Joker (Persona 5)

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The Joker redirects here. Please note, this has nothing to do with the other Joker, who is being chased after by a man who wants to rape him to end his reign of terror, rather than having an obsession with rape. For other uses, see The Joker

The main character from Persona 5.

CEO of Character Development[edit | edit source]

A 2nd year high school student from Shuijin Academy, Joker is also leader of a secretive group of adult-hating teenagers called The Phantom Bulbasaurs. Their goal is to make sure to develop every single human being on earth with the use of personas and the power of mindrape. Due to this, he often butts heads with his counseling teacher Dr. Maruki who instead desires for a world where no one needs to be developed (raped) in order to reach true happiness.

TCR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

The leader of The Bad Tags.

In The Slow Rumble[edit | edit source]