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"To think... This world could be so cruel, huh?"

A randomly generated inmate from MDickie's Hard Time. Or is he?

Liquid Furio[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

A mysterious wrestler with a concealed identity who holds some relation to Phoenix Wright.

Episode 3

After Phoenix Wright's release, Vitalik signs up God's Son to be a true warrior of the brand, but his debut is less than spectacular.

Episode 4

Lamenting over his debut, the outcome was not unexpected, as that's the way it has been since the day he was born. Working harder through cold and starved nights to even have a shot, despite all the training he did, but the world nevertheless didn't stop it's cruelty. And now, he's betraying the only people who ever believed in him, who could even be called brothers to him, he had to abandon them, all for the sake of following a long lost ideal of him. But he always knew, there was no going back, no fixing his life, not fixing his world. His world needed to be reborn only from ashes. So... was everything always meant to go wrong?

Episode 5

In exchange for helping Vitalik's friends by taking a loan, Drake Bell got another chance to be booked, and was granted a match to prove himself... against God's Son.

Episode 8

Making his way to Dan's Van, he appears behind Albert Wesker.

Slightly further down the dungeon's center path, when the badly injured Enrico Marini in the entrance screams "DOUBLE CROSSER", a distant bullet headed from his direction kills him.

He reports to an unknown caller:

Yeah, I've got all the evidence.

They'll be wrapped around my finger in no time.

I've worked hard for this. I've even betrayed people. But It'll all be worth it soon enough.

Recognizing the voice while sneaking close by, Chris Redfield figured why the last member of their squad had disappeared, as God's Son was concealing his true identity: Phoenix Wrong. Chris rushes at him, but he escapes through a passage in the cave-like area and a stone door closes behind him.

Episode 10

Wrong set Chuck's Suck & Fuck on fire to begin his rebirth like a phoenix, when Chris breaks in and finds him; Chris tells him to stop his delusions and asks why he betrayed them, but Wrong's response of " know why" pisses Chris enough to lunge at him uncaring of the fiery death surrounding them.

After defeating him, Chris tells him to go with him or have both of them burn to death, but Wrong won't accept failing his rebirth and nervously searches a way to escape. Before he gives in and talks about Enrico's death, Piers breaks into the building and fires shots at Wrong to take revenge, missing all and being stopped by Chris, which gives Wrong an opening to escape.

Episode 11

After Wright and Saihara convince Amami to ally with them, he gathers all his evidence on the TFR rigging scandal and is ready to hand it to Wright but–BONK–a steel-put ball lands on his head. Phoenix Wrong appears to take the evidence, and tells his brother it was finally his time to spread his wings and fight for himself. Wright tries to reminds him of their time at the orphanage, but it falls on deaf ears, and Wrong runs away.

Episode 12

Wright a call from just who he wanted, Wrong, telling him to come to the Coolsville Volcano if he wants Amami's evidence. Wright tells them his friends that he has to put an end to something... by himself.

Episode 13[edit | edit source]

As he climbs up, Wright behinds to remember his time at the orphanage with his brother. Wrong was really interested in wrestling, but Wright just wanted to continue life as a lawyer. But as life be, he only became interested in wrestling once they had already long parted, perhaps as a desperate way to keep that memory of the time with his brother alive, he came to love wrestling because of him in the first place. And once he entered the big leagues, Wrong refused to call him ever again.

Done speaking with the past, Wright reaches the summit, where his brother awaits him. Wrong, on the other hand, recounts how Wright hit the Phoenix Splash flawlessly despite Wrong training for years just to show it to him, and only the inverted variation worked for him. Wrong blames it on his dominant genes despite Wright claiming he really was stronger back then, but Wrong's always known him as a liar and that's why on that fateful day, he knocked Wright out so he would get fired. By getting him fired and turning him into a hobo, he was correcting the mistakes of the past, and by assisting Vitalik, he would correct the future and punish those who hired Wright.

Wright says he has gone too far, but Wrong lashes at him for thinking he has any right to keep looking down on him, to judge his actions ever since the daythey got their tattoos; while Wright got the legendary phoenix, Wrong got an embarrassment of an egg, "God's Son". But in this volcano, the egg will hatch, and he'll take the phoenix from him. By injecting himself with a mysterious syringe, he's reborn as "God's Fury".

The brothers fight long and arduously, when the volcano begins to shake, but Wrong refuses to leave until one of them dies in the earth's molten heart. Just then, an earthquake causes God's Fury to fall, but Wright grabs his hand. Wright tries to hold but his brother scoffs that if an egg's not meant to be able to take on a fully hatched phoenix, then so be it. But he was mistaken, it was not "God's Son", but "God's Sun", not the one waiting to hatch but the one that has already begun giving light and hope to this world, that's who supposed to be to them. That's who he was for Wright, and who he really was. He was Wrong the whole time.

Wrong laughs and calls him a fool as Wright tries to pull him up for both to return home, telling him the evidence is in a shack at the base of the mountain. Before he can be pulled up, Wrong refers to his brother as Nick for the first time since they parted, and apologizes as he shakes his hand free, vanishing into the lava.


TFR/Off-Season 7[edit | edit source]

After falling in the volcano, he managed to survive and was covertly arrested. He was taken to Southtown Correctional Facility and noted for bearing a resemblance to Furio Tigre, and became somewhat rivals. Not on friendly terms with Warden Osborne.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

After serving his time (and possibly being transferred to a facility in some island), the one who formerly bore the title of the Sun of God moved to a new beginning in Sindria, where he opened the Revolve Bar and started a new life as its Bartender.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

Yakou Furio and two companions arrive to the Revolve Bar, where Yakou greets The Bartender since he hasn't "been in a while", although he remembers seeing him just a few days ago... either way he welcomes him and his company, who Yakou promptly introduces as Kasuga Ichiban & Kamikura Waka. Despite not bringing any money for drinks, Yakou came to ask the usual, and The Bartender can't complain since his two new customers make up for it. The detective explains they came looking for Waka's friend who mysteriously vanished, said to be last seen wandering into a restricted area in Sindria. The Bartender's expression suddenly grows somber, and after a moment, replies that he can't help with that since he's "just a humble bartender"; Waka becomes emotional and begs, but Yakou stops her and asks to leave it to him, as he wonders why The Bartender would react like that and if it's his mistake, but The Bartender says above all else Yakou had his trust since he first stopped by. Instead, things are currently too dangerous for what he's asking, and he can't even trust his new friends yet; he's gotten burned in the past already and would rather not repeat it.

Even thought he's a wanted criminal, Ichiban doesn't think there's any danger lurking near able to recognize him now that he's got his new haircut—and is quickly interrupted when Mike Pun Master breaks into the bar asking for the runaway Kasuga Ichiban who is in a pickle now, because he's not only dead but the boss wants a front-row seat... he's about to be "axed" from the game. On the other end of a phonecall is Escharum, who adds another crime to his sentence for his awful haircut, and announces once his men are done, he'll wish he had given up sooner, because as the new ruler of Sindria he—BANG!—a bullet passes cleanly through the phone screen, as Mike feels he's having a "dis-connect" with this situation since the phone was "charge-ing" a lot of money from his down payments still—...after the gun points at him, he gets the message since he doesn't want to be "hung up" on this conversation, but swears they'll be "ringing" Kasuga Ichiban up again soon. The Bartender holsters his gun again while saying that activity that could break bottles goes outside, as Yakou and Waka praise him. Ichiban even wonders if he's a "New Game+ secret boss", but he claims a business owner ought to learn to defend his stuff... with that out of the way and the recent exchange, he asks them to take a seat and get to know each other better since he's interested now.

Ichiban is pumped to strengthen his "drink links" and Waka as well, but Ichiban calls her out for being too young to drink—how he knows? she knew how to use a phone! With no underage drinking under his watch, Yakou gets her a glass of water (although she wanted a soda). By the way, Ichiban mentions the guy he fought saving the cat, Freddy...Fazbear? he swears during the match he felt something holding up to him which didn't allow him to get in... Yakou says he won't think less of him and doesn't need to make excuses, but Ichiban swears there was something odd in there! After hearing that someone beat Kasuga up, Waka asks him to call if he ever needs help with bullies, which reminds Ichiban to register her and Harry as poundmates (hopefully for a low fee). The Bartender is surprised Yakou got so many friends now and asks him to bring Harry too next time for good measure, but Ichiban mentions Harry "isn't well" so he's at Yakou's place (and it's probably better if he doesn't drink for a while), he's been through a lot and Ichiban has no idea how to contact his family anyways. For not being able to help with Ms. Kamikura's case, The Bartender offers to help in this one, but Yakou interrupts to remind Ichiban on his original request. Now that he's refreshed on it, Ichiban decides to instead ask first about King Sinbad; he probably knows already he's missing, but as both his boss and personal friend (Waka being surprised since she saw him on TV often and her parents are big fans), Ichiban wants to find him. Indeed, The Bartender affirms STC announced he was taking an extended medical leave and it would be operating on interim leadership, but now he finally gets the gist of it, the face on that phone from earlier too, concluding that Ichiban is hunted by the Peacekeepers, the one on the phone being new director after the old one retired under unknown circumstances. Continuing, The Bartender explains Escharum wasn't anything special as a subordinate of the King, but something must have emboldened him to rebel. He's himself not local, but as a bar owner he heard from them (and read the king's books): the King is well respected, but it's an open secret that his practices aren't as clean as he's held up to be; there's no way someone would've been able to reform this godforsaken place in just a few years otherwise. He's specially known for his miraculous business acumen, like he knows just what the market wants, and thanks to that, STC has grown in abumdance. He would take over any rival company that had products he was interested in, and would attempt to monopolize whatever he could, so he earned many enemies. Ichiban thinks he's gained enough from this to get the gist of it, but The Bartender signals there's more questionable things to go over. The Peacekeepers themselves were initially a security company whose role was to protect the interests of the STC, but they grew in numbers and became what you could call a blatant paramilitary group. Ichiban did hear from Warden Osborne they were like cops and Harry was one of them, but The Bartender remarks the Peacekeepers are still very much a private entity unlike cops.

Yakou suddenly halts Ichiban since he said Harry is a Peacekeeper, prompting Ichiban to recall his full name as Harrier Du Bois, which leaves Yakou completely paralyzed and The Bartender in cold nerve. Ichiban tells them to calm down since he can't be that weird (except for the vomit), but Yakou lashes out that he should know better since he's one of Sinbad's subordinates. The Bartender obliges that Du Bois has quite the infamous reputation around; while most of what the STC did was recognized as "ends justify the means" deal, Harrier was never the most pleasant guy to be around, even before his drinking problems. In order to clean this place up, King Sinbad had to make use of some pretty drastic measures, and "Harry" was one of his most feared. Yakou diverts into his business not being exactly "official"; he operates in the slums and takes an odd request or two once in a while, which is how businesses used to be back in the day, informal and pretty much outside of the law. Harry was the one responsible for near-singlehandedly cracking all of those small commerces open and brutally making an example out of them. That does sound terrifyingly hardcore to Ichiban since all he knows him for is sleeping and mumbling (and vomiting, adds Waka), but he still hopes hey can reason with him once he's capable of it (he'll even rank up his CHA for it), which Yakou begrudgingly agrees since he's technically not with the Peacekeepers anymore. Besides, Osborne trusted him a lot, so Ichiban has to as well. The Bartender chuckles after hearing of Osborne, remarking it sounds like he trusts him a lot, but still warns them to tread carefully, and to not wander into a restricted area under any circumstance, which Yakou, fearfully, definitely promises to abide with.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Game: MDickie Wrestling Mpire Remix
Kyle Hyde Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
As: God's Son
Falls Count Anywhere
God's Son, Enrico Marini, Gregory Edgeworth, Bevi, Brendan Fraser, Doctor Piccolo, Simon Blackquill, Heisenberg Win
W1 L1 0
3 1 P
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W1 L2 -1
3 1 P
As: God's Son

For Title: TFR #1 Contender

Drake Bell Lose
W1 L3 -2
3 2 P
W0 L2 -2
0 2 P
As: God's Son
Chris Redfield Lose
W1 L4 -3
3 3 P
W0 L3 -3
0 3 P
Stage: Burning Chuck's
Ironman 30'
Extreme Rules
Phoenix Wright (4-2) Lose
W1 L5 -4
5 7 P
W0 L4 -4
2 7 P
Stage: Coolsville Volcano
NON-CANON Zagreus Lose As: God's Baby

Note: Lolong shrunk!?

Royal Rumble
Kiryu Kazuma(S0), Central(OS1), Ushiromiya Battler(S3), Phoenix Wright(S7), Agent 47(S5), Chris Redfield(S1), Suou Tatsuya(S6), Dante(S2), Extra(S4), God's Son(OS7) Lose TFR's 5th Anniversary
Game: WWE 2K19