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Puppet of Chinese[edit | edit source]

On 2005, along his brother Geremy, Donald Mustard founded ChAIR (Chair Entertainment Group, LLC) as creative director,and bought the rights to some book series called Empire. Then, developed the game Undertow. It apparently bought the rights to make a game about another navel of the same author, Ender's Game and was deving it until the company was bought by Epic Games in 2008. After the release of their second game, Shadow Complex, Donald was kidnapped by the chinese and taken to a chinese reformatory center where he was brainwashed into following the chinese unwaveringly.

He then developed some phoneshit game called Infinity Blade, and confirmed that it had cancelled Ender's Game in favor of becoming slaves and making games for Epic- I mean focusing on their own "Intellectual Properties".

On 2016, he assumed Worldwide Creative Director for Epic Games, becoming their shadow puppet.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Now, Epic wasn't happy with his result, and sent him into a dangerous mission: Battle in TFR and overtake it in the name of China if he wanted to see his brother alive.

Episode 8

However, he failed by DQing himself like an idiot.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Along with 60 others, he went to a special conference about wrestling under orders of his chinese superiors, and was trapped in the Death Game in Universe 2K20 by La Parka.

Episode 1

He was selected for the non-candidate Death Rumble where the first 10 eliminated die and the winner and highest killer wins Immunity. He was sentenced to death as the fourth elimination.

Episode 2

Gets a chance to escale the Wild Ride, but jobs and dies.

Donald Mustard has expired.

This character died in the Death Game

Season 6[edit | edit source]

His soul is in the Reservoir of Souls.

Episode 7

One of the souls absorbed by Komaeda Nagito after drinking the forbidden sip.

Episode 8

Used by Komaeda to create The Bloon.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
The Demon of Debt Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 0 P
DQ: Donald accidentally pulled Brendan in the ring moments before he was counted-out.
Royal Rumble
  1. Donald Mustard
  2. The Demon of Debt
  3. Jeff Mangum
  4. Pete
  5. Akagi Shigeru
  6. Mr. X
  7. Joshua Graham
  8. Kazuhira Miller
  9. The Prince
  10. Dante
  1. Kaname Date
  2. Jeff Mangum
  3. James Sunderland
  4. The Prince
  5. Postal Dude
  6. Joshua Graham
  7. Sam Hyde
  8. The Demon of Debt
  9. Soldier G65434-2
  10. Dante
  11. V
  12. Bane
  13. Ricardo Milos
  14. Travis Touchdown
  15. Doomguy
  16. Kazuhira Miller
  17. Strelok
  18. Duke Nukem
  19. Terry Davis
  20. Manny Pardo
W0 L2 -2
0 0 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Note: First Royal Rumble CRASHED.

Death Rumble
  1. Kevin Nash
  2. Strelok
  3. Terry Davis
  4. Pete
  5. Ricardo Milos
  6. Donald Mustard
  7. Samoa Joe
  8. Max Payne
  9. Jeff Mangum
  10. Brendan Fraser
  11. V
  12. Garcian Smith
  13. Gippo Dudee
  14. Calypso
  15. Duke Nukem
  16. Mastema
  17. Akagi Shigeru
  18. Louis
  19. Tommy Wiseau
  20. Patrick Bateman
W0 L3 -3
0 0 P
Death Rumble
Elimination №: 4
Wild Ride Rumble
  1. Donald Mustard
  2. Sam Hyde
  3. Garcian Smith
  4. Old Man Henderson
  5. Pete
  6. Postal Dude
  7. Terry Davis
  8. Dr. Salvador
  9. Ricardo Milos
  10. Strelok
  11. Brad Pitt
  12. MC Ride
  13. Gippo Dudee
  14. ZUN
  15. HUNK
  16. Human Holocaust
  1. Max Stirner
  2. Dr. Salvador
  3. Max Payne
  4. MC Ride
  5. ZUN
  6. Human Holocaust
  7. HUNK
  8. Brendan Fraser
  9. Gippo Dudee
  10. SANS
W0 L4 -4
0 0 P
Wild Ride Rumble
Elimination №: 1

Note: First Royal Rumble CRASHED.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Apparently, the song "Monster" by Imagine Dragons was made for one of their Infinity Blade games.

Gallery[edit | edit source]