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"Haha, time to stop holding back" ― That's our Rean

̷A̷ The character from Trails of Cold Steel.

Mean Rean Machine[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

TFR joins Rean's harem because he wasn't content with just the stuff in the reandown.

Episode 3

Enters and Head pats Rance.

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

Head pats HUNK but holds back so it didn't happen.

Episode 5

Offers to head pat hot-headed Red, gets eye-poke'd but was holding back.

Episode 7

Enters empty Locker Room looking for silver-haired girl then notices Yu, he has a melty so gets headpat.

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

Head pats JUNK but holds back so it didn't happen.

Episode 9

Enters the locker room and notices some guy and a clown, then heads to the ring.

Gets pinned by an eternally seething Punished Yu Narukami in a three way match including The Joker.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Rean and Raidou enjoy watching Miyao, Rebecca, Pieck, Arcueid Brunestud, Suguri, Mrs. X, and Ada take a hot springs bath

Haha... The vile evildoers who robbed me of so many [Shining Bonds] will be punished...

Episode 1

Appears in the royal rumble to select next Master of the Locker Room.

Episode 2

Rean attacks Rando being carried out on a stretcher, mistaking him as BANS due to his skeleton mask after his title shot against Cam on Ingurland.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Kaname Date and Raiden (MG) confront him over his actions. As it turns out he only attacked him because he thought he was Mr. BANS due to his skull mask.

Note: Immediately after the stream, OP raided his channel and he actually voiced the fucking Reandown pasta and a Rean version of the navyseal pasta.

Episode 4

Saves Red from being choked out by Samoa Joe and stuffs him into a trunk for another seven twelve years.

(Or if the world actually collapsed, he straight up unintentionally killed him. Haha...)

Episode 6

12 years in the future, came back to Resistance HQ after giving head pats around the city, hears his music playing and thinks Albus is impersonating him. They have a match and Albus wins.

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

Rean and Albus train together how to hold back against each other for 2 weeks, and Albus asks Rean about his past... but Rean can't remember which girl he comes from. Haha. Rean decides to go together with him to the raid on Ruber's Castle.

They encounter Galo & Piccolo with the titles, but are ambushed by Rando & Joshua Graham who take them. Were holding back.

Episode 10[edit | edit source]

Show up when Rean hears silver-haired girl is in the factory, scaring away Sandro and CJ. Headpats Suguri and teaches Albus the correct technique, then accompanies her to her cage while Robert prepares extra salty crab legs.

Misses out on the Christmas Party. Haha, how (un)lucky (for the villains).

Episode 12

Shows up for the reunion to decide a new The Final Resistance leader but holds back.

Episode 13[edit | edit source]

By Gallonjak
By Gallonjak

Rean and Albus show up to BANS Army HQ to help train a few recruits, since Rean is friends of everyone. As long as they haven't harmed any girls, haha.

Episode 15

Shows up in Coolsville in a rumble to practice holding back.

Episode 17[edit | edit source]

Enters The Basedment wreaking havoc in his path, ruining The Plan and fighting Adol for the belt. Haha.

Before the birth of the new universe, Albus tells him he might be his father. Haha.

Extra Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Revealed to have defeated The White off-screen while everything else was happening... Haha that's our Rean setting sight on what matters...

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

Somehow, Rean seems to have kept his memory from the previous world. Haha...

Episode 1/TFR[edit | edit source]

Haha, Rean wonders where all the stuff about chaos vs law went and where his son Albus is...

This spooks Sminem a little but he gets him to replace the missing Armstrong in the match against HUNK... He holds back for the sake of he show, haha.

Episode 4/TFR

Sees a bald guy holding a case with the DNA test results. Gotta get them for Albus, haha... But he seemed to really want them so he holds back, haha...

Episode 5/TFR

Opens the night with a match against a fellow girl appreciator, haha.

Then gets drafted to BCW haha...

Episode 5.5/BCW

Gets in a match with some people he remembers...

Episode 6/BCW

Still tries for GM in a show he isn't even on anymore haha...

Episode 6/BCW

Goes back to BCW to headpat during a main event, haha...

Episode 8/BCW

Avoids pure strikes and headpats a kyute girl, haha...

Episode 9

Gets headpat by Majima for showing him a good fight. He was holding back of course.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

Just what happened to that BCW company? It seems our little Reany experiences time in the same fashion as the audience, Haha...

Episode 1

Sees HUNK and Bevi arguing but wonders what happened to teaching those BCW guys some lessons and headpatting that horned girl... also holds back...

Episode 3

Lets the american man go over since he was holding back and jumps into a table...

Episode 4

Participates in a rumble for the title but he was holding back...

Episode 5[edit | edit source]


Episode 8[edit | edit source]

HEAVY MACHINERY encounters Kasuga Ichiban and his friends... but has to leave to take a piss when Serge's entrance begins.

Episode 10

Rean in his festive japanese wear decides to show off a bit of his home of /vrpg/ by participating in NXT's King of /v/ Tournament, hopefully there'll be some cute ghost girls in such an empty place...

Episode 11

Gets Money In The Bank. Haha...

Episode 14

Haha... he didn't get to use the contract just yet... but next time you see him... he'll be sure to do so... that's a promise, alright?

Maybe Albus and the silver-haired girl will show up by then... haha!

TFR/Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Huh, where did everything related to those yakuzas go? Well, it's not like it matters, haha...

Episode 26

Haha... cashes in that MITB case he got a hot minute ago and takes the belt from that Richard guy...

Episode 27

To settle the four-way dispute for the title that had just taken place, a fatal-4-way was set up between the four wrestlers who laid claim to the belt: The former champions Hisoka and Jacket, the current holder Rean Schwarzer, and the #1 contender HUNK.

In the end, Jacket pinned HUNK to establish his dominance.

Episode 53

Participates in the Contendership Clash Tournament. Had his team won, he would've been disqualified for being his team's first eliminated.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

Didn't that Kiryu guy just leave town after defeating those AEW dudes... how strange... haha...

Episode 3

"The Ashen Chevalier" Rean Schwarzer participates in the Berserker Brawl tournament in Pool F.

For some reason, his opponent, "The Man with a Plan" Dutch van der Linde changes the match type to No-DQ without explanation. Didn't Rean have something to do with this guy once before... maybe not, haha. When Dutch seems ready to receive his final dose of headpats, his planning came to fruition as he pulled out his own knife against Rean's unexpecting jaw, decisively denying Rean the chance to crash his plan. Maybe he was just holding back after witnessing such display of planning...

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

After that unexpected headpat by a knife to his jaw in which he held back for his friend Dutch, Rean recoves in record time and returns to action as if nothing had happened.

He's opened his own Coldsteel Dojo since he's always ready to teach new students!

Episode 6

Just as Gene and Bolo are about to gang on Kyle Hyde, Rean arrives from giving a nearby girl "private lessons", and decides to fulfill his promise to his student Koga of avenging his injury. Since Dan is busy with Kyle, thought, seems that he'll have to hold back on Gene and Bolo, haha... Almost impossible to believe... Kyle defeated Dan (powered down by him not being barefoot), and Rean thoroughly headpats Gene and Bolo, who decide to all retreat this once. Rean remarks Kyle is as strong as he heard from Koga, and even seems to be using a similar technique to "Coldsteel Style: Holding Back Kata"! Rean returns to his Coldsteel Dojo since he's late for giving lessons.

Episode 7

Another week, another time for the moment the audience has been watering their mouth for: Tough Enough! Last week they demonstrated their ring prowess, now mentors will choose their disciples!

First of all, the creator of the Coldsteel Style: Rean Schwarzer, thinks Reize Seatlan has a lot of potential... even if Koga is right there, he has to spread the Coldsteel Style, you know? Reize hopes to become good enough for his dream match against AEW star Saihara.

Now, to test the chemistry, Retinz announces three tornado matches, winners will get 2 points, and the audience will yet again vote on the top 4.

Boogie went above and beyond his master by singlehandedly winning the HiaC, and for that got both the victory and the first place in voting, totaling in 6 pts. The Samurai of Justice demonstrated their bushido and might, getting the victory and second place for a shocking 12 pts. Koga is third and ranks up to 8 pts. And Kyle's disciple Chai gets the last point, up to 7 pts. For grabbing the top of the ladder, Ricky also got his first 2 pts.

Episode 9

With TFR being finally back, Tough Enough is as well, and Retinz welcomes the audience to this long-awaited edition! They've already explored vital aspects that constitute a star, but now they'll navigate into uncharted waters: The participants will collaborate with their mentors not in the ring, but in creating music! Music can be key in a wrestler's presentation, sometimes even getting over just due to it (like a certain Snorious example). They have some very talented staff, so their challenge is helping them come up with a new theme song―will they be able to keep it? That's up to creative, but for tonight all goes! Jingu isn't a music instructor, but even he is excited to see what they can make.

Reize finds music-making boring and would rather pick a royalty-free, but Rean tells him not to worry since he'll make a song that'll recount the story of Rean Coldsteel.

After debuting their songs, Tough Enough participants are made to contest in the rumble for MITB, with the stipulation that if they make it to the last 5 they'll win 2 additional points, and another 2 if they win the rumble itself. Only Samurai Flamenco lasts until the Top 4. Tatsuya's "From the world I've left behind" is ranked as the #1 hit, gaining 5 pts and jumping to the top of the rankings with 14pts. After boogie'ing it up, "Boogie Woogie FUCK U" gets Boogie 4 points, up to 12 total. The bussin' songs of Koga prove straight FIRE as he's third, going up to 11pts. Disco revives with "The Lawyer's Groove" and Gregson's score slightly as well making it up to 7pts. For his rumble performance, Samurai Flamenco ranks up to 14pts with 2 bonus points.

And... although not a participant, Agent 47 would get the last point if he was able to, making the tragic score of Reize remain at zero after not even being able to accrue one single point in the entire tournament.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Rance Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Note: Rean used him like a goddamn volleyball, literally throwing him in the air mercilessly 4 times in a row.
NON-CANON HUNK Win Note: Haha... I'll be taking that streak...
Red Lose
W1 L1 0
1 1 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
Narukami Yu Win
W2 L1 1
2 1 P
Note: Haha...
Rean Schwarzer, Punished Yu, Joker Lose
W2 L2 0
2 2 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
Narushima Koga Win
W3 L2 1
3 2 P
W3 L1 2
3 1 P
Note: Haha...
38-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Sakakura Juzo
  2. Geralt of Rivia
  3. Zoomer
  4. Balthios James
  5. Shoji Shingo
  6. Aniki
  7. Van Darkholme
  8. Joshua Graham
  9. Door-kun
  10. Osama bin Laden
  11. Kazuhira Miller
  12. Tazuna Joe
  13. The Protomen
  14. The Chosen Hunter
  15. Rean Schwarzer
  16. Rance
  17. Kadoya Tsukasa
  18. Pixy
  19. John Bradford
  20. Alucard
  21. King
  22. Suou Tatsuya
  23. Boomer
  1. The Chosen Hunter
  2. Rean Schwarzer
  3. Pixy
  4. Suou Tatsuya
  5. Boomer
  6. Kuzunoha Raidou the XIV
  7. Kasuga Ichiban
  8. Fred Jones
  9. Arthur Morgan
  10. Gene
  11. Marco Rossi
  12. Rando
  13. Serge
  14. Robert
  15. Hisoka
  16. /v/ Rage Guy
  17. Demaro
  18. Demi-fiend
  19. Komaeda Nagito
  20. Mario

W3 L3 0
3 2 P
Elimination №19

Note: Rean was holding back...

Royal Rumble
  1. Van Darkholme
  2. Leon Kennedy
  3. Kuzunoha Raidou the XIV
  4. Alucard
  5. Maebara Keiichi
  6. Kazuhira Miller
  7. Yuki Makoto
  8. John Bradford
  9. The Janitor
  10. Tazuna Joe
  11. Kasuga Ichiban
  12. Aniki
  13. Demi-fiend
  14. Geralt of Rivia
  15. Pixy
  16. Narukami Yu
  17. Rando
  18. Fred Jones
  19. Albert Wesker
  20. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
  21. TheRapist
  22. Big Smoke
  23. The Necrodancer
  24. Rean Schwarzer
  25. Date Kaname
  26. Komaeda Nagito
  27. Zoomer
  28. Arthas
  29. Raiden (MG)
  30. Joshua Graham
W3 L4 -1
3 2 P
For Position: 5th Master of the Chivalric Order of the Locker Room.

Note: Rean was holding back...

Fatal 4-Way
Raiden (MG), Date Kaname, Rean Schwarzer, Rando Lose
W3 L5 -2
3 3 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
Albus Bernstein Lose
W3 L6 -3
3 4 P
W3 L2 1
3 2 P
Tornado-Tag Heavy Machinery, Rando & Joshua Graham, The Daily Dose (team) Lose
W3 L7 -4
3 4 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team

Note: Rean was holding back...

NON-CANON Pamela Lose Note: Rule 63 Episode
Royal Rumble
  1. Yuki Makoto
  2. Suou Tatsuya
  3. Queen of Ingurland
  4. Rena Schwarzer
  5. Randa
  6. Ushiromiya Battler
  7. Pieckstra
  8. Haze Stratos
  9. Agent 63
  10. Pamela
NON-CANON Date Kaname, Suou Tatsuya, Randa, Rena Schwarzer, Win
30-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Tazuna Joe
  2. Albus Bernstein
  3. Robert
  4. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  5. Adol Christin
  6. Ruber
  7. Headmaster
  8. Rean Schwarzer
  9. Sakakura Juzo
  10. Gold
  11. Mitake Miyao
  12. Arthas Menethil
  13. Ushiromiya Battler
  14. G-Man
  15. Second Carlos
  16. Haze
  17. Kasuga Ichiban
  18. Fred Jones
  19. Ooishi Kuraudo
  20. Travis Touchdown
  21. John Bradford
  22. Kadoya Tsukasa
  23. Kotomine Kirei
  24. Dr. Piccolo
  25. Rance
  26. Emir
  27. Okabe Rintarou
  28. Demi-fiend
  29. Date Kaname
  30. Albert Wesker
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon

Note: Rean was holding back...

20-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Rance
  2. Ooishi Kuraudo
  3. Maebara Keiichi
  4. Aniki
  5. Sakakura Juzo
  6. Ruber
  7. Zoomer
  8. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  9. Raiden
  10. Rean Schwarzer
  11. Gene
  12. Geralt of Rivia
  13. Albus Bernstein
  14. Gold
  15. Narushima Koga
  16. Second Carlos
  17. Aleph
  18. Cam on Ingurland
  19. Demi-fiend
  20. Narukami Yu
W3 L8 -5
3 4 P
For Position: The Final Resistance Leadership #1 Contendership

Elimination №9

Note: Rean was holding back...

Extreme Rules
Falls Count Anywhere
Heavy Machinery

Johnny Gat & Kido Reiji

W3 L9 -6
3 5 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
30-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Suou Tatsuya
  2. Okabe Rintarou
  3. Narushima Koga
  4. Second Carlos
  5. Phoenix Wright
  6. Ooishi Kuraudo
  7. JOKER
  8. The Necrodancer
  9. Lucifer
  10. Kotomine Kirei
  11. Head Doctor
  12. Rean Schwarzer
  13. Tricky
  14. Extra
  15. Raiden
  16. Roger Retinz
  17. Travis Touchdown
  18. Maebara Keiichi
  19. Bevi
  20. Elite Crew
  21. Ushiromiya Battler
  22. Kasuga Ichiban
  23. Demi-fiend
  24. Haze
  25. Arthas Menethil
  26. Komaeda Nagito
  27. Dutch van der Linde
  28. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  29. Cam on Ingurland
  30. Philip U. Butler
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon #1 Contender

Elimination №13

The Paranormal Patrol

Heavy Machinery

Lose For Title: Jesters of Noncanon

Note: Rean was holding back...

30-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Demi-fiend
  2. Kasuga Ichiban
  3. Albert Wesker
  4. Fred Jones
  5. Kuzunoha Raidou
  6. Lucifer
  7. Geralt of Rivia
  8. Leon Kennedy
  9. Narushima Koga
  10. Fat Albert
  11. Van Darkholme
  12. Rean Schwarzer
  13. Extra
  14. The Headmaster
  15. Bevi
  16. Komaeda Nagito
  17. Elite Crew
  18. Haze Stratos
  19. Narushima Jakob
  20. Rando
  21. Second Carlos
  22. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  23. Suou Tatsuya
  24. Arthas Menethil
  25. Yuki Makoto
  26. Kotomine Kirei
  27. Big Show
  28. Phoenix Wright
  29. Johnny Gat
  30. Ooishi Kuraudo
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon #1 Contender

Elimination №17

  1. Gene
  2. The Undertaker
  3. Goldberg
  4. Shawn Michaels
  5. Steve Austin
  6. Aleph
  7. Rean Schwarzer
  8. Suou Tatsuya
  9. Eddie Guerrero
  10. Joshua Graham
  11. Aniki
  12. Johnny Gat
  13. Chris Jericho
  14. Maebara Keiichi
  15. Komaeda Nagito
  16. Kurt Angle
  17. Narushima Koga
  18. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  19. R-Truth
  20. Cam On Ingurland
  21. Rance
  22. Drew McIntyre
  23. Kevin Nash
  24. Ric Flair
  25. Samoa Joe
  26. Bevi
  27. Seth Rollins
  28. Ooishi Kuraudo
  29. Triple H
  30. Fred Jones
Lose Elimination №13
NON-CANON Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) Win Harem: Somsnosa, Furudo Erika, Suguri

Note: Haha...

30-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Mario
  2. Galo
  3. Balthios James
  4. Fred Jones
  5. Dr. Piccolo
  6. Raiden
  7. Rance
  8. Bevi
  9. Fat Albert
  10. Geralt of Rivia
  11. Joshua Graham
  12. CJ
  13. Tyrone Ngubu
  14. Gene
  15. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  16. Demaro
  17. Aniki
  18. Roger Retinz
  19. Narushima Jakob
  20. Albus Bernstein
  21. Rean Schwarzer
  22. Narushima Koga
  23. Sandro
  24. Zoomer
  25. Kazuhira Miller
  26. Matador
  27. Van Darkholme
  28. Hell Biker
  29. Boomer
  30. Arthas Menethil
W3 L10 -7
3 5 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Elimination №19

Note: Rean was holding back...

Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania II
Full List Lose
2/3 Falls Adol Christin (2) Lose (1)
W3 L11 -8
4 7 P
W3 L3 0
4 4 P
For Titles: /v/ and King of Jobbers

Support: Albus Bernstein

Note: Rean was holding back...

Tag Team
Heavy Machinery

The White

Royal Rumble
  1. Sakakura Juzo
  2. Fred Jones
  3. Aniki
  4. Rando
  5. Suou Tatsuya
  6. Chris Redfield
  7. Bevi
  8. HUNK
  9. Coyote
  10. Van Darkholme
  11. Kasuga Ichiban
  12. Adol Christin
  13. Mitake Toujirou
  14. Jacket
  15. Leon S. Kennedy
  16. Kotomine Kirei
  17. Gene
  18. Ooishi Kuraudo
  19. Rean Schwarzer
  20. Second Carlos
  21. Mario
  22. Mr. BANS
  23. Agent 49
  24. Narushima Koga
  25. Aleph
  26. Haze Stratos
  27. JOKER
  28. Rance
  29. Kido Reiji
  30. Date Kaname
Lose Elimination №20

Hell in a Cell
2/3 Falls

Second Carlos & Arthas Menethil & Haze Stratos

Agent 49 & Mario & Rean Schwarzer


Falls Count Anywhere

Ushiromiya Battler, Narushima Koga, Rean Schwarzer, Chris Redfield, Triple H Win
2/3 Falls
Falls Count Anywhere
Anything Goes
HUNK (2-0) Lose
W3 L12 -9
4 9 P
W3 L4 -1
4 6 P
For Title: /v/

Note: Rean was holding back...

30-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Kyle Hyde
  2. Agent 47
  3. Aniki
  4. Bane
  5. Adam Jensen
  6. Gold
  7. Arthur Morgan
  8. V
  9. Ushiromiya Battler
  10. Max Payne
  11. Majima Goro
  12. Junpei
  13. Fred Jones
  14. Chad
  15. Albert Wesker
  16. Tazuna Joe
  17. Brendan Fraser
  18. Dutch van der Linde
  19. Yuki Makoto
  20. Hijiri Jyoji
  21. Big Smoke
N.C. For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Note: Rumble crashed

20-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Ushiromiya Battler
  2. Dutch van der Linde
  3. Yuki Makoto
  4. Fred Jones
  5. Chad
  6. Big Smoke
  7. The Joker
  8. Ruber
  9. Joshua Graham
  10. Mario
  11. Rean Schwarzer
  12. Jonesy
  13. Central
  14. Geralt of Rivia
  15. Chris Redfield
W3 L13 -10
4 9 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Elimination №8

Note: Rean was holding back...

Agent 47 Lose
W3 L14 -11
4 10 P
W3 L5 -2
4 7 P
For: Money in the Bank

Note: Rean was holding back...

Chad Win
W4 L14 -10
5 10 P
W4 L5 -1
5 7 P
Note: Haha...
Hisoka & Houjou Satoko & Albus Dumbledore

Rean Schwarzer & Makunouchi Ippo & Mario

W4 L15 -11
5 11 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
Royal Rumble
  1. Chad
  2. V
  3. Nakamura Shinsuke
  4. Ilya Kuvshinov
  5. Russell Adler
  6. John Bradford
  7. Kong Wenge
  8. Senator Armstrong
  9. Brendan Fraser
  10. Chris Redfield
  11. Agent 47
  12. Kotomine Kirei
  13. Robert
  14. Spazz Maticus
  15. Ushiromiya Kinzo
  16. Third Carlos
  17. Akasaka Mamoru
  18. Dr. Piccolo
  19. Maximillion Pegasus
  20. Rean Schwarzer
W4 L16 -12
5 10 P
For Title: TFR General Manager

Elimination #15

Note: Rean was holding back...

Sinbad Win
W5 L16 -11
6 11 P
W5 L5 0
6 7 P
Note: Sinbad was holding back...

Note: Haha...

No-DQ Ryuuguu Rena Win
W6 L16 -10
7 11 P
W6 L5 1
7 7 P
「Tournament Qualifiers」
→Qualifiers Phase 2

Note: Haha...

Majima Goro Lose
W6 L17 -11
7 12 P
W6 L6 0
7 8 P
TFR vs. BCW: The Final Tournament」

Note: Rean was holding back...

Falls Count Anywhere
Irie Kyousuke, Ooishi Kuraudo, Tomitake Jirou

Rean Schwarzer, Susuhara Suzumu, Sinbad

6?-Man Royal Rumble
Full List NC Note: Crashed when Rean entered. Haha...
NON-CANON Kenny Omega Win
Eren Yeager Lose
Fatal-4-Way Akasaka Mamoru, Vergil, Sinbad, Rean Schwarzer Lose
W6 L18 -12
7 12 P
For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender

Note: Rean was holding back...

Triple-Threat HUNK, Bevi, Rean Schwarzer Lose
W6 L19 -13
7 13 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W6 L20 -14
7 13 P
For Title: TFR
Tazuna Joe, Jayden, Rean Schwarzer, Gregory Edgeworth, Regigigas Lose
W6 L21 -15
7 13 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W6 L22 -16
7 13 P
For Title: TFR #1 Contender
Ichiban's Party


W7 L22 -15
8 13 P
Note: Stopped holding back.
/v/: Hassan Lose
W7 L23 -16
8 14 P
W6 L7 -1
7 9 P
NXT's King of /v/ Tournament


Note: Rean was holding back...

MITB Max Payne, Robert, Eren Yeager, Komaeda Nagito, Jayden, Tony Hawk, Tazuna Joe, Rean Schwarzer Win
W8 L23 -15
8 14 P
Note: Acquired MITB Case.

Note: Haha...

NON-CANON Roman Reigns NC 「2K22 GM Mode」
For Title: WWE Universal Title

Note: ★★

Van Darkholme Lose
Iconic Match
「2K22 Universe Mode」
Note: Got tired of waiting for Rean on the menu and kicked him into an instant 1-2-3.
MITB Cash-In Jacket Win
W9 L23 -14
9 14 P
W7 L7 0
8 9 P
For Title: /v/ World

Note: Haha...

Extreme Rules
Hisoka, HUNK, Jacket, Rean Schwarzer Lose
W9 L24 -15
9 14 P
For Title: /v/ World

Note: Rean was holding back...

No-DQ HUNK Win Note: Third time he's beaten HUNK, haha...
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W9 L25 -16
9 14 P
For Title: World /v/ #1 Contender
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose
Walter White, Andrei Ulmeyda, Rean Schwarzer, Vorgin, Komaeda Nagito Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Tables Arc
→Round 1
Sinbad, Agent 47, Rean Schwarzer, Bevi, Morbius, Garcian Smith, Big Boss Man, Zoomer Win Rokkenjimania IV』– Blood Arc
Adol Christin, Rean Schwarzer, Zagreus, Ric Flair, Vorgin, Kasuga Ichiban, Aniki, Chris Redfield Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Blood Arc
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L26 -17
9 14 P
For Title: TFR #2 Contender
Full List
W9 L27 -18
9 14 P
Note: Representing South Korea.
NON-CANON HUNK Lose Note: Rean was holding back...
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L28 -19
9 14 P
For Title: Literal Jobber #1 Contender
Extreme Rules
Rean Schwarzer, Kotomine Kirei, Spazz Maticus Lose Game: WWE 2K23

Referee: Saihara Shuichi

Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L28 -19
9 14 P
For Title: TFR #2 Contender
Extreme Rules
Maximillion Pegasus, Rean Schwarzer, HUNK Lose 「2K23 GM MODE」
Note: ★★★
Ezekiel Lose 「2K23 GM MODE」
Note: ★★★★
Win 「2K23 GM MODE」
Note: ★★★★
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L29 -20
9 14 P
For Title: TFR #1 Contender
Raiden, Richter, Leon S. Kennedy, Rean Schwarzer

Ooishi Kuraudo, Stork, Steve, Phi

W9 L30 -21
9 14 P
「Contendership Clash Tournament」
→Round 1
Note: Was eliminated first from his team and removed from the tournament.
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L31 -22
9 14 P
Game: WWE 2K23

For Title: TFR #1 Contender

No-DQ Dutch van der Linde Lose
W9 L32 -23
9 15 P
W7 L8 -1
8 10 P
「Berserker Brawl」
→Pool FNote: Rean was holding back...
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L33 -24
9 15 P
『Christmas Miracle Special』
For Title: World Title #1 Contender
The Prince Win
W10 L33 -23
10 15 P
W8 L8 0
9 10 P
Iconic Match
Quickly Recovered Stars ft. Dunn
Note: Haha...
Royal Rumble
Full List
W10 L34 -24
10 15 P
For Title: world title #2 Contender
Apollo Justice Win
W11 L34 -23
10 15 P
W9 L8 1
9 10 P
Note: Count-out
Triple-Threat Ryan Rave, Rean Schwarzer, George Jackman Lose
W11 L35 -24
10 16 P
Note: Rean was holding back...
Sam Stone, Rean Schwarzer, Potemkin Lose
W11 L36 -25
10 16 P
The Samurai of Justice, Narushima Koga & Agent 47, Reize Seatlan & Rean Schwarzer Lose
W11 L37 -26
10 16 P
Note: Samurai Flamenco gets 2 Pts

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Haha
  • Sean Chiplock actually voice acted a TFR cutscene along with the Reandown pasta. That's our Rean!

Gallery[edit | edit source]