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where is methe

I'm High xDdD[edit | edit source]

Helps Walter White make meth on his druglord empire.

He keeps getting high with it.

The Dark Web Rumble[edit | edit source]

Join wrstr compani to fight of mafias

Episode 5

Los to city of mafier.

Episode 6

Lose t italian mafier gys

Season 7[edit | edit source]

Keep try 2 maek methe

Episode 1

jesser lose the package with Methe and Keiicher steals it from them

Episode 3

mafia is comin to take woltars steam acount

Episode 4

after Jessr sells van for 3quid and if they loes they get ti for free, mr width gets angeyr and wins match

Episode 6

got 3 quid but get drafter to teefar and then wheelcheers man sell tikert to ingerland for 3quid

Episode 7

got to ingerland not ingurland and meet Ingerland then steal rv but alram go brrr

Episode 8

Mr Whole fites ngerlund n wins rv.

Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Bck from vaction

Episode 27

wtf mistah wit that punk kys us

Episode 28

wtf mr win we gotitles

Episode 31

wtf mr wont titl gon

Off-Season 9: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

mr wide want pizza and familia and watch tv all day long while eating ice cream out of fridge made from breastmilk of my sisters but jessr mader new drug deal best terms more sell drug but sell oxycontin but only temporary bebcuse soon as baby pwder hit markets were making bank. wtf jesser? selling most unpopular drug on market just to rise again later, very good short term plan mr wright

jess say need 2 go bottomer mr whid strat from nothing put up ad on craigslist sell that rv but wtf jess don't have plan to become homeles. need to get dimes quick mr whid only way left is to make prision meal deliveries need to get to nebraska asap to deliver those meth to arthuer kane man. dont wanna do this but no option left, jessr say we need to get dimes fast mr whid else ill be drug dealer, but were drug deler jessr. he say need to become millionare mob boss mr white, ok fine where arthuer kane man jesrr, already send message to him that were coming? have no more stockpiled meth in rv man...

this last straw, beetta on news with another man im done, leavving amarica forever ill start produce ecet again but jessor say hes match left to win cant leave, fine stay and produce moar meth than ever but jessor say he don't want watch me selfdestruct? wtf fuke off jessor wont enter rehave sinc lost allt my connecticons wont enter ruber room jessa, jessa why u like this i aways gav everything you want if i die its my choice, what you mean mr waffel died how you sholdnt have died from overmfgirl overdose stop it jessa not funny. jessur why u not stop ur being unrasonable jessa u know i dont haver what you want. wtf ammarica finaly elect new president? obama? no way that sory ass negro can preident? he beat white woman clinton?? that bitch still alive??? jessir what you mean you made him husband sniffer with conke just becuse u curios to test if he detect secrit umpure ingremdient??? jessr u trollyn. but mr whitr need internet to trollng what u mean already pay 4 wifi? thoght only rich peplo did n america but jesser we not richea we hav denbt because older whiteyr too much to sustain, jessr what u mean with wtf mr wadfert you racist? thought you supoort mutikulti... no jessr if supor naturel selecton, mr wold u select urself into drug deler then? no more political jesor you say mean dead president better than both of them but who gent? he man on internet teach english and maths online very smart menntor and inspirering. jess say need itnret so gotta enter ruber room fast ok we go in

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Tag-Team The Methé

Richter & The Son

W0 L1 -1
0 0 P
Jacopo Bearzatti & Fusaishi Haruaki

The Methé

W0 L2 -2
0 1 P
Okabe Rintarou & Maebara Keiichi

The Methé

W0 L3 -3
0 2 P
The Methé

Gas Chamber

W0 L4 -4
0 3 P
The Methé

Mafia City

W0 L5 -5
0 3 P
Mishina Eikichi & Nanjo Kei

The Methé

W1 L5 -4
0 3 P
NON-CANON Spazz Maticus Win 「Spazz Wrestling Training II」
Note: Put a good match for 3 minutes then jobbed to random move.
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose
Beat The Clock Fatlus Win
W2 L5 -3
1 3 P
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Support: Walter White

Time: 02:16 → 2nd Fastest

Elimination Chamber
  1. #5 Francis York Morgan
  2. #4 Jesse Pinkman
  3. #3 Phosphophyllite
  4. #6 Jacopo Bearzatti
  5. #1 The Brawler
  6. #2 Store Manager
W3 L5 -2
2 3 P
For Title: Literal Jobber #1 Contender
Champion Majima Goro Lose
W3 L6 -3
2 4 P
W1 L1 0
1 1 P
For Title: Literal Jobber
The Methé


Tag-Team The Methé

Max Agony

W3 L6 -2
2 4 P
For Title: Undisputed Tag-Team

DQ: Haze and Jesse were count-out'd

Heat & Cold, Max Agony, The Methé Win
W4 L6 -1
2 4 P
For Title: Undisputed Tag-Team
The Extra-ction

The Methé

W4 L7 -2
2 5 P
Iconic Match
Extract the Cocainer

For Title: Undisputed Tag-Team

Note: Extra and HUNK didn't wait for the bell and tackled Jesse while Walter ran away to the ring.

Supporting Walter White
『Ugliest Birthday Ever』
Support: Jesse Pinkman Note: Crash
Maximillion Pegasus, Perc Jones, Logan Paul, Jesse Pinkman, Horadori Chikara, Hanzo, Rance, Parco Folgore Lose 『Rokkenjimania IV』– Ladder Arc
Extreme Rules
Weapon Restrict: Chairs
Jesse Pinkman, Super Mario, Yuki Makoto Lose 『Rokkenjimania IV』– Chair Arc
NON-CANON Zoomer Lose
2/3 Falls
Walter White (2-1) Lose Game: WWE 2K23 Referee: Saihara Shuichi
The Methé

Ruber & Carl Johnson

Win 『Rokkenjimania V』– Vengeance Arc
Note: Count-out

Gallery[edit | edit source]