for tonight ladies and gentlemen see you next time for some more GREAT action!

Meltzer tries to finish asking his question... but Juuza's non-responsive...

Episode 6

We're coming off a great show just a legendary night in the history of our beloved art form (twitches) a really hot crowd at the Saihara Shuichi memorial show (twitches) I know you all have some questions uh (twitches) as far as those go the individuals involved have been suspended (twitches) but rather than talk about it I think it's better we just talk about the great things that happened (twitches) backstage morale of course has been through the roof (twitches) we worked a miracle but not the religious rather the scientific kind (twitches) something of this magnitude only happens once or twice in a lifetime (twitches) it's truly great that hairless apes made of spacedust such as us were able to be alive in the current era to not only enjoy hot running water and memory foam beds but also witness the biggest moment in wrestling history (twitches) I for one felt enlightened by the sheer presence and the ground breaking return from the dead of this mega star (twitches) our show was just so good that Saihara got up from his grave and he couldn't imagine being left out of such a great moment (twitches) as of tonight I would like to gladly announce that Shuichi Saihara is INDEED #AllElite so that's probably our biggest hiring ever (twitches) I would like to congratulate also another trailblazer and record breaker and that is of course our new four time world champion Arisato (twitches) though have you seen the stunt he pulled recently just kicking the forbidden door wide open this man is a revolutionary and I'm sure he has you all excited for the possibility of a match against one of the biggest names to ever wrestle in Japan of course and that's King (twitches) I bet his match with King would be a guaranteed seven-star BANGER and you know who else delivers BANGERS of course the rest of the AEW locker room so lets talk about the future next because I'm happy to announce the next big AEW pay-per-view event will be taking place two weeks from tonight and it's gonna be nothing short of epic (twitches) and who knows maybe the forbidden door will be kicked wide open then (twitches) anyways we also have a huge announcement regarding some great new toys we've got and that's of course our collaboration with the extremely popular band GAS CHAMBER! They will be performing a concert at our next event (twitches) but also an even bigger announcement is that GAS CHAMBER is now officially part of the AEW roster! And starting tonight they will compete in our new QUARTET division for the newly introduced AEW QUARTETS CHAMPIONSHIP now who could their opponents be stay tuned and find out because we have a great show coming up so LET'S FUCKING GO!

Episode 7

Great to be here tonight for the another uh the great episode of Amakusa Elite the Dynamite Wrestling show really great stuff coming up and can't wait to tell you all about it so let get started on telling all about it right now right okay you see next week we have a massive event coming up it's our second ever pay-per-view event and it's bound to be great because we have some great exciting news coming up and just like the Saihara Shuichi Memorial Show we just had that was a miracle of science and a great success I mean can you believe it Saihara Shuichi himself showed up we really are capable of moving mountains here at AEW its just great but yes indeed I would like to confirm that our next event will be yet another memorial show and that's the Captain Soap Memorial Show my heart sank when I heard the news but it's great we're able to exploit the image of Captain Soap one last time I mean uh it's great that we can pay tribute to yet another one of the greats and a man who gave us much happiness and great moments in the ring around here and of course in order to make a show good enough to be called Captain Soap Memorial Show we're counting on the help of our new head of creative the great Sandro The Great who's just gonna deliver some great things and I'm happy to tell you that indeed we're gonna be having a NEW CHAMPIONSHIP a NEW BELT introduced at our upcoming pay-per-view event and that is the AEW Singles Championship and we'll determine the champion in a tournament that starts tonight with the quarterfinals matches taking place tonight here at Amakusa Elite Dynamite The Great but the great stuff doesn't stop there because I would also like to welcome back HUNK next week alongside of course his friends from the USS and his also friends the uh the Pillars of AEW Joe Merrick Steve Burnside Eugene Chaud who all made up like the great adults they are and we're looking forward to have them back HUNK of course will be defending his future of wrestling title at the event much like other AEW titles will be defended and you can look forward to a lot of great surprises coming up indeed because you never know just who's gonna show up here in AEW and the biggest proof of that is not only in the Saihara Shuichi Memorial Show but also you know the whole thing with King going on in Japan you never know when King himself could show up and perhaps challenge our champion Arisato for a match that would be a truly AEWsome event and I'm looking forward to perhaps maybe when we could be seeing King from Japan just SHATTERING that forbidden door and giving us yet another great match jusdt the potential is there and it's bound to be great I can't wait for it it's coming soon for sure so LET'S FUCKING GO!

Episode 8

Great to be here tonight for the soon-to-be legendary Captain Soap Memorial Show where we memory the memory of another one of our memorable greats it's great to be having another one of those memorial shows of course I don't mean its great Soap passed away he uh died horribly I'm sure would have left him scarred for life if he survived and I'm sure he felt a lot of pain in the last moments of his life but uh I'm just happy we get to honor him he didn't deserve to get his head smashed like that I'm sure it was extremely painful anyway here tonight we of course have the epic returns of our pillars and also HUNK and his USS friends in case you missed it they returned in an epic AEW Rampage match before the show where they were crowned the new AEW Trios Champions the USS is back baby also making waves for sure is our new signing debuting tonight a legend has finally left the fed and he's gonna have the run of his life here before going out of the business it's sure to be an AEWsome night even though the death of soap is really sad and tragic we're also gonna get the answers to questions like is Rakesh still Kaidou Shun's friend or also marks the debut of not one but TWO new big titles of course the already announced Singles title fruit of our creative genius Sandro The Great's also stars from Gas Chamber perform an epic concert during one of our biggest stars's entrance but also alongside that we have the newly created AEW Minigames Championship we're gonna have a very wholesome tournament for it and last but not least our bone clenching world title match between Arisato and the returning from the dead legend Masked Saihara but what can be just as big is when King comes to AEW soon for sure he might be coming and that would just shatter that forbidden door so I'm looking forward not only to tonight's huge event and huge title matches but also the forbidden door being kicked wide open I fantasy book it with my action figures every night in my room its really cool well now let me ask do we have any questions about tonight's amazing pay-per-view

A reporter wants to know, talking about USS and the Pillars's return, what was their punishment like? What about suspending them for such violent acts? Fans speculate about an upcoming angle together... is that true?

Um what violent acts I'm sorry hahaha well it was more like a vacation they just needed to know each other better they had a lot of fun together in this tropical resort owned by my good friend Epstein and now they're ready to deliver some great matches but uh not with each other because well you know there's no reason to have the USS against the pillars right now when we can have HUNK for example face someone like "The Giant of AEW" anyway thanks for the questions lets have a great show and dont forget to leave your great ratings on cagematch once its over LETS FUCKING GO!

Episode 9.1

Amakusa can't believe both how great it is to be here tonight at AEW and that they are are throwing him a birthday party, could never see it coming! Chaud, Burnside, Maxis, J.Witcher, all sing happy birthday to Juuza. He TRULY can't believe all his friends here at All Friends Wrestling are acknowledging it... Nero even brought cake with all his... favorite ingredients, which Juuza can't wait to sniff later. But first and foremost they're here to make friends and put on BANGERS (despite the hard-cam side), and more importantly fighting against the smear campaign! Kaidou gets right down to it, tweeting "This company is the reason I rose back up after what I thought would be the end of my career #ThankYouAEW", so Amakuza gives him 2000 bonus dollars. Maxis jumps in after hearing the number to tell all his friends "how this is a great work environment #ThankYouAEW", then ZOOM sends that the company is the only place "BIPOC and LGBQTITITJGJIAGJKSEJG+ folx can feel welcomed and safe in #ThankYouAEW", and of course Rakesh gets to post about his fellow indians with how "nowhere else could a good sir watch his favourite lets players while waiting for his next BANGER backstage #ThankYouAEW". Amakusa himself says there's "Lots of bonuses to hands out tonight haha thank you for #StandingUpForAEW", thanking the SOUL and HEART of the business for running out the toxicity. HUNK himself says "Mmmmmm... Contract bonuses? Badd ass. Just like AEW #ThankYouAEW.", then immediately asks Juuza for his money and calls him a mark, who replies he'll add it to his account later. Before starting the show, Amakusa says that of course he's not afraid to surpass Donte vs. Vorgin... because every match in the card will be better since they're so DAMN good, LET'S FUCKING GO!

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Royal Rumble
  1. Rex
  2. Junpei (ZE)
  3. Battler Ushiromiya
  4. Jenny
  5. Bob Ross
  6. Garfield
  7. Juuza Amakusa
  8. Junpei (Persona)
Lose Christmas Special
Game: FirePro Wrestling World
Royal Rumble
  1. Asian Ref
  2. Crono
  3. Johnny Gat
  4. Wenge Kong
  5. Miyamoto Akira
  6. Takahashi Keisuke
  7. Luigi
  8. Mitchell
  9. Denji
  10. Mishima Kazumi
  11. Demoman
  12. Amakusa Juuza
  13. Togami Byakuya?
  14. Eren Jaeger
  15. Nishimura Hiroyuki
W0 L1 -1
0 0 P
「TFR Underground」

Game: McDickie

MMAshit Charles Lose
W0 L2 -2
0 0 P
W0 L1 -1
0 0 P
「TFR Underground」

Game: MMA jap game

NON-CANON Date Kaname Lose
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W0 L3 -3
0 0 P
For Title: Literal Jobber Title Contender
Full List Lose
W0 L4 -4
0 0 P
For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender
Albus Dumbledore & Zagreus, Okonogi Tetsurou & Amakusa Juuza, The Architect & Charles, Tonegawa Yukio & Date Kaname Lose
W0 L5 -5
0 0 P
For Title: Undisputed Tag-Team #1 Contenders
Relay Teams
Amakusa Juuza
Masuda Junichi
Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: MMA jap game

Note: Submission

Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Electric Rumble Boogaloo Arc
Game: MDickie's Wrestling MPire
Full List Win Rokkenjimania III』– Electric Rumble Boogaloo Arc
Game: MDickie's Wrestling MPire Remix
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– The Final Arc
NON-CANON Perc Jones Lose 『April Fools』
Game: WWE 2k22
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Note: ×2 speed match
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W0 L6 -6
0 0 P
For Title: /v/ World #2 Contender

Note: Possibly fastest elimination in a rumble ever

NON-CANON Mat Dickie Win
Supporting Ushiromiya Ange
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W0 L7 -7
0 0 P
For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender (winner) & Literal Jobber #2 Contender (runner-up)
Full List NC
W0 L7 -6
0 0 P
『Great Balls of Fire』
For Title: TFR #1 Contender

Note: Crashed, non-eliminated participants continue in 10-man rumble.

Full List Lose
W0 L8 -7
0 0 P
『Great Balls of Fire』
For Title: TFR #1 Contender
Extreme Rules
Weapon Restrict: Chairs
Amakusa Juuza, AJ Styles, Dante Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Chair Arc
Ryan Rave Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Dark World Arc
→Round 1

Stage: NXT

Royal Rumble
Full List
W0 L9 -8
0 0 P
Note: Representing Cameroon.
Full List
W0 L10 -9
0 0 P
Iconic Match

For Title: Literal Jobber #2 Contender

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Season 0 (original), represents one of OP's friend, 1337pwner, who OP thanks as one of the reasons TFR exists today.
    • OP streamed Career Mode of 2K18 as "Super Smooth" Lee Potter in what he dubbed "Season -3" for him as "A spic cosplaying Juuza and trying to look cool", leading to Seasons -2, -1 and 0.
      • OP apparently has been streaming for 10 years, reaching to Season -15.
    • Rumored to be the same person as Emperor
  • In The Extinct Light, is a parody of Tony Khan.

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