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The Roman Catholic Church, also known just as Catholic Church of Mankind or more commonly the Holy Church, is the center of god-worship and faith in the world.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Church holds great power in the world and has many factions. One of their most prominent factions is the Scholarship of Demonology, which studies demons, their effects, and is tasked with forming Exorcist to detect Demons and other unnatural beings that antagonize humanity, and Expel Daemons (parasitic demons that latch onto human souls and change people, eventually mutating them into abominations).

The Holy Relic Recovery Assembly is tasked with the study, research, and recovery of Holy Artifacts.

The Chivalric Orders are the military body of the Church and in the public eye are tasked with defending holy land. Known as masters of the Halberd weapons with extreme accuracy and success rate out.

However, one of the Church's hidden sides include the Order of Execution; the side of the Church that deals with training Executors to deal with heresy and physically destroy demons, mages, ESPers (with exceptions), and anyone or anything deemed heretical. The church trains these in "Sacred Mysteries" used to slay and repel demons. However, the Church isn't against employing those "Heretics" who come to the Church themselves and offer their aid.

The Order of the Templars is tasked with the recovery of holy land and expansion of the Church and it's influence.

Several sects of the church practices the sacred art of wrestling in the name of the lord, and these wrestlers are purified combatants that catalyst the Will of God. They use wrestling to purify the soul of sin, and the constant practices of this strengthens the soul, in turn making the combatant's resolve, willpower and faith all the stronger.

The church has a vested interest in the power of wrestling, and sends many of their agents to monitor several promotions.