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    Also known as Coolsville's Arena, TFR Arena, TFR HQ.

    The main location of The Final Rumble.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    The massive complex where TFR shows most often takes place.

    One could say it's the very foundation of Coolsville's wrestling scene, always brimming with energy and characters.

    Due to TFR's nature as a gathering place for beings of all alignments, it has a tendency to be attacked or invaded at times. For that reason, it has a team of (generally useless) security guards lead by Security Joe and Sakakura Juzo (who are both equally as useless).

    Sub-locations[edit | edit source]

    History[edit | edit source]

    Construction history or other information of the arena before TFR began are not known.

    TFR/Season 1 & Season 2[edit | edit source]

    During the Sperm Case Wars, the halls were known to be constantly at war, especially when Chris Redfield was rampaging around following Leon S. Kennedy. When the Bogdanoff Invasion Incident occurs, The Bogdanoffs and their BCW agents are discretely set upon TFR's roster, and work to undermine the show. On the other hand, Sminem and his agents seek to help TFR, at least superficially. The arena is the main stage where the conflict happens and is resolved in the final fight against The Bogs.

    In the Demon King Incident, Todd Howard invades the arena and attacks several wrestlers, leeching off their power to attain a higher state of being and then offering his Mind-Link to his followers to boost his power further. The incident is resolved when Dante and Vergil travel to The Throat of the World to defeat him.

    TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

    During the Dimensional Merge, the complex dimensional effects as time collapses onto itself rend the arena as both existing and yet being unreachable, while the cast is being thrown around seemingly random locations and times of wrestling, save for V who finds himself locker in the arena somehow after Vergil is also caught in the superimposed time distortion. Once they return thanks to the Focusing Stone, wrestlers begin being mysteriously attacked by a seldom-seen being that Agent 47 calls Black Battler, an aberration caused by the stone usage that the real Battler eventually defeats and denies.

    TFR/Season 4 & Season 5[edit | edit source]

    Due to an unknowable event dubbed The Final Impact, wrestlers appear in an semi-exact replica parallel dimension called the Universe 2K20. However, this is a mere forgery that Kojima fabricated, as he was the one who created this copy world using Ushiromiya Battler's mind as fuel and brought only people included in his vision while he locked away everyone's memory, and planned to be the one bringing The Final Impact to those deemed not-worthy who were left behind in the original world, before being stopped and having the Script of the Mad Writer taken from him.

    This other world's arena would be modified by La Parka II when he planned his Death Game, bringing 60 wrestlers to his despair show. Meanwhile, the other culprits also lie in hiding in the regular world, where Date Kaname manages to find about the death game by accessing Hideo's computer, and Raiden finds a strange truck with alien machinery pertaining to a complex old man who proceeds to MINDHACK him. When the Death Game was finally made public, a rescue team would access the other world thanks to one of the machines in the truck, but it was too late and the other universe had already reached its death throes.

    TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

    The arena became much more peaceful after that thanks to the disappearance of many of the antagonists and the creation of the Order of the Locker Room. Joecoins also came to existence in the Locker Room during this time. However, evil was gathering in secret and once the first blood was sighted when Agent 48, the Backstage Uprising began when a bomb was set and the arena was thrown into absolute chaos, as even demons began appearing. When the ones secretly known as The Three Kings put their Rumble-17 Project into action, the rumbling of the world begins with their epicenter on the Coolsville Arena, and most people either escape to secure places, or are left behind to suffer the consequences.

    12 years in the future, the original Coolsville Arena laid buried underground, being nothing but ruins and an underground grave for those unfortunate enough to not escape. Hidden to everyone but a few, the only visits it got in this time were in the form of holy men or cultists praying to the souls of the departed or the center of the catastrophe, one notable exception being Edward Richtofen who found how to access the deepmost buried areas and proceeded to open one the trunk of Dan Schneider's limo which contained Samoa Joe's robotic arms.

    As TFR now lied divided in two, while BANS Army designated themselves as TFR Underground and wrestled in some buried junkyard, the Three Kings forces who were the most "legitimate" and had helped repair and protect many cities claimed the original brand and, somewhere else within Coolsville, an arena on the very image of the original had been built by Sminem Corporation. If most people knew this was not the original or not is not known, but while mostly being a facsimile, this arena held a number of differences. It had a vast and labyrinthine underground area, which was employed by some members of the Three Kings such as Chris Redfield to hold Ethan Winters prisoner and milk him, and also chaotic wrestlers once they arrived there, such as The Circus and Kojima. This underground expanse is possibly connected to the alien flying device Xibalba which lied buried beneath all of Coolsville. It is also possible The Basedment was located somewhere there as well. In a hidden area tightly locked and inaccessible to most people at first, there also lied access to the growing Cosmic Egg, an evolved form of the Focusing Stone.

    While the forces of law held most their matches there officially (salve those of the unworthy seeking salvation like the King of the Boards Tournament), once the time was nigh, the forces of chaos, The Final Resistance, Tatsuya's Party, and The Divine Powers also gather there under the strict booking power of the arena's GM. When the promised time comes and the dimes have been gathered, The Great Flood of the world begins, and Coolsville takes off from the ground, as the path to the now fully powered Cosmic Egg opens, and the time to leave this Rumbled World approaching.

    NWR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

    Once the Cosmic Egg accomplishes it's purpose and disappears, Flying Coolsville is not only left with the arena partly in ruins, but with no way to generate enough dimes to keep itself from falling. Hastily, several wrestlers of various quality are put into a virtual world known as the New World Program and made to generate dimes to keep themselves alive.

    With it's final gathering of dimes, Coolsville pushes itself away from the ruined world and reaches for The Moon.

    TFR/Season 0 & Season 7[edit | edit source]

    In the new world, not too long after TFR's beginning, Chris Redfield's squad is deployed to hunt for the Mission Objective Case, infiltrating Van's Dan and learning of the porno ring and contraband that lies within. Reportedly, it also has a serious peeping problem that the security guards often engage in. Later on, the arena would be invaded by Mid Show, who defeated many wrestlers in his path and challenged Phoenix Wright for the position of General Manager, but came around to accept him as his friend.

    The arena is also claimed by many to be haunted, as Leon Kennedy and Saihara Shuichi mysteriously vanished when entering a vent. At the end of the war between TFR and BCW in "The Final Tournament: TFR vs. BCW", Johnny Gat barges in with a group of semi-trained martial artists, disabling security and allowing Date Kaname, Akasaka Mamoru, Ooishi Kuraudo, The Okonogis, Maebara Keiichi and Okabe Rintarou to lay down their accusations on both The Bogdanoffs and Sminem, managing to arrest the former.

    The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

    Since the tournament, thanks to entering the Dark Age of Wrestling, TFR and its arena has been in a decadent and fragile state, barely able to maintain operations. After their Berserker Brawl Tournament, "Evil" is on the move as Saten and Balrog are able to easily overpower security and take control of TFR's production, announcing to the world that both TFR and the "future" have fallen into their hands.

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