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The Holy Belt, also called Sanctus Balteum, is one of the most powerful artifacts of legend.

It is a great legend that whoever obtains all 4 of The Final Rumble's belts shall invoke the Holy Belt, and be granted a true wish that resonates with him at the time. Many wrestlers have joined seeking this goal, but few have even gotten close, and even the ones that do, perhaps the greatest challenge is betraying his very own partner for his belt.

However, it is also disregarded by many wrestlers as just being a myth, a fairytale, or even just a marketing strategy to recruit talent.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Holy Belt is said to grant any one "true wish", meaning that the wish has to be truly desired and resonate with the wisher's soul, meaning someone who accesses the Holy Belt can't be forced or coerced into a wish he doesn't believe into, as it will fail.

To gain the Holy Belt, one would need to acquire the 4 component belts, the Belt that signifies absolute Victory—A belt awarded only to the most prevalent in battles, the Belt of the one that carries on Hopeful—The belt awarded to those who never lose hope in their way, and Belts of the Destiny-Bound—A belt awarded to those who share a fate, even if they must eventually betray each other. These must be obtained legally, simply acquiring them won't work.

History[edit | edit source]

Original Holy Belt in ancient times.

The Holy Belt, also known as the Blessed Girdle, was one of Jesus Christ's holy relics imbued with his essence, capable of performing miracles. It was so powerful, that it lead to many disaster while being in the possession of the wrong hands. When it became into possession of the church, it was deemed too dangerous, and so a circle of priests and magi decided it was best to seal it away. Thus, the true Holy Belt's essence was sealed outside of reality, but such a powerful artifact was impossible to be fully contained, and so the physical belt was divided into 4 and separated so they would never be brought together.

The generations passed, and the pieces of the Holy Belt travelled many hands, until eventually they started gathering at one point: The Final Rumble. Thus once acquired, they were turned into the 4 Magic Champion Belts of Wrestling (Magia Vindex Balteum Colluctatio) so that if a champion to surpass them all was ever appointed by destiny, he would be able to call upon the Holy Belt again.

Some say there might be more about the Holy Belt, maybe even some kind of curse, but no one knows for sure.