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A character from Persona 4.

Step It Up[edit | edit source]

The son of the person who runs Junes; a dude saddened by the loss of the girl he loved, as well with his own insecurities. Might also be gay.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Much before Yu Narukami joined the wrestling scene to combat Adachi, Yosuke had been a fan of wrestling. One time, he tried to fight to earn a permanent contract, but to no avail was beaten out of it.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Some unnoticeable guy tries to break into Junes but is caught. Also Yu is denied access because he fucked too many bitches.

Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Episode 24

The prince of junes appears in the ring to put a 5* classic with his friend Saihara.

Match History[edit | edit source]


Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Elimination Chamber Diesel, Louis, Max Payne, Johnny Klebitz, Yosuke Hanamura, Manny Pardo Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P

Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender

For: TFR Contract

Louis ➡️ Nash
Johnny ➡🇸 Max
Pardo ➡ Louis
Johnny ➡ Yosuke
Pardo ➡ Johnny
Royal Rumble
Entry Order
  1. Zombie Benoit
  2. Louis
  3. Maximillion Pegasus
  4. Michael Jordan
  5. Richtofen
  6. Balthios James
  7. Leon S. Kennedy
  8. Albert Wesker
  9. Dutch Van Der Linde
  10. Andrei Ulmeyda
  11. Chris-chan
  12. Big Show
  13. Max Payne
  14. Manny Pardo
  15. Jonathan
  16. Alex Mercer
  17. Goro Majima
  18. Battler Ushiromiya
  19. John Marston
  20. Yosuke Hanamura
  21. Johnny Klebitz
  22. Doomguy
  23. Chris Redfield
  24. Vinnie Mac
  25. Erwin Smith
  26. Walter (SMT)
  27. Diesel
  28. Fred Jones
  29. Garcian Smith
  30. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
Lose Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
  1. Leon S. Kennedy
  2. Maximillion Pegasus
  3. Louis
  4. Michael Jordan
  5. Zombie Benoit
  6. Erwin Smith
  7. Garcian Smith
  8. Undertaker's Druid
  9. Christine
  10. Max Payne
  11. Chris Redfield
  12. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
  13. Manny Pardo
  14. Jonathan
  15. Johnny Klebitz
  16. Andrei Ulmeyda
  17. The Undercarder
  18. Cole MacGrath
  19. Balthios James
  20. Battler Ushiromiya
  21. Alex Mercer
  22. Yosuke
  23. Albert Wesker
  24. Goro Majima
  25. Walter
  26. Dutch Van Der Linde
  27. Edward Richtofen (Primis)
  28. Doomguy
  29. Fred Jones
  30. Arthur Morgan
Lose Christmas Special
Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
TLC Saihara Shuichi Win
W1 L1 0
0 1 P
W1 L0 1
0 0 P
Iconic Match
Super High School Level AEW Wrestlers

Note: The greatest match the world has ever seen.
NON-CANON Jonathan w/ The Spin Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Return From The Past Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

Gallery[edit | edit source]