Coolsville Hills

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A location in TFR's Season 7 and Season 0.

Description[edit | edit source]

Coolsville Hills is a multi-use complex, boasting the second tallest building in all of Coolsville after the Millennium Tower as it's centerpiece. It is not only an emblem of Coolsville as a city and it's economic power and importance, but also the new location of the White House of the United States.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 0[edit | edit source]

The Coolsville Hills Project was started by President Hazz Maticus as a creation of his own design to develop the region. KaibaCorp was the first to rejected assisting the project due to their own robot development plans, Hazz stopped before trying to work out a deal with Sminem Corporation knowing they would not accept, and discarded Bogdanoff Industries due to their owners being notably hard to deal with. Due to lacking a practical way to fund it, he developed Chuck's Suck & Fuck, and along with Shimano Futoshi founded a network to launder money.

The area it was built in was a notoriously crime-ridden, with a famous rape case being committed in a dark alley there by over 7 bulbasaur-dressed americans. The area was also where an orphanage, which saw high yet shortlived opposition from the Sonozaki Family before they stepped down.

It was completed before his second term's end and it's opening was bound around June 2021.

Due to Hazz's progressive obsession over the project as construction began, some speculate there's something more to the place. Secret documents hint at something being built under the orphanage's previous location, and apparently a notice was issued to all employees to restrict access and information of any kind about the non-public areas of construction.

Thanks to Hazz's complex plot, several forces gather at the tower, interlinked by all the threads he had sewn to accomplish his goals; Chris Redfield's mission objective had been stored in the tower by Shimano and was protected by Chris' very subordinate Piers Nivans whom Hazz's government had under his claw, while Kiryu Kazuma followed Evolution to the tower where it was making its gathering place, and where Shimano had given Majima Goro the final task of being in place of security. Shortly after discovering the truth about Evolution and the president, Hazz himself appears from the tower and threatens Kiryu, until a helicopter drops off Leon S. Kennedy and Fred Jones who defeat the president and his old body gives in.

Season 7[edit | edit source]

Suou Tatsuya arrives at the entrance of Coolsville Hills with an unknown purpose.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

After being left vacant, 'The Prince of the Tower' takes over.

As security guards make their rounds around Coolsville Hills, a blood-curling scream cuts them off before a creature moving at terrifying speed blows them off into the walls. Even Stork who was disguised among the guards and tried reiterating Coolsville Law Article 19 section 92 and calls his masked face uncool (unless for a good cause like peeping) is unable to do anything to slow him down. All of the guards are completely defenseless to stop this monster as he rushes through them in an animalistic motion, making its way into the tower.

At the very top awaits The Prince, who warns the others to rush into the helicopter while he holds it back... he better baleeb dat. Right on time, the monster of darkness arrives... and The Prince decg-dec-deglares that by the end of this fight he'll be acknowledged.

But the only thing acknowledged was the might of this beast, as The Prince's sole consolation is that he was able to buy time for the others to escape, and it's up to them to warn "him" about it now. Then... a figure of darkness resembling a detective walks in... which to The Prince can only mean they didn't make it... and they really are all doomed, finally collapsing as he's taken into darkness.

One after another people and wrestlers who passed by Coolsville Hills got defeated, kidnapped and blackened.

When the Black Knight who had taken over it enters the body of Kevin Nash to become Super Blacked Nash Super Blacked, his greatly increased power allows him to black all the members of Coolsville Hills' security force, as well as black the building itself, using the ability to set it to self-destruct as hidden ace to escape and spread in case he was defeated.

When the heroes of light make their way through the floors to defeat the Black Knight, Super Blacked Nash sets the building to explode, but by ramming an RPG into his ass, the blacking is undone and only part of the building received damage from the explosions.

It is currently being repaired.