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Bringer of Animatronic Darkness. A main antagonist of Rokkenjimania V.

The King of Animatronics[edit | edit source]

TFR/Off-Season 9: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

Darkiplier reveals himself at last, and it's time to discuss their plan. Starting off is eliminating those who stand in our way: first up is that traitorous General Manager of DCOM, Melvin. Joker is amused at the situation, but has no qualms about it.

The reason everyone present was even alive in the first place is thanks to "That man", The One Who Came From The Future, who defeated Kirei in the future and revealed information that allowed him to be killed in the present. He then left to hunt down Adachi. That man... is no match for Darkiplier in his current form. Next task after Melvin, eliminating that general manager... but they sent their "best soldier" instead. "His name is Joe, huh? Why did they even send him again? Was he even qualified enough? This man looked weak as hell! Well, then... There won't be any problem with taking him out. No need to waste anymore energy thinking about it. A simple execution should do the trick. His life ends here, and we can move onto someone more worthy of death..."

Joe... is he still there? All the pieces are gathered... The containers full of former TFR members... the "sorcery" that got rid of the investigators... Joseph... this is where the path diverged, there's no going back for you.―The sound of rain filled the air. But most importantly, in front of me was... The majestic view of the sunrise over the vast ocean. And behind me... There was nothing. There was only emptiness.

That meddlesome Melvin... escaping again when Darkiplier's body began betraying him again. And his own servants... weak enough to be taken down by that disgrace of a human? They should've learned Darkiplier way, from now on their path in life is to be torn apart by his blade; and now it's up to himself, the Master of Animatronics, to clean up their messes... it's unfair, very unfair. But Vatman steps up to the task of taking the one who got away, and despite Darkiplier having different plans for him, if he plans to take his life himself... he can go ahead.

Darkiplier stands before a man chained to the floor―Triple H―and urges him to listen; surely he's already aware of who he is and what he can do, and the way the man feels in his his current state―it sucks―he should be grateful. See, most of the time when someone is freed from those chains, they die by one of his servants' hands a second after. But today, he is of different mind... having heard of Triple H's influence in Coolsville, he wants him to do a few things. First, his camera network will be all set on and belong to Darkiplier, then, he'll go to the factory where they make those robots everyone hates―he'll help make more of them, and with that he'll sow chaos in the city. People will be too busy by avoiding being murdered by the machines to even think straight. Once he's done, he'll record all he did, and that video will contribute to Darkiplier's "masterpiece". If he complies, and he knows he will, he won't feel something that makes his current torture seem like nothing. No promises about his wife though...

Darkiplier thinks back on the day everything began-everything TRULY began. A small incident he had decided to investigate after the fact. It was July 27th, 1986. Everyone was looking forward to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games, which would be held in Rokkenjima. Ukyo Tatsuya was one such talented athlete, a promising student from Keiichi's class. That day, he went swimming alone in the ocean, far away from everyone else, and in the depths, he noticed something strange within a cave: covered in kelp and other aquatic plants, lay a gigantic skeleton. He turned around, and saw... a figure that emerged from the seaweed, dripping wet. This figure approahced the skeleton, and knelt down next to it. Suddenly, it began laughing loudly, and then, with a single twist it removed a bone protruding from the skeletion's ribcage. After doing so, the creature stood back up. The sun shining above them created a halo effect around the figure's head. The light reflecting off its body made ti look like it was glowing. And then... Suddenly, the figure dropped the bone it was holding. It spread its arms wide, and spoke. "I-Impressive... Are you really unde-"

Amakusa welcomes lord Darkiplier into his humble ring, who is honored to be here after all he has heard. It has been some time since Amakusa met "his highness", but Darkiplier is astounded at his strength in showing up despite his devotion for WrestleDream, a proof of how dedicated Amakusa is to making sure those who step on this stage only leave with victory in their hands. The injustice he has faced can't be understated, so he would appreciate if he was allowed to help one more time... AEW's dark partnership thus begins.

It feels good to return to home away from home, his beautiful torture chamber dungeon, although not as big or flashy as Vatman's, it still gets the job done. Melvin sure has a loose tongue doesn't he, after such little extent of the pain he can inflict, the whereabouts of Lightiplier and his partner Black Kirei Ace are revealed! They must be plotting something again, and if history teaches anything, that "something huge" will fail spectacularly. Yet idiotic sheeple think "Dark is the one not to be trusted", when the truth is out there... but they shall soon know the truth, and afterwards, his plan will be stopped even if he's using his "new and improved version 2.0 beta tester release 13.98 alpha+ experimental build" headset...

Does Lightiplier know, he wonders... does he know Darkiplier is in contact with someone who can end everything when his tournament ends? A man skilled enough to bring down his "army of spergs"? Someone who has already taken souls, someone who won't hesitate to take more. He must be thinking he's untouchable right now, because nobody knows, not even Darkiplier's closest allies. After all, they just keep failing him... such a shame, they were good men... and now they're all dead sissy bitches. Are Lightiplier's followers like that too? Is his army of spergs that pathetic compared to his own, an entire robot army gathered in under a week? His "plan" does suck... or is he maybe doing something wrong, or is there something he isn't doing, or does he... simply suck? But either way, he'll be taken care of, by Darkiplier... and his newfound partner: Uminogami.

Enshrouded in darkness, it's all over for Battler. He calls a person in the distance to help... but it turns out to be none other than Uminogami. "The Unstoppable Force" Darkiplier commands Uminogami to finish off "The Powerless Pussy" Battler. Why did he even come to face him alone if all he was gonna do was run away? He won't be able to resist his power and die a horrible death. Kirei's spirit calls out to Battler in his church, but all it does is drive Battler one stop closer to being dead by Uminogami. Darkiplier even offers to fight Battler alone so he would not need to destroy his body. Kirei distracts Uminogami, and Darkiplier ends Battler's life, but his soul is taken by "the mastermind", as Kirei's spirit explains.

The hour is approaching... the hour where our minds are weakest. The pefect time to put into plan the most diabolical plan yet. What will be of those poor souls? Will they be driven insane? Or perhaps... will their hearts be filled with suspicion? No matter how much the first hostage begs for their family or their usefulness, sadly for them no mercy is happening. The potion was concocted for this very moment... and it's time to drink. It's 3AM. Screaming fills the room. Confusion at first, why is everything moving, hallucination bargaining, and at last... have I somehow changed? Indeed, they all have. A new chapter is starting, thanks to that Amogus Potion. It'll never be the same; goodbye, boring reality... hello, SUSPICION!

Darkiplier beckons his minion, to lie in wait for his next order against his target. Meanwhile... he has an open target to kill anyone he desires.

The time he almost destroyed right and Wrong... an amazing show. But as much as he loves entertaining, this time Darkiplier will go all the way. He'll take it all: all of the Trifecta Titles, all of the Chaos Emeralds, all of the MacGuffins. Everything. Without all his trophies, he wouldn't be able to go about with his schemes every day; his Electrical Engineering degree? useless, no good at all, a failure. But as a spergout streamer? Millions of views, but zero dollars, if only he could monetize his fans' suffering... at least he can still use his spells... But enough about that; today is not about two wrestlers being put in their place, but two jobbers having everything taken from them. Even though he observed their previous matches to determine if they were worthy, these jobbers will enter a cage with the Unfathomable Power. Only when they realize the unfairness of it all, and how they were simply used, will they understand... that there is no hope for either of them.

Finally arriving at Darkiplier's throne room, Triple H gets off his tank, to walk into the place where the journey ends. Amused, Darkiplier shows himself and comments that he was expecting a bigger spectacle, but he may just not be cut for Darkiplier's brand of "business". Sure of the gang back at NXT, Triple H affirms they'll make sure it's over, but his little "gang" doesn't amuse Darkiplier at all and might as well be backstage fodder, after all those poor souls are worth nothing compared to Darkiplier's "masterpiece" that they so fervently tried to stop... in fact, neither could the tired old generator in front of him, mindlessly trying to protect his little friends, how boring. Darkiplier's power is limitless, and no one can stop him, and as long as he needs to complete "The Masterpiece", no one shall stand in his way... although he does have to admit he didn't think he had the balls to betray him, and that's why once this is over, there won't be an escape for this old man, no safe home to escape his gaze, no place left to run to... he'll never walk free among men ever again! But Triple H already knows what it's like to live like that, and that is why... he'll escape not only his claws, but the cage of fate!

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Ric Flair
Darkiplier & My Movie (Hellguards)
Win Rokkenjimania IV』– Blood Arc
Rando, Donte, Stork, Angry Video Game Nerd

Darkiplier, My Movie (Hellguards), Purple Guy

Win Rokkenjimania IV』– Darkness Incarnate Arc
Pure Markiplier (0-2) Win Rokkenjimania IV』– Light in the Dark Arc
As: Dark Markiplier
La FamiliaDominic Toretto, Narushima Koga, Golden Freddy
Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Light in the Dark Arc
NON-CANON Jack Garland Lose Stage: North Pole
Triple H, Boogie Woogie Wu, Ricky Cumshotta

Darkiplier, Dark Blue, Dark Red Light Color

Lose Rokkenjimania V』– Hopes and Dreams Arc
Stage: Dark's Castle