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Cosmic Egg (宇宙卵(Uchū tamago)) is artifact/location in various Shin Megami Tensei games.

Description[edit | edit source]

A massive structure of seemingly both biological and inorganic material. It lied hidden within the Coolsville Arena until the final stage in its growth, when it grew massively in size, at which point it became accessible through a certain hidden area. Originally, it used to be known as the Focusing Stone in the past before taking its current and final form.

Within it, lies a labyrinthine dungeon-like interior that tries to imitate other areas of the Coolsville Arena and parts of the outside world in pulsating crimson-red walls, littered every so often with tendon wrestling rings.

When the conditions are set and enough dimes, one of very few energy sources that can power it up, are gathered for it to be capable of activating it's final working, it will awaken, and when the time draws near it will become impossible by most means to stop it. Its purpose is leaving this world behind through the birthing of a new universe, the origin point which is located at the very pulsating heart of the structure. As one approaches the center, reality progressively debilitates more.

Sub-locations[edit | edit source]

  • Heart of the Cosmic Egg

History[edit | edit source]

At some point, Sminem Corporation discovered DIMES and The Three Kings plan to use it to fulfill their goals.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

The Focusing Stone came into The Three Kings' possession at some point. A keystone in their plan, they created the mysterious Factories to gather enough dimes to grow it, and then activate it, as their ultimate goal is to create a world they will have absolute control over.

Once it reaches it's final form, the forces of the BANS Army and The Final Resistance rush in in an attempt to usurp or stop whatever the Kings' plan with it are, while agents of the Three Kings guard specific areas within. As battle and bloodshed surges through the structure between humans, angels and demons, the ones who make to the last stand in the egg's heart are Nyarlathotep, who was planning to usurp the universe created by the Three Kings, and Tatsuya's Party, who was led there to stop him. Thanks to the power of the Summoning Key, Nyarlathotep is sealed in both this and the upcoming universe, and a very tiny but influential force is planted in the new world, one that holds the essence of "change" compared to the "stillness" the Kings had so desired.

When the time reaches zero, a blindingly intense white light flashes all over the remains of the still flying Coolsville, with anyone within or near the Cosmic Egg vanishing, to start anew.