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"Evolution... Is a mystery."
Evolution is a mysterious organization.

Description[edit | edit source]

Evolution was originally founded by four members; Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton, it's original form made it different than other groups at the time; their goal, to be rebels. However, when Evolution started to change, they left.

Now, they are a shadowy organization that seeks to destroy the Kasai Tatsuyoshi and Sonozaki Family as a whole (and by extension, Kasai's friend Kiryu Kazuma), seeking some form of "change".

Evolution is composed from it's leader and four family heads, numbering a total of over 30k men in rough force.

Ryback Family[edit | edit source]

Evolution's first member is Ryback's family, owner of Feed Me More Nutrition.

When Kiryu returns to Coolsville, they target his friend Vergil's "Eden of Coolsville" Club in search for him. Kiryu arrives just in time and dispatches several of Ryback's brutes before fighting him.

After his defeat, an apologetic Ryback asks to let him and his forces join Kiryu's ranks. Afterwards, Kiryu tells him to fix the mess he made in the club and keep it that way.

Masters Family[edit | edit source]

Family of The Masterpiece himself.

When Kiryu seeks information from The Cagist, Masters moves in to stop him at NXT, but as a masterpiece of a being, he brings no reinforcements from his family.

After an arduous fight, Kiryu defeats him. Masters learns what a true masterpiece really is during the fight, and after Kiryu accepts him as a disciple, reveals something to Kiryu: The Cagist was a founding member of Evolution.

O'Shaunessy Family[edit | edit source]

The third member is the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, patriarch of the O'Shaunessy Family.

Despite the Jindrak family being stronger than the O'Shaunessy, Sheamus insists on doing an unexpected attack on Kiryu when he's weak after coming out of NXT.

Despite being stronger and far smarter than Kiryu's previous Evolution opponents, Kiryu simply adapted his tactics to defeat Sheamus, and after Kiryu rejects his offer to be guided to Jindrak, he makes his way to a pub. Later returns with the other to patriarchs to inform Kiryu of his final destination against Evolution: Coolsville Hills.

Jindrak Family[edit | edit source]

Led by Mark Jindrak, the secret fourth founding member of Evolution. The Jindrak Family is rumored to be one of if not the most powerful in Evolution, with numbers far exceeding those of the O'Shaunessy Family.

Jindrak awaits the moment Kiryu finds him while he hides restlessly preparing for their encounter.

Chairman[edit | edit source]

The second chairmain turns out to be none other than Rob Van Dam, a man ready reach the moment to fulfill Evolution's plans. The truth about Evolution, however, was that hey never intended to intentionally target the Sonozaki before Kiryu showed up and challenged them; Kiryu had been misled by Stevie Richards to make him stop Evolution by abusing the hidden and unknown nature of their goals, because they were a group opposing Hazz Maticus's presidency.

In the end, Kiryu and his allies manage to stop Hazz's plan in Evolution's stead. However, Jindrak, who had been hiding the entire time, is distraught over having everything they built destroyed and stabs Kiryu as revenge for making him return to the indies.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
The Soul Brothers Lose Members: Triple H, Ric Flair & Randy Orton

The Sparda Lineage

Lose Members: Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton

Game: WWE 2k22