Dimensional Merge

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Description[edit | edit source]

Chris-chan always was a dreamy tard that daydreamed about a perfect world where he was God and nothing bad ever happened to him. However, as the real world kept getting darker and darker(By his own doing), he just couldn't accept reality anymore and in a desperate attempt to cope, his mind created The Dimensional Merge. The merge between his dream world and his cruel reality, Chris even said that 50% of people on the planet would die (Not him, his ego is too big for that) and the remainder would merge with their dream selves, and characters from those world would come to ours. Chris kept calling out the merge, calling himself "The Messenger" between the world, but to no avail, it was still all in his mind.

History[edit | edit source]

Although he was right other universes existed with such characters, CwCville was still just a figment of his imagination.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

That is, until a scary German guy and an angry guy with spiky red hair came in and beat him without rhyme or reason. Chris just couldn't take it anymore, he hated this world, he wanted it to die, he decided the merge wouldn't just be CWCville, but all of the universes together as well as time itself would become one, because all things were made to be together, and this would obliterate this world and all that would be left would be his reign. That is when the Japanese guy asked him if he had some kind of Locusting Stone, and Chris afterwards found what it really meant from a strange notebook he found one day. It was perfect, all he ever wanted had just appeared at arms' reach, Chris himself went to get the Stone to Shaga-laga-whatever that icky place was in the jungle, now he just had to figure how to use it.

However, all of this took years, and it was then that something else happened: when Todd Howard´s power granted by the Sin Fruit were released upon his defeat, the excessive power overloaded the Universe, causing reality to become unstable, and that's when Chris tried using the stone for the first time, causing time to collapse in on itself and creating the beginning of the Dimensional Merge.

This created a "wound" in time, sending TFR's cast unaffected, from their point of view, shifting along several points in time of their lives, but things also changed, people who shouldn't be there were somehow there, sometimes they appearance stayed the same, and new events were happening as well.

Chris was seemingly less affected, and as such only when time reached the present again would he be at full power, but before he could reach it and finish his plans, if it was even possible, those same dudes that beat him appeared again, he had to hurry so he tried to bring the merge now instead of waiting for 2018, he tried to concentrate all the energy into the most prominent feature of his perfect world: Sonichu. However, it didn't quite result like he imagined, something weird happened to him, and he was angry, he was mad, he wanted THOSE GUYS TAKEN OUT OF THIS WORLD NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

After his vanquishing, so did the dream of The Merge, and also his dream world of CWCville.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

The wound in time created by the merge affected Suou Tatsuya's Fax'd self sent through time, scrambling his memories and purpose.