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An AI generated wrestler during Rokkenjimania V.

Mysterious Backroomer[edit | edit source]

Off-Season 9: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

Steve arrives to the legendary Rokkenjima island to protect it, as it is where their dearest comrades have settled down after all... and where they will meet again one day (very touching). But before he could even start thinking about how nice it was... IT WAS ATTACKED BY DARKIPLIER! (source: And more importantly... his... METH TANK... GOT DESTROYED IN THERE! But thankfully...heh...someone was watching on the background. Even though most of Steve's friends died thanks to Kirei's scheme in the Underground City and he can't even feel rage due to his possible future capture... guess he was unlucky, heh. The random man who just decided to help him introduces himself as 8401 and refuses to reveal himself to some homo called steve minecraft heh. Just before he's captured, 8401 teleports Steve away.

Clip2 arrives to the place where he teleported that homo steve heh, although he's mad at being unable to save Rokkenjima it saved him from being fucked by Darkiplier, real nasty stuff to see on TV firsthand so he had to call the cops (they did nothing though as expected of Coolsville). Also he unzipped Steve's pants before teleporting him as a prank lol. Anyways he needs help fighting Lightiplier and his buddy, two on one isn't very fair but he's not a pussy heh and must now lie in the bed he made. Clip2 asks if he wants to come he can be very important help but Steve wants to get revenge on Darkiplier, so Clip2 explains their one and the same so it's like punching the Darkiplier but in light. He's also super fast and has a very powerful kick but that's besides the point lets go

Lightiplier acknowledges Clip2 came prepared (even bringing Steve) but his "mask" will not stop him from making this blue-haired devil pay for what he's done by stealing his soul, and once he has it, he shall open the door of the Holy Belt... enough power to stop the Great Destroyer. Black Kirei Ace is surprised he still keeps thinking he can stop the Great Destroyer on his own, but with time he shall fail just as his predecessor did, Lightiplier calling him for the shame to all Backroomers he is, to which Clip2 replies lol imagine being a backroom and and having goals at the same time lmao. But Lightiplier can't wait to enter the Holy Belt with their souls and stopping the madman who came up with all this crazy plan; that's the happy ending version, the one where everything goes perfectly... although in practice, they'll suffer a long and painful death, and suffer in despair upon learning the truth, as will anyone else but him, for he has seen exactly what lies ahead―those are the words of the great Backroomer Lightiplier. lol he cant see he has the same plan as him and wants to stop him to accomplish his own but guess what so does clip2, meanwhile Steve wonders if they couldn't defeat the Great Destroyer together instead of fighting since they don't know what his scheme is, but Lightiplier knows it well, pitting him and Darkiplier against one another, knowing neither could resist the temptation―once one wins, it'll already be game over for everyone when the one behind unleashes his full potential... he's truly a madman, but it is a truly smart move. In fact, Lightiplier himself had been competing for the title of Greatest Backroomer, and that man deserved to win that matchup, he played a much smarter game than anyone else; and yet tonight, he'll prove that this time around he is the greater Backroomer. It finally dawns on Steve that the man Lightiplier is talking about―the Great Destroyer―isn't Darkiplier, which Clip2 clarifies "it's not anyone important, just some old man from start of the episode lol, he just hasnt revealed it yet cuz he waits until last moment to reveal his mater plan". Lightiplier calls out Clip2 for watching from the sidelines as he thought he was a better Backroomer than that, but he's just some edgy shithead who doesn't know what he wants half the time, so now it's time to finish the job Darkiplier couldn't, as Clip2 says his battle cry...lightiplier u r screwed

Black Kirei Ace laughs at the team as they thought they could one day face the Great Destroyer and Lightiplier is ready to finish the job... so Clip2 thinks it's time to use "that", telling Steve to input the number he told him earlier. As soon as Steve says "8401", Lightiplier's group is taken aback by the intense power. Clip2 calls that boss fight pretty bullshit so its good he used that and apologizes for being misled into thinking his name was clip2 when in fact hes noclip and that was power of developer console. Steve tells Lightiplier that it's over, as he guesses they just extinguished their light (that wasnt cool man heh), and Lightiplier cries defeated as the power of Analog Horror and Liminal Spaces wasn't enough and how unfair it is before fading away. Black Kirei Ace looks over the horizon guessing "that's that" and not feeling too bad about having lost since he had already realized they wouldn't be able to defeat the Great Destroyer either way... but the others wouldn't either, however. For one, the Great Destroyer is unfathomable, his will defies physics and can bend space-time if he feels so inclined... but one man could have helped—that man is known as Ushiromiya Battler. Clip2 doesn't know who the hell that is, but Steve is surprised at the mention of his friend. However... Battler is dead, an unnatural and painful death as the Great Destroyer personally took his soul, but why someone as cautious and secretive would take care of it personally? It is possible he was afraid. Understanding how hopeless the situation is why he's telling them all this, but there's another reason, a small chance left for everyone, in fact the only one left: he'll use his own life to bring Battler back. Steve tells him he can't as Clip2 cries what the fuck, but Black Kirei Ace understand how cruel it is yet it is the only way, so he'll entrust everything to him, and has already contacted Agent 47 to take care of things from the shadows; he might seem shady at first, but in fact was saved from the Great Destroyer by Black Kirei Ace. 47 is carrying Battler's body, who will revive the moment Black Kirei Ace sacrifices himself, and has learned that to find the Great Destroyer, he must find his right-hand man: the masked man in the shadows, Zecchou. To stop the Great Destroyer, the last of his powers... "Battler, my old friend... I wish you a peaceful new life. Let your soul be restored to this plane of existence!" Black Kirei Ace fades away with a smile... such a selfless being, Steve would've never thought it, he was always behind a villain, someone who looked like he had a great plan... but he was just misunderstood. clip2 is bored so he tries to bring steve home but he forgot he cant due to bombing, so instead hell take him to arena where he can get ring girl uniform to sniff heh

...they really did it, huh? As Battler says, Coolsville is theirs once more, and it's great to see all his friends partying! Even Kinzo shows up to congratulate his grandson on how proud he made him. Bevi wonders who is the guy wasting food, as Date is pained at potatoes and meat always being in parties. Saihara Shuichi is glad to be back, what with being turned into an evil animatronic and everything. Power just wants to take a nap for a bit... nappiiiiiiiii... but if everyone is having fun, so can she! Clip2 figured he'd show up too, heh, since it took plenty effort on his end aswell, also teleported Steve along to get some loot. Hostage1 is glad to drink something that isn't amogus liquid for once. Ryan Rave arrives in great spirits to congratulate Battler too! Battler thanks everyone for being there for him, and allowing him to become the best version of himself... and now, he's ready to become King of Coolsville! Because when the clock strikes twelve... it'll be midnight... and he'll still be a faggot then, adds 47. A Noble Voice announces, as the tale concludes, of how this was the story of how a group of "ordinary" men and women took down one of the most powerful beings in all of history:

"This is the story... of when Coolsville rumbled."

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details

Black Kirei Ace & Lightiplier

Lose Rokkenjimania V』– Hopes and Dreams Arc
Stage: Gate of Coolsville Hills