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A form of currency in Coolsville, and eventually, the rest of the remaining world.

Description[edit | edit source]

JoeCoin (JOEC) is a material-based-cryptocurrency created by Tazuna Joe, a young high-school entrepreneur.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

Joecoin spread through Joe initially gifting it to wrestler and others in the Coolsville Arena, and selling "high-quality wrestler goods" by exchanging Joecoins, and doing many promotions about betting on certain wrestlers, although several of these were scams meant to make people lose their Joecoins.

When the world was brought to ruin by the Kings' Rumble-17 Project, normal currency stopped holding any value, and that when, aided by the Kings as they seeked a puppet to handle currency on their behalf, moved in to capitalize and established Joecoin in the post-apocalyptic world, quickly rising to the common currency, and founding Tazuna Industries (which was controlled by S Corp) to maintain it.

However, Joe's failing ways to properly mange the company, coupled with his failure to stop a raid on part of The Final Resistance into it and nearly being taken captive, had the Kings dissolve it pull Joe from his position and into being a Factory worker (as Tazuna Industries had served its purpose, and either way the Kings were already masters at controlling currency).

Even demons were attracted by the value of Joecoins.

In The Final Roll[edit | edit source]

★ ★


"BUY BUY BUY" ― When Joe is winning.
"SELL SELL SELL" ― When Joe starts lossing.

Such is the gambler's life.

Increases User's critical chance by 5%, but so does any enemy attack targeted at the user.