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"Do you know where the root of TERROR comes from? It starts with FEAR
You cultivate it, you watch it spread and then, then you got TERROR.
I want the world to know what REAL TERROR is like, not like shitty FEAR which creates BAD TERROR, when they see me they will FEAR and understand TRUE TERROR.
" โ€• Jason explaining TERROR

FEAR โ‡’ TERROR[edit | edit source]

Jason is the former captain of the U.S. Army special forces team Mad Dogs, after a traumatic event happened on the war torn country Penamstan. He then becomes a federal agent but his true goal is to stop the spread of FEAR and TERROR so he transforms into a big mutant ugly nigger so he can spread TRUE FEAR and make REAL TERROR to save the world from FAKE FEAR which creates BAD TERROR.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

After the incident at Panamstam, Jason seeks a way to spread TERROR to the world so that Panamstan won't happen again. For his skills, The Dragonlord offers him a position in his company, and Jason eventually becomes a close ally of him to spread FEAR.

Episode 9

After Seeker's scouting job, he brings KaibaCorp's forces to ambush Ichiban's team with no chance of escape. Along him comes The Dragonlord's menacing left-hand man, Jason, and they bring KaibaCorp's prototype weapon of mass destruction, Dragon Eyes White Dragon. Ichiban's group is caught off-guard, but with their new member KC is at a disadvantage.

Episode 14

As Kasuga Ichiban's group ventures into KaibaCorp HQ, Seeker warns them that he was lucky to escape alive the first time, but Ichiban then notices the place looks exactly the same, which Seeker admits is because their chief engineer is gone, but they still managed to produce enough models to take over the world. Jason ambushes the party with two brand new Robo-Kiryu models, but before the situation turns hopeless, Jack make his return; while he was gone, he came to understand what Chaos' nature truly was, something that destroys friendships, and because of that they need to take down Chaos together... even Okada too.

As Ichiban has something to settle with the Dragonlord, his party takes on the threat while he stays in the backguard in a support role. After (half of) the group beats their asses, Ichiban finds the key to the main office, but they feel the entire rest of the production line coming for them. Before they have a chance to stop them, Okada's CHAOS' allies show up to back him up, and Evil Itself admits that even if he may not be as powerful as Kiryu, Ichiban really can be a Dragon too after all. However, the robot army arrives and still far outnumbers them... but the person who has witnessed Ichiban's adventure from the start arrives: Survive's Bartender, who brings along three mercenaries who were having a drink at his bar: Depp, Hopper and Bathhouse Owner. With so many people helping them, the party ventures further into the Dragonlord's lair.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
NON-CANON Leon S. Kennedy Win
Ichiban's Party


W0 L1 -1
1 1 P
W0 L2 -2
1 2 P
-Iconic Match-