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"AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CLAE-SAMA DON'T KILL MY PC I KNEEL" ― Nero and literally every other goddamn streamer

A character from Fate/strange fake.

The Cursed One himself. By reading this page you're already getting ill, your internet gets NETTED, your game will crash, your PC will clean its hard drive by itself, and your kitchen just burned down.

Some say he's the ancestor of Big Show and NET. Bestowing his powers to his descendants in a mission to fuck everyone in the planet that are autistic enough to watch a gay 18 year old japanese twink that doesn't believe in magic beat up some autistic bald assasin.

Gods' Clae[edit | edit source]

The heavenly clay created by the gods that would become Gilgamesh's eternal and only friend.

He gae.

In The Slow Rumble[edit | edit source]

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Fucks up his debut by appearing in a promo before his actual debut, TSR OP be seething because of it
  • Increase in homosexual activity when appearing, especially around Gil
  • TSR OP got his game's save file hard-wiped for no reason
  • Gave G1/SSS OP the chink flu
  • Puts TSR and G1/SSS on regular hiatuses
  • TWR's "Security Guard Lore Derailment" incident
  • TCR OP got thesisfucked for 8 weeks, putting TCR S3 on hiatus
  • The YIIK incident
  • Upon facing another rival shows in RPL, inevitably fucks over that show for the next week (Delays, Internet fuckups, Game crashes)
  • Cursing the opposing team in RPL by making them play like retards the moment he appears
  • Kentaro Miura died on the 6th of May during which Enkidu main evented in a match in TSR and lost. It is believed that Enkidu murdered Miura in retaliation for his loss.
  • Preemptively made Yuji Naka leave Square Enix and retire before losing in a match against SSS
  • His womeme form teared a quad in footy. The next day, she crashed SSS's stream right before she entered the ring
  • The great schizo 0.00001 FPS slow rumble incident of '21

Match History[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]