Ichiban's Party

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Kasuga Ichiban's party set to defeat The Dragonlord.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

After a failed attempt to defeat The Dragonlord in his fortress, Ichiban is shot and dumped in a trash container. Somehow surviving, he's woken up by Jack, and they are quickly attacked by the forces of chaos.

>White Mage Jack Garland joined the party! (he later changed his job to Mercenary)

They are thrown into the trash again and then have to face cops when they find a cum-stained bill inside Ichiban's pocket that wasn't there before. In a police cell, they are freed by the king of Sindria himself, who returns to help them in their quest.

>Magi Sinbad joined the party!

After eating at McDonalds, Ichiban is attacked by a mysterious individual, who is the right-hand man of The Dragonlord.

While planning their next move, the group encounters HEAVY MACHINERY and are defeated by his might, but a silent man's entrance forces him to flee to take a piss. He offers to join Ichiban's party afterwards.

>Silent Fisherman Serge joined the party!

The Dragonlord's Right- and Left-hand man arrive with a prototype weapon of mass destruction to stop Ichiban, but after defeating the underlings, Sinbad took care of it.

While playing the bowling minigame, an intimidatingly powerful being appears before Ichiban asking to join them, but Ichiban stays loyal to his friends. Sadly, Jack doesn't take his meds and calls his friends chaos before going on to pursue CHAOS by himself.

>Jack left the party

In a meeting with the representatives of CHAOS and KaibaCorp, Jack is now an ally of KC along with his legendary mercenary group, and Ichiban has to escape.

When the party heads to KaibaCorp HQ, the encounter CHAOS who challenge them again, drawing the attention of KC as Okada planned, and he teams up with Ichiban now that their goals aligned.

>Chaos Lord Okada joined the party!

After resolving their issues with Jack and his squad, they enter into KC's building.

Faced with an impossible army of Robo-Kiryus, Ichiban's allies arrive to help him defeat the Dragonlord.

>Jack rejoined the party!

Finding the main office empty, Sinbad reveals himself to be the actual CEO of KaibaCorp, and fights Ichiban. However, this was all a ploy to bring out the real mastermind, the chairman of the organization Tengan Kazuo, whom they then defeat and go eat icecream or something.

Also beat up Vitalik just because.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
Tag-Team The Shimano Family Lose 0 0 1 Members: Ichiban & Jack
The Police Lose 0 0 2
HEAVY MACHINERY Lose 0 0 3 Members: Ichiban, Jack & Sinbad
KaibaCorp Win 1 0 3 Members: Ichiban, Jack, Sinbad & Serge
CHAOS Win 2 0 3
Lose 2 0 4 Members: Ichiban, Sinbad & Serge
Jack's Squad Lose 2 0 5 Members: Ichiban, Sinbad, Serge & Okada

Note: Serge did the thing again. Ichiban got unlucky. Sinbad tapped out despite being only a few minutes total tagged in. Okada was 1v4.

KaibaCorp Win 3 0 5 Members: Okada, Jack, Serge, Sinbad
Vitalik & The U.S.S.
Ichiban's Party
Win 4 0 5 Members: Jack, Sinbad, Serge