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A character from Persona 2.

Unceasing Voice of Madness[edit | edit source]


A tragically perturbed individual cursed from birth to be able to hear the voices of nothingness and madness that nobody else can hear.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Despite trying to live a normal life despite his tendency for arson, he is found out and put in a mental institution. During his time there, the voices of the gods instruct him with arcane knowledge that he compiled into a poem.

Shortly after Rumble-17, at a coincidental time when the rumors of The Joker's return were spreading around, Sudou escaped in the chaos and decided to don a mask and become the mad clown arsonist JOKER to please the voices, who were overpowering him and instructing him to act in a certain way.

Episode 4

He, Hisoka and Sweet Tooth have been "working" for Dark Serge in his fortress, but are really only there for the chance to do what they want.

During the raid by The Final Resistance, Joker's old enemy Nero finds him finally after so many years, completely oblivious of his true identity. JOKER has completely lost it now because of that fan so long ago, and tries calling him a deadweight, but Nero has finally grown too much to be enraged by that. On the other hand JOKER starts losing it after being called Adachi, the Voices hate that, and he and Nero settle the score they had for so long.

After JOKER wins, he initiates his plan to burn down the building with everyone inside.

Episode 8

Komaeda Nagito becomes a clown after tasting pure hopium and The Circus decides to adopt him as their little baby clown of hope. He then goes off to invite his friends to become clowns too.

Episode 9[edit | edit source]

When Clownmaeda returns to The Circus with a sad expression, they decide to kill them for daring to hurt their baby boy. The clowns invade the factory after JOKER's voices tell him that he needs to kill Suou Tatsuya for stealing his name.

After finding him, they start beating Tatsuya up, when Kadoya Tsukasa and Yuki Makoto show up. The clowns intend to kill them, but Makoto, having regained his will to live, tells Kadoya to take Tatsuya and run for the sake of everyone. As the clowns pursue, Makoto closes the door and fights them alone.

The clowns don't have any compassion on him and beat him into a pulp.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

Joker, Hisoka, Sweet Tooth, Tricky, Rando and Clownmaeda with The Bloon.
The circus is taking their boy Clownmaeda to McDonalds to cheer him up, when Dlanor A. Knox who Dutch van der Linde's group is taking there as well, asks to get the Bloon. A fight breaks out between the group, while Dlanor and Clownmaeda agree to exchange the Bloon if she wins. Komaeda ends up giving her the Bloon.

Episode 13

Along with their new friend Tricky, the voices set up a trap for Tatsuya and Power as they are on their way. But before they can kill them, Delta shows up and sends his Delta Squad of super engineered soldiers. But even then, the clown's strength is unhinged enough to beat them.

Episode 14

On their way, they pick up Rando who has been clowniefied, and send him to protect Clownmaeda in an underground part of Coolsville Arena. However, Clownmaeda's speech about hope makes him doubt himself.

Episode 15[edit | edit source]

The clowns are set up against Tatsuya's Party and plan to take the stone as the voices instructed, and Tricky is sent to collect clown farts to brainwash them. However, before the 3-on-4 fight can begin, Rando shows up, having steeled himself to do the right thing. This incurs the fury of the betrayed clowns, who go through Tatsuya's team like it's nothing.

As everyone's on the ground and the clowns move in to finish them, Kadoya's voice resonates within Tatsuya and encourages him to defy his destiny, and summoning a Kamen Rider Persona, he wills himself to stand up and protect everyone. Casting Deadly Burn on JOKER starts to burn away his mask and scorches his face, and the sheer force of his determination in his eyes is enough to scare even the clowns into fleeing. Clownmaeda stares at him and smiles, saying that he's glad he could embolden his hope, and walks away.

Episode 16

With his mask now burnt away, JOKER shows his true self: Sudou Tatsuya, who was acting similarly as Adachi due to the voices. He finds the one that was angering the voices so much, the REAL Adachi Tohru, who was the one inside the Godzilla costume all along.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Nero Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Handicap Yuki Makoto

The Circus

W2 L0 2
~1 0 P
Ushiromiya Battler, Raiden, Albus Bernstein, Okabe Rintarou

JOKER, Fred Jones, Roger Retinz, Mario

Tag-Team The Old Guard & Joshua Graham

The Circus

W2 L1 1
~1 1 P
The Circus

Delta Squad

W3 L1 2
~1 1 P
30-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Suou Tatsuya
  2. Okabe Rintarou
  3. Narushima Koga
  4. Second Carlos
  5. Phoenix Wright
  6. Ooishi Kuraudo
  7. JOKER
  8. The Necrodancer
  9. Lucifer
  10. Kotomine Kirei
  11. Head Doctor
  12. Rean Schwarzer
  13. Tricky
  14. Extra
  15. Raiden
  16. Roger Retinz
  17. Travis Touchdown
  18. Maebara Keiichi
  19. Bevi
  20. Elite Crew
  21. Ushiromiya Battler
  22. Kasuga Ichiban
  23. Demi-fiend
  24. Haze
  25. Arthas Menethil
  26. Komaeda Nagito
  27. Dutch van der Linde
  28. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  29. Cam on Ingurland
  30. Philip U. Butler
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon #1 Contender

Elimination №: 7

Elimination Chamber
The Necrodancer, Komaeda Nagito, Extra, Ruber, JOKER, Gene Lose
NON-CANON Sting Lose
Tag Team
Tatsuya's Party

The Circus

W4 L1 3
~4 1 P
The Circus

Power & Dlanor A. Knox

Lose Rokkenjimania II
Note: Count-Out
Extreme Rules Godzilla Lose
W4 L2 2
~4 2 P
W1 L1 0
1 1 P
As: Sudou Tatsuya
The Superfriends + Zoomer

The Circus

Royal Rumble
  1. Sakakura Juzo
  2. Fred Jones
  3. Aniki
  4. Rando
  5. Suou Tatsuya
  6. Chris Redfield
  7. Bevi
  8. HUNK
  9. Coyote
  10. Van Darkholme
  11. Kasuga Ichiban
  12. Adol Christin
  13. Mitake Toujirou
  14. Jacket
  15. Leon S. Kennedy
  16. Kotomine Kirei
  17. Gene
  18. Ooishi Kuraudo
  19. Rean Schwarzer
  20. Second Carlos
  21. Mario
  22. Mr. BANS
  23. Agent 49
  24. Narushima Koga
  25. Aleph
  26. Haze Stratos
  27. JOKER
  28. Rance
  29. Kido Reiji
  30. Date Kaname
Lose Elimination #22
Extreme Rules
2/3 Falls
Suou Tatsuya Lose As: Sudou Tatsuya
Micah Bell, Dayt (w/ wig), Tazuna Joe, Sakakura Juzo, Harrier Du Bois, Persuin, Dr. Piccolo, JOKER Lose
Royal Rumble
Full List Win Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE 2K19

Note: Season 6 save.