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A mysterious character related to "Hideo Kojima".

Tactical Production Action

Not much is known about Hideo, except that he was always behind Kojima's shadow.

The truth is that Hideo is a genius writer. However, no one paid attention attention to him and he never got any publishing deals. He met Kojima and made a deal to help him write his work. Kojima's ideas were all disparate and incoherent, but somehow Hideo managed to turn them into something decent. But when the work was out, Kojima was the one who took all the praise. Kojima's ego couldn't allow anyone else to be praised for his work, so Kojima offered Hideo to keep co-writing, as long as he took on the name of his producer. Thus, the masterful genius writer Hideo Kojima and his ghost writer showered the world in their genius.

As time went on, Kojima's ego grew more and more, and he kept mistreating Hideo worse every time. Despite being a producer, with time he became no more than a glorified assistant, as he didn't really produce anything, plus any attempts to direct Kojima would only get him mocked by him.

However, he had starting to make plans for turning the situation around, and Kojima's recent obsession was the perfect opportunity...

TFR/Season 4

Kojima has taken a very big interest in TFR and has become very observant of it. This may be related to the rumor that this is taking place in a different dimension called 2K20, since the Laws of Wrestling have weakened and wrestlers report a strange feeling ever since the end of the year stated approaching.

Hideo is only referred to as Kojima's Producer. He accompanies Kojima any time he appears, and is never actually seen. He forces himself to praise him any time he comes up with one of his ideas, and was the one who did most of TFR's management while Kojima came up with on-the-spot crazy ideas shit that he forced him to implement.

Most other people that mentioned Hideo, said there was a "shady air" about him.

Episode 1

Kojima appears to take an interest in the legendary mercenary HUNK after seeing his freelance match, and orders his producer to hire him.

Episode 2

His producer reports that the negotiations with HUNK went favorably. Kojima, then says it's time for the hostile takeover to begin.

Episode 3

It seems HUNK has been re-contracted in TFR, and makes an appearance to declare that "This is war".

Episode 4

Kojima finally obtains full control of TFR. And he declares the first idea that he's gonna implement: If either lose, they shall receive a special punishment. If Mrs. X loses he'll give her a silly dress, but if Red does, he'll have her eye fall out. His Producer acclaims his idea... before asking how he is gonna do that. Kojima answers that, of course, he is gonna write it into reality. This is sure to make ratings go through the roof.

Disappointed in the result of Mrs. X's match, he has her eye fall out too. At this point, his Producer notices him that The Locker Room is rebelling on his new rules. Kojima tells him to send HUNK-sama, and that anyone who dares attack him will become 5'6.

However, even a manlet Senator Armstrong manages to somehow be the first to defeat HUNK, thanks to the power of his new SUPER-NANOMACHINES.

Episode 5

When his Producer starts wondering why he sent HUNK to lose, Kojima reveals it was all part of his plan; he made him lose on purpose, as a plot twist, as he himself gave Armstrong the nanomachines. After receiving even more praise from his Producer, he decides he wants to see what happens without the nanomachines, and creates a Reality Marble where the laws of Universe 2K19 apply. However, even in here they managed to draw out.

Episode 6

His Producer again mentions that the Locker Room keeps rebelling more and more against his actions, but more than that, the ratings are starting to plummet. Kojima ignores all this, and assures that "I made this show get high ratingu! We in build up stage now! Soon, ratingu go uppu! I know how to book!". He also exclaims "I brought Johnnyru to this worudo!", which confuses his Producer as he was not even part of the staff back then. He also claims, he bought The Focusing Stone and had HUNK give it to Battora Ushiromiya, as he was a creative director in testing back then. He also mentions he brought back a famous star from 20 years ago...

Episode 7

When the Producer informs that the Locker Room is starting to riot, he suggest sending HUNK. But Kojima denies him, as HUNK-sama is in surgery being upgraded. He then sets new punishments as a way to give the wrestlers more presence: "Tripperu threto match? Losers become BRUE! Braddu pittu has match? Roser becomes chinese flag! More ideas! Drake Beru vs my signing from last week? ROSER SHAVES HALF THEIR HEAD! AND... AND... IF EXTRA AND RED ROSE... THROW THEM IN SURGERY! MAKE THEM BIONIC!!!" Kojima keeps throwing his ideas at TFR with total disregard for the wrestlers themselves.

This didn't defuse the situation, instead, wrestlers stopped rioting... because they were planning a takeover. With Central as their leader, they've positioned men already. However, what Kojima responded with is "HEY! I MAKE STIPURRATION FOR MAIN EVENTO! WINNERY WILL FACE THE CHAMPION, BUT... They have 10 minutes to pin him! And if they don't, they become FATTO! AND SMARU! HAHAHAHAHA !". When the Producer tries to focus Kojima's attention, he threatens to fine him and reveals his plan to pay the Million Dollar Guy even more to take out the man commanding the takeover.

Episode 8

Kojima complains about losing the Geimu Awardo to some game called Sekilo, who is way too hard him. His Producer informs him that they managed to get a contract with another hollywood star, but Kojima seems displeased with the recent performance of his horrywood stars. Producer comments that he seems unmotivated by his debt, and Kojima decides to put a cursed mask in him to make him motivated, by turning him demonic. "HUNDRED DORRA GET DEDUCED FROM OPPONENT BAK ACCOUNT! PERUFECT! AND I HAVE MORE IDEAS! VERGIL HAS HAIR PROBLEM? PUT HIM AGAINST MY HORRYWOOD STAR TONY HAWKU! ROSER HAS TO GET AN EVEN WORSE HAIRCUT THAN THEIR CURRENT ONE! MORE! MORE! THE BRUE MAN HAS TO WIN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIT TO REVERT THEIR CURSE!"

However, later that day, as a past legend of TFR returns to the ring, the man who is decided to correct the course of history, Sminem, appears, and announces that he tricked Kojima into signing for 50% of the ownership... while giving the other half away to him. In a fit of rage, Kojima sends Sminem away... to another world.

Episode 9

Producer announces that Sminem has returned, but HUNK is still being worked on. Kojima, getting more hysterical, replies "I SAW IT! I ROCKED HIM AWAY! BUT HE BREAK ROCK SOON! HE COME BACK TO THIS UNIVERSE!". Producer says that the riots still are intensifying, and they can't use their trump card of Armstrong just yet. Kojima responds to let The Prototypes out to destroy the Locker Room. The Producer complains that they are barely 30% done, but Kojima ignores it. "WE HAVE ENOUGH PROTOTYPE FOR 5 MATCH! SEND THEM OUT! I DON'T CARE ABOUT UNIVERSE RURE! WE STOP SMINEM! BEFORE... BEFORE IT'S TOO RATE! HUNK-SAMA WILL BE HERE SOON! WHEN HE BACK, WE WON'T ROSE ANYMORE!".

Thus, the War of the Prototypes starts to defend the company; a bloody combat that defeats TFR and leaves many injured.

Episode 10

Kojima laughs at crushing the TFR forces with his superior wrestlers and proclaims it's almost time to unleash... The Final Impact. Kojima has locked every wrestler that doesn't belong to his vision on the Old Universe, even thought it was supposed to have been destroyed. Because he himself and ratings enjoy suffering, Kojima decides to stream what is going on there, and gives a select few a chance to survive as long as they have a title.

Just as some wrestlers were expressing their emotions on camera, he decides to cut off the feed, to wallow in even more suffering.

However, when he was relaxing enjoying the despair, his Producer appears telling of a terrible notice: They've just been invaded by mysterious forces, The Cartel Rumble... and they're here to stop The Final Impact. Kojima becomes enraged and orders all manpower to repair and dispatch the Prototypes that instant.

The invaders manage to stall enough time for the final impact to be delayed terribly, leaving Kojima no choice but ignore the title holders and close the portal now, so that nobody could return from the other universe before TFI, or it would all be over! Yet, his Producer mentions that some of his forces still remain, and deciding to listen to him for once, he decides instead to send Armstrong to the 2K20 entrance portal room and close it. But someone intercepted Armstrong before he could reach there.... none other than The Court. As Miles Edgeworth fights him, Kojima activates his hidden ace and turns Armstrong fully metallic. Up to that point he crushed Edgeworth, but suddenly, Phoenix Wright from the sidelines somehow deactivates the nanomachines, and Edgeworth uses his confusion to make a terminating move on Armstrong and defeat him.

Episode 11

Phoenix then livestreams the truth about Kojima and himself. About how Sminem had a premonition from the start that someone was gonna attempt this, and all they had left to do was find who. About how Kojima was in contact with HUNK since before he fought Battler. About how HUNK's matches before this point had all been predetermined. About how Battler receiving a modified Focusing Stone was all part of Kojima's plan, which after his match with Agent 47 warped him to the universe Kojima had created, and the very one they now stood: Kojima's World. About how he used Battler as a catalyst to create his new universe, having him endure endless torment alone for what seemed an eternity, which completely destroyed his mind, forcing it to take a different persona to distance from the pain. About how he himself had betrayed his friends to get close to Kojima and destroy him from the inside. About Battler waking up as a different person, and Kojima's time coming soon. But before he could reveal his name, Kojima interrupted him, because he wants no spoilers, and ended the transmission.

HUNK-V2 finally has arrived. He formally meets Tohya, whose mind somehow recognizes him, before engaging him in combat, beginning the battle for the destiny of two universes.

However, it was not Tohya who was fighting that day, but Battler's fierce soul refusing to go out without shining with a blinding light one last time. The style of wrestling that was on the ring that day... was definitely Battler! He fought with strength the kinds of which was never seen before, and finally, HUNK, the Grim Reaper, the unbeatable machine who claimed neither man nor beast could step in his shadow and go undefeated against him in combat


Tohya took Kojima's script and used the golden truth to call Kojima what he and all his work really were―nothing but a forgery.

TFR/Season 5

Since Kojima went absolutely mad with power, Hideo knew this meant Kojima would fall, as he had expected from the start. Once his defeat was confirmed, it was time for Kojima's own writing to shine through.

As Sminem disappeared again once Kojima was defeated, he inherits the General Manager position, and decides to continue diligently doing his job, as he always has.

Episode 1

In the old Kojima Productions office, he's seen talking to a mysterious man. He mentions something about some preparation for the end of the night, and informing 60 people of a conference.

After that, he mentions he's ready to leave this place and move to his new office.

Episode 3

The preparations went just as expected, so he ought to reward that man. Either way, this office is much better, but they'll have to take drastic measures... first, he vacates the KoJ and Tag-Team championships, then, the two men owed a #1 contendership for the KoJ will be joined by four other men who won their last matches in an Elimination Chamber, and as for the tag team titles, Men with a Plan will face a team yet to be determined. As they are about to decide next, Kotomine Kirei enters and tells them to rejoice, for he's still owed World title contendership, and says his wish for new tag team champions will, at last, come true, because he'll insert him and his Servant into the contendership. Hideo remains silent before saying he has to oblige, and Kirei takes his leave.

Episode 5

As the champion is out there enjoying blackjack and hookers, Hideo runs simulations, such as showing some kid who could easily defeat HUNK. He tells his assistant that they're having a world title match tonight, and decides to turn the live feed on again. Then, Kirei enters again just in time to, once again, corner the general manager into putting him in a championship match, telling Hideo to rejoice again. Exasperated, Hideo tells him to not go celebrating yet, but Kirei reminds him this, too is part of hisplan, much to Hideo's contempt...

Things calm down later on the night, and Hideo catches up with someone he knows over the phone. Just then, his assistant tells him someone wants to talk to him personally, so he leaves the office in his assistant's charge. During that time, his assistant finds a divine Porno Mag and can't help but take it and go 'look' at it but for a short moment...

After both distractions are successful just to the simulations, Date Kaname infiltrates the office and has his AI hack the PC it. In there, he finds a live feed to some of the missing wrestlers... in something called the Death Game.

Episode 7


Hideo returns from a member of the locker room's complaints about the lack of hot girl pictures on the locker room... to find Date sitting in his chair. The detective tried to arrest him, so Hideo explains the nature of it

People senselessly killing each other, one by one...

A sick way of entertaining people, and above all, a deadly contest...

Seeing your life reduced to nothing but a valueless toy in the hands of a psychopath.

Forgetting about your friendships, and betraying them.

Having to cooperate with old rivals, or going a step further and killing them...

Corrupting the very essence of your soul...

Just to cling onto a tiny little speck of hope that everything will turn out okay.

Surely, there's nothing in the world capable of causing more despair.

Beyond sickened, Date urges him to confess why and what he wants, but Hideo just despondently states he's merely a forced observer. He can only see because he's in contact with one of the participants through special technology. If that's so, Date asks why he isn't doing anything to stop it, but Hideo instead points him towards a lead of a man... from before all of this started―no, rather, after it was already bound to happen because of our mistakes. It was all already planned back when he stopped Armstron, Kojima was a hindrance, and his malice was out in the open. His plans extend beyond the death game, for once he has all titles, his wish will come true, and only God knows what suffering beyond mere comprehension will he unleash upon the world with a wish. Then... Date asks why the hell he won't stop him, but Hideo is under his thumb for one wrong move means death for everyone in the game and chaos in this world, so all he can do is pray for someone to deny him the titles. Date threatens to take things into his own hands but Hideo questions whether that would lead to anything good, for keeping the peace in this universe is of utmost priority and what happens in the other side is of no concern to 'us'.

The right thing to do is to just sit back and play your role... Just as He envisioned.

He will take care of it.

We place our trust in Him to put us down the right path. For He will always watch over us.

As Hideo keeps saying things that make Date question his sanity with a complex look on his face, he says he did the right thing for maintaining peace forever and is a shame he doesn't seem to understand, but won't stop him since his determination is commendable. Then Date remarks he couldn't stop him even if he tried, and gets Aiba to call Ooishi and Raiden immediately as he runs out of the office.

Episode 9

Once again, Hideo is astonished at someone beating HUNK twice in his simulations, but even more astonishing, the live feed from the Death Game... is gone. It actually happened... He did it... Hideo should have never doubted Him, for that Universe... It's gone, fully separated from all others, and exists in a place that matters not to 'us'. All that's left is wait for everyone to calm down and accept what has happened. It's all over... He really knew what would happen from the start...

Episode 11

His master calls, and beckons to reveal the Death Game, even if it's contrary to what Hideo thought their goal. As ordered, he gathers several people, reveals the truth, and shows the last received transmission. Neither Central nor Fred can believe there's nothing to do, and then when Dante's Doll is shown executing Donte on screen, Vorgin follows the real Dante after he walks away. Red has to explain it to Extra as well, and security carries Haze Stratos away after he tries to assault Hideo. Leon wonders if there's really no way to re-open the portal to that place, but Hideo actually has a suspect on who could...

After Kirei lost his title to Cam on Ingurland, he asks Hideo that, with no risk of obtaining the 'Holy Belt' anymore, he bring Adam Jensen out of hiding, if he wants no more to end like the photographer. For the sake of putting no more lives at risk in this world, he concedes. Hideo wonders... did he do the right thing? he didn't have the title... it shouldn't be a problem... there can't be a catch... there can't be... He would be proud of his decision... He would be... He would...

TFR/Season 6

The death game ended... after reaching its natural conclusion. People were left in shock and without hope, nobody even tried to challenge Hideo's position. Everyone was in an unresponsive state, wrestlers that gave in to despair, wrestlers that no longer showed up, wrestlers that only felt further ostracized after the event. And then the Order of the Locker Room appeared, and things started to change for the better... peace, just like he had wanted.

Episode 1

Hideo presents a deal to Dimitri; after sending his best men to investigate, he found no info on either Kirei or Edelgard, so Dimitri accepts. He'll relinquish his current tag-team title for a chance at the King of Jobbers against Jensen, whom Dimitri believes will teach him valuable knowledge, because if―no, WHEN Kirei returns, he'll use his own two hands to kill him.

Episode 3

G-Man offers Hideo's "don" a certain offer, but Hideo politely declines since their plans differ greatly at the moment, even if he's sure they'll both reach that 'bright spot' soon enough, yet that's not enough for G-Man and Hideo includes him in the King of Jobbers title match... that's as much as he can do. Even against the apparent 'threats about consequences' to his 'don', he still rejects his other 'proposal', much to G-Man discontent for his 'capomandamento'.

Episode 4

Osama bin Laden and 1337 Crew prepare the bombs that Big Smoke and CJ set up which incapacitates over half the Locker Room.

Big Smoke, CJ, Dan Schneider & Hisoka are clearing the way to the GM Office for other rioters when Sakakura Juzo blocks the path, but they just ignore and walk past as Hisoka intercepts him. The rioters show up and make their demands against the cornered Hideo, making their desires known and booking their own matches. When Kirei asks who shall be the ones to stay behind in the office and keep control while the others participate in their matches, Big Smoke and CJ offer themselves, as well as Necrodancer and Sandro since they want to meet the production team and introduce them to some power liches. Kirei and the King of Hell meanwhile will stay in the security room overseeing everything.

While guarding the room, suddenly, in a flash of light, Hideo's savior knocks them all out and flies away with Hideo to "accomplish their mission and take the chosen ones to safety".

Chris Redfield (and his Therapist whom he dragged along) are brought to a far away, secret underground chamber. Therapist is nervous, but Chris has complete trust since they exposed the Chinese conspiracy that drained Leon of all his sperm. Now that it's come to that, he has another target he met before... Hideo steps up to welcome everyone and would like them to congratulate Comrade Mario for his great project, and asks him to explain its purpose. Mario steps up and explains that, by la mamma mia, it will restore dignity; laws were bent, people were killed, pillars were disrespected, and now a catastrophic invasion with explosions―they have completely defiled the company and its dignity. This machine will put an end to it.

Albert Wesker wonders what it does exactly, but Hideo only offers that where they are now, they are completely safe from it. Arthas, Kazuhira Miller and Edward Richtofen are onboard if it removes the "rotten" ones, and The Janitor & Alucard express the happiness at their respect being restored. Therapist is disgusted at such madness and tries to escape, but the exits are already locked in, and Mario initiates Project RUMBLE-17: the... Final Rumble.

The machine rumbled, as though getting excited.

Fierce sparks flickered around it, lighting up the billowing steam. The roar that made it seem like it might explode at any moment instantly lessened, and the next second...

There was a massive tremor -- an earthquake -- big enough that it lifted everyone off the ground.

Everyone, except the kings, watching from afar, fell to the floor.

Mario erupts into pure celebration, and Hideo congratulates him, for allowing the world to be cleansed. Therapist falls to his knees and screams that this is wrong, but his desperate calls to mediation fall on deaf ears. He chastises himself from following Chris, since now everyone outside will...

Episode 9

12 years in the future of the Rumbled World, Hideo remains as the General Manager of TFR, the half associated with The Kings that holds their matches in the new Coolsville Arena. After so many years, their true plan is close at grasp...

While Hideo prepares another amazing show, out of nowhere, a man clad in black attacks him. Waking up underground and tied up, he notices Kojima talking to him... and his own clothes being gone. Kojima wonders how he got such comfortaburu positionu even after helping with The Finaru Impacto and personally working on prototyperu, and more importantly, Tee eff Arr has been very boringu lately... Hideo believes he was just doing his job, but more importantly, he's dazzled at how he's is still... he thought... a simple mistake points Kojima, for he shall neveru go away, and wirr be always watchingo him. Now, it's time for games, as he says to the terrified Hideo he will have "to beatto my goodo frienderu Suneku's meatto in crose quarteru combatto". As Hideo begs and cries, Snake slips right behind him to "bait him"... Hideo's screams soon fill the room... and he's never heard of again.

TFR/Season 0

In a different world, Kojima Hideo doesn't reject his creativity and westaboo nature, and manages to also become a successful movie director thanks to his debut masterpiece, 'Dragon', starring Kiryu Kazuma.

TFR/Season 8

As a famous movie director, he works from his Kojima Productions office, and is already hard at work on his next subversive masterpiece...

Episode 1

...Kojima explains the scene all over again. "Coror brue represent wisdomu and serenity. It mean his soul ascend to higher prane of existence. That he trury become Dragon among human!". There's a reason he invented the 'camera'―when they reshoot, The Final Impact will look better from the other angle! Kiryu finally truly understands the scene, but wonders about the "Social Scream System" he mentioned earlier, to which Kojima replies he'll explain how he came up with the concept of 'scream' another time. Kiryu begins thinking about the kids, even thought it's only been a few days since last seeing them, being the Dragon of Kojima is tough work.

While spacing out, he receives a call from his friend Date Kaname. He calls because of his legal dependent, Jackson... since he's been taken under custody. Shocked at the news, Kiryu informs Kojima he needs to rush to the Detention Center for family issues, luckily Kojima invented something just for cases like this―"Paido Reave". Just then, he has a new idea for a script, Prototypes...