Flying Coolsville

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A location in TFR Season 6 and new World rumble.

Description[edit | edit source]

The final state of the Coolsville that existed within the Rumbled World. The place that carries that last of civilization in the form of Coolsville's inhabitants.

A flying city barely managing to keep itself afloat through the consumption of dimes, a function it was not originally designed to carry. The virtual world within it houses the last wrestling federation on earth.

History[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

The Three Kings, who brought about the apocalypse in the form of Project RUMBLE-17, set to rebuild civilization on their favor, using Sminem Corp to aid survivors and deter the forces of the BANS Army. Eventually, the set around to reconstructing Coolsville itself as the city that would serve the Order of the Three Kings, and built a new Coolsville Arena, and built mysterious Factories for people to work in. Secretly, under the Coolsville they rebuilt, the rumor of the "Flying City" came true when they employed alien technology to build a hidden gigantic structure under Coolsville itself, which would allow them to carry out the end of their plan when the Cosmic Egg's impending birth brought along The Great Flood. 12 years from the initial day of The Disaster, The Kings' plan neared completion as the pieces fell into place and the amount of Dimes collected approached their quota. Of the few things that escaped their gaze, was a great evil which planned to usurp that world for itself, and it's defeat by a benevolent entity which allowed the fate within the world created from the Cosmic Egg to change, from one where they held absolute control, to a world with small imperfections that they would need to iterate through again. Nevertheless, at the end of their plan, the Cosmic Egg gave birth, and in a flash of light took with it all that surrounded it, from most key figures involved in the conflict to the arena itself.

NWR/Season 1-2[edit | edit source]

With the world destroyed and all the energy gone, with the last of humanity and other species in a floating space ship which would soon run out of energy, and with most wrestlers that could draw a dime vanishing, civilization seemed to be at it's last moment.

When all seemed lost, a group of people emerged with a desperate last idea to produce Dimes. Through the use of a virtual world, known as the "New World Program", a group of people, some willing and some unwilling, but with their memories modified all the same, would become wrestlers and, unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Coolsville watching them, keep Coolsville itself alive. The virtual world also included AI versions of wrestlers that no longer existed, aiding to the unbelievably of it being real to the outside world. Thus, with no recollection of what was happening or why they wrestled day after day, they became the living chains that held the remains of the world together, the new World rumble.

NWR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

The members of the New World Program began encountering weird anomalies and regaining vague memories. The Founders of the program who held some recollection of the purpose, became divided; some like Ushiromiya Krauss and Rudolf believed their current situation was unsustainable and they should use their last shot at traveling to the Moon, while Doug Walker and those that supported him thought such a thing would mean certain death and they should keep producing dimes in Earth's orbit forever.

In the end, through the sacrifice of Krauss, who awoke to the real world and was stabbed by Doug, he allowed the city to set on their path for the Moon.