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Germany is a nation of TFR's world.

Description[edit | edit source]

Germany, decided to go back to its' old days and became the Fourth Reich of Germany. Right now they are having one hell of a good time developing all kinds of crazy stuff.

They are arguably the most autistic people on Europe, followed closely by the the English, and the French. If Europe ever shits itself, it's always the autism or the combination of autism of these people to instigate it. This in return however leads them to create the finest, although mostly inefficient, weapons on the military market. These include things like zombies, time-travelling, Protestantism, and other shit.

Also for some reason they have an obsession with controlling Europe, probably due to their autistic beliefs that somewhere out there lies artifacts like the Holy Spear, The Agathan device or the recipe to make the best beer in the whole world.