Infested Chopper

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The most powerful boss in DMC.

Aerial Attack Annoyance[edit | edit source]

A parasitic demon that took over a military helicopter and annoyed Dante during his emo phase.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

Only being physically higher than Amakusa Juuza.

Episode 6

"Blacked" Date goes on a rampage at the local OMW show's BCW Arena, alerting Kiryu Kazuma and Dante who arrive to find Ooishi Kuraudo, Date Mizuki and Raiden at the edge of their will, and OMW coach Kevin Nash also being there at his mental last rope. The berserking Blacked Date stops rampaging around when Dante asks for collection, letting out a scream and summoning the other one attacking the place: Blacked Chopper, an "old friend" of Dante. For their sake, they must be taken down.

With one last Dragon Bomb, Date is done for and the Chopper crashes. Date's blackness washes away, and the time for karaoke draws near. But then, as they discover too late, the Black Knight was actually unnoticed within the Chopper thanks to his concealment ability. The Black Knight, who despite his armored appearance was still a formless mass of power lacking a solid foundation, found the perfect container in Kevin Nash―the perfect victim of blacked and blackening―and enters his being before vanishing away.

Episode 7

When Coolsville Hills is about to blow up, arrives with Kiryu Kazuma and takes all of the members of Chris Redfield's squad from the lower floor to the rooftop, assisting Suou Tatsuya in defeating Super Blacked Nash Super Blacked and escaping, saving not only the wrestlers and the tower but Coolsville itself.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Ironman 20'
Dante (2-4) Win Support: Date Kaname
NON-CANON Jack Garland Lose
Iconic Match
Chaotic Chaos Chopper

Note: Supposed to be Jack vs Kane but Chopper was waiting on the ring and Taker was also walking around, then match suddenly ended.
Mystery Machine Lose Note: Nakamura Shinsuke attacked M. Machine during the match.
Tag-Team Kiryu Kazuma & Dante

Blacked Date & Blacked Chopper

W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
Stage: Old BCW Arena
Last Man Standing
Lucid Lose Rokkenjimania V』– Schizophrenia Arc
Hell in a Cell
2/3 Falls
White Glint (2-1) Lose