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A character from Resident Evil 2. Chris Redfield's sister, who is in dire need of Leon's Sperm


OPERATION: Impregnation Last Stand[edit | edit source]

Growing up with Chris Redfield after their parents died, the two became very close when they only had each other to rely on. When Chris joined the U.S. Air Force, she was introduced to his new friend, Barry Burton, and he became a close family friend. While attending university, she developed an interest in motorcycle customization. Chris moved to Raccoon City to become a member of S.T.A.R.S., and Claire would often visit to learn self-defense from him. She heard of a certain incident and left to Raccoon City to find her brother, who was now secretly in Europe researching Umbrella, only to find the city completely in ruins and crawling with the undead—and much worse. She was saved by Leon Kennedy until a fiery accident separated the, and she managed to save Sherry Birkin along with Leon and leave the city alive. She went to search her brother at Rockfort Island's Umbrella Labs but was captured, and met Steve Burnside while trying to escape. Eventually she joined the Anti-BioTerrorism organisation known as TerraSave.

TFR/Season 1[edit | edit source]

After realizing how many life-and-death situations she was in, she realized she longed for descendency to continue the Redfield legacy and sought to be impregnated; there was only one person on her mind who could be her children's father: Leon Kennedy. However, Leon just kept throwing away her exploits with a heartfelt "Now Way, Fag" as he was deeply in love with Ada Wong. Claire realized she needed desperate means and contacted her brother Chris Redfield, who cancelled his current mission and traveled there on the spot. Despite his many tries, Leon always managed to get away and escape with his precious seed, but Chris had a plan, and that's when he challenged Leon to a wrestling match...

Episode 1

Despite Ada not being the slightest interested in Leon, she is interested in obtaining his seed for her employers' interest. Claire and Ada have a catfight over getting it but Claire's goblina genes make her the superior of the two.

Episode 2

Ada comes back with a Zombie to try to take out Claire, but it goes out of control. Yet as her ovaries are drying, her determination only keeps rising.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

How claire actually is
How claire actually is

Mrs. X traps her in a cage and escapes, leaving her trapped for an episode.

Episode 5

Free again, she teams up with a fellow goblina to take out the competition.

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

Eventually she finally got the case when Sminem decided to leave it to whoever claimed it. However, if she ever used it or what resulted of that is unknown. Most likely than not, the case itself was empty after being used by The Bogdanoffs to create The Sons of Sperdo like they claimed.

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Mysteriously disappears after obtaining the case.

Episode 3

Appears again to help her brother after he falls into a coma.

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

How claire imagines she is.

Since the disappointment of the case, Claire continues chasing her failed reporter life, while getting an increasing number of cats.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

How claire actually is
Shows up during the Dimensional Merge in the past with the other goblina that claims ownership of Leon's progeny, teaming up to fight the chinese national genetic reclaim team.

TFR/Season 4[edit | edit source]

Returned to the ring with Chris as tag partner, intending to participate in the tag-team tournament.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

With Claire desperate for some dicking and Chris finally giving up, he begins to make an online dating profile for Claire on OkCupid.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

After the death of his brother, she began getting even MORE cats, making an improbable army of felines.

Episode 2

When Chris comes back, after killing Ada, he erases Claire's profile and re-begins his quest to obtain Leon's cummus maximus.

Episode 4

Her cats probably saved her from Rumble-17.

Episode 6[edit | edit source]

Red, Claire, and Miyao observe NaeNae

12 years in the future, Claire's cat army is an entire platoon, and she lives along with Red. She tries to stylize herself as Ada now that she's gone to attract Leon, but while Chris has infected her with viruses that should keep her "fertile", he claims that the elusive Ethan Winters is the guy for her now. Meanwhile, Red lost an eye for real in the rumbling, and still awaits for the day Tre will return. The two are tasked with taking care of Zoomer's son Jonesy for the time being, but while thinking about cats, they leave it alone with the felines...

Episode 10

Claire tries to call Leon to tell him that Chris has captured Fred, but he doesn't answer as usual, so Red has to make the call.

Episode 14

While she's working, someone breaks into her house...

Episode 16

Probably makes it to Coolsville at some point before The Great Flood.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

A girl who loves collecting cats and since meeting Leon in a "unfortunate little incident", wishes he would someday go out with her. Her ovaries are drying up fast...

Episode 5

In her past, he was an orphan resident at Sunflower Orphanage, along with her brother.

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

Claire is a girl like any other, except for her inability to continue the Redfield bloodline. This has driven her brother Chris Redfield to obsessively hunt for the only one with pure enough genetics to make a mighty successor: Leon Kennedy.

However, she might have given up when she heard the news of Leon's disappearance...

TFR/Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

In a Sinless World, Claire is a successful and freespirited journalist who leads a healthy life without cats, and even her brother accepts her choice to live this life.

TFR/Season 8: MyRISE - The Unleashed[edit | edit source]

Claire, nicknamed The Captain for her relation with Chris Redfield, is a star and manager from TBD Wrestling who accompanies Psycho Sally into a WWE tryout on suggestion of the TBD promoter, general manager and longtime friend Geneva Rose despite protest. Sally gets in NXT, and surprisingly, The Captain gets drafted into WWE too by William Regal, with Rose hoping she accepts even if she wants to stay in TBD.

She gets the option of either following Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, or Alexa Bliss.

Liv Morgan has to reject an offer for a food webseries, so Claire asks to take her place instead. Afterwards, she gets contacted by a mysterious man on social media, Alfie Juniper, who tells her he is a well-connected personal agent. Rose doesn't buy it, but eventually he appears in person and proves to be real when he invades a match. He offers two roles: an action flick with John Cena, and an award-bait quirky indie film with Dave Batista. Chosing the latter, she spends 3 months off the ring in the film, and her fame from the anticipated film eventually propels her to become a talk-show host. Claire invites Liv to her show, where she becomes irate about her stealing her stardom by Claire taking the web role from her, and has to beat her down with the "applause track button", and Batista later helps her defeat Liv and The Miz. To end the story, Claire and Liv face in a loser-leaves big screen match, and Claire leaves her movie star self behind.

Seeking the meaning of brutality, Claire follows Rhea into the path of chaos and strength. During her next match, Psycho Sally arrives, worried about her friend and idol figure, and Claire beats her silly with the steel steps. With her transformation complete, Claire gains access to the EVIL Backstage, where only evil beings like Troy Simpkin and Justine can enter (and Tavish, for some reason).

As a new member of Dominik Mysterio's family, she's called 'Papi'. When 'Mami' is too busy to help Dom out, Claire has to substitute her instead and help Dom out. Dom even says that she's like the "daddy" he never had. During their next match, however, Rhea betrays Claire and Dom joins in to pin her as Rhea uses brass knucles to knock her out.

Losing her access to the EVIL Backstage, Claire meets with Rose after not being in contact for long, who lets her in that she couldn't have expected to steal Dom without consequence. Claire tells her she doesn't know how it feels to be betrayed, and Rose throws it right back at her just as she did to Sally and Prime, but Claire says those don't count. In the end, Claire agrees with Rose's idea that it might time to stop being brutal all the time, but she can't let go of her brutality until after defeating Rhea, and only after completing that journey may she find something back in her dark soul. She beats the shit out of Rhea backstage and then sends her off in an ambulance, sending away her outer unbrindled brutality away with her as well.

Bliss is glad that Claire wasn't lost to Hollywood, but Claire instead wonders about the strange and otherworldly things she's found in wrestling. Bliss warns her that it comes with a price, but if stars like The Undertaker, Finn Bálor, Bray Wyatt and her have embraced the supernatural, Claire is willing to pay. There's an evil entity in wrestling, always looking for someone open to receive its powers, and it left a mysterious artifact-no one knows where it came from, but Bliss came upon its possession, and she wants to safely get rid of something so dangerous... and Claire wants to receive it. She starts to feel its power, but Bliss warns her it will hold on to the darkest parts of her soul.

Something begins taking over after beating Gigi Dolin, but in her rematch against her, teaming with Nikki Cross and also against Michin, she suddenly makes Dolin float away from her and makes her submit. Bliss asks what darkens is inside of her, and she finds... the darkness of hell.

"My darkness... comes from the depths of hell. Built on the backs fo the damned who grovel and scream without hope. I see a midnight enveloping my body, hiding the horrors my darkness bring forth. And when the cloak is cast aside, I see myself, standing tall with power, clothes in deep red -- the blood that the screaming masses can no longer bleed." ― The Captain

Claire has completely submitted to power, draining the lifeforce of Michin after her match. She makes her lair in a miasma-covered Boiler Room, and to it arrives Finn Balor driven by a force he can't explain, and forcefully made into a servant. Bálor fears she's going too far and losing control, but Claire forcefully transforms him into Demon King Bálor. Tavish appears in the Evil Machinery Room and allows Claire access to the Shadow Realm, where he wants her to embrace her true powers by dancing with the darkness and letting her essence reing in a match against two Doppelgangers of Jacy Jaynes, but the challenge is too much, and Tavish lay disappointed.

With lights flickering, ghosts in mirrors, spoiled catering, and Byron Saxton calling matches in Ancient Summeryan, Justine wants Sally out of the NXT tournament before the locker room looked in her direction. In her finals match against Sonya Deville, Captain appears to deliver punishment on her enemy like some sort of guardian devil, and Sally naturally wins. Captain tells her she's welcome after gifting her power in her matches, but Sally never remembers asking; Captain's demonic voice falters as she felt she owed her for what she did, but Sally got nothing more to say until she helps herself.

Troy Simpkin appears in the Evil Boiler Room to accrue the company goodwill with Demon Claire, who requests a sacrifice out of him, and he brins Nikki Cross... but during the match, Asuka stole her amulet and part of its power. She attacks her to recover it, but the amulet floats in the air and vanishes. When Claire tries to levitate and syphon lifeforce from Asuka, she does the same to her, but Claire is stronger and then controls the Ref to count to 3... and Claire collapses.

Waking up in the infirmary back as herself, Bliss explains the amulet didn't disappear because it's power was divided, but rather because they fed it enough power to unleash... the creature. Claire was only a vessel, used for it to regain its power into it so could break free. Now it's up to Claire to defeat... The Manifestation of a nameless evil. She manages to barely defeat it, and the lights turn off, the demon disappearing without a trace. Destroyed or escaped, for now... it's gone.

New Boss Arc

After experiencing three different shades of wrestling, William Regal leaves Claire with one last special experience, that of being the Acting General Manager in his absence. Rose messages her about how big a responsibility this position is, with superstars DMing, catching her backstage, asking for favors, and she must never be wooed into bad desicions. When Claire invites her to the show, Rose notes it's quite a departure from her in their TBD days... Shotzi appears on her office to request a WarGames, but she remains strict as it's not something she can book lightly without a good reason, and who'd even be the captains?

The Becky Lynch vs. Bayley contendership match ended in chaos, so Claire decides on a rematch as special referee. Rose sends her a message telling her she could tell she took her eyes off the champion and focused on fantasy booking, even if Claire tells he she knows what she's doing, Rose tells her a secret: she has to put her finger on the scale to who thinks will work better in the championship match, and she decides on Bayley. The match goes a bit too well, enraging Seth Rollins and even Triple H tells her to fix it. She tries to course-correct by announcing Bianca won't be defending because there'll be WarGames at Survivor Series, and both Becky and Bayley want her in their teams, so Rose remains astonished at her ability to walk away from the consequences of her actions unscathed. Either way, Claire sides with Becky. After the match, Claire and Becky climb on top of the steel cage to celebrate, but Shotzi suddenly arrives in her tank and shoots at them, causing Claire to fall inside the ring, and Becky onto the hard floor. Regal returns and chastises her for getting carried, but much more egregiously, announcing WarGames when it's his thing! She's fired from being GM, but unfortunately she's next in line for being contender with Becky out.

War Arc

During her announcement, Shotzi comes in a crutch and interrupts her by saying all she does is steal ideas, and then Bayley attacks Claire, and then Shotzi stops pretending to be injured and attacks her with the clutch. Claire visits TBD, with Rose saying it must look "quite small" now, and Claire assures her she doesn't have to fear her tank but she's still angry about how she wasn't booked in TBD in the past. But Rose reminds her it was her who didn't want her in TBD while being flippant, and on purpose or not, Shotzi effectively brought her to the big leagues, and instead of thanks she goes on a fantastical tour of WWE, before taking her WarGames match and shutting her out of it while booking herself in it, and now she gets a championship match. After her harsh words, Claire wonders what side she is on, but Rose angrily replies that she should know and is only setting her head straight so she can take the title.

Before her match begins, Shotzi announces Bianca can't come... instead, Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, and Asuka can AND will. Next week, Claire's car to the airport was redirected and missed her flight, and finds Shotzi in the airport lounge, and decides to once and for all put her away by putting the contendership on the line. When Claire wins, Shotzi tries to get at her one last time, but Bianca spears her. Backstage, Bianca admits she respects her from watching her indie matches, and they both come to the idea of defending the WWE championship in best-2-out-of-3 dark matches in indie arenas and manage to convince Regal.

The Best of Three World Series Arc

First, Bianca defeats Claire at Club UK. Next, Claire ties it at Joshi Japan. For their final match, they will be televising RAW, and before she even said it, Regal already gave the call to set TBD up. Neither Claire or Rose can't believe just how big TBD has grown because of this, but Claire main eventing TBD feels right at home to Rose, just with more logos. But to Claire it's all different, winning the Championship in the house they built, so Rose tells her to keep living her dream while she signs endless contracts. The journey for Claire reaches its conclusion when she defeats Bianca... until Becky appears to challenge her, but Rose comes instead and tells her to solve her problems somewhere else, because if anyone is going to interrupt her friend's hard-won moment... it'll be herself. Geneva Rose attacks Claire, and Becky takes the chance to run away with the belt, as Rose announces that she's truly glad she allowed her to put this show together, because even if she thinks she was slumming around, she was proud of what they built. She'll set the record straight, and says Claire would be nothing without her and TBD. She's not a side character, sitting around just following with rapt attention her journey—Claire moved on, and she's been putting everything in growing TBD. So she's happy Becky helped turn Claire's moment into HER moment, and shows Claire the framed napkin contract, which states she's exclusively signed to TBD, she can't work anywhere else, can't win titles anywhere else, and can't do anything against Rose. So she'll be in TBD next week, and blacks-out Claire with a kick to the face.

Leashed Arc

William Regal tells her that the contract checks out, and wishes her good luck. Next week, she's booked in a handicap match against Andrea Cannons and Pretty Ruthless. For her impressive win, Geneva puts her in a gauntlet match against the entire roster, and by the way tells her Becky Lynch (legally) won the championship from Bianca. Claire has to survive against Sally Steamroller, Christina Fury, Cora Cut... To keep the fun going and make her HURT where it matters, Geneva books her in a TBD Rules match against a special guest from her past WWE days... Psycho Sally. During the match, Claire asks if she came home just for this, and Sally says in a heartbeat, but whispers to Claire if it's working before climbing on the TBD logo, where Sally powerbombs her into the floor like the old days and wins, and they bump fists. Geneva appears and tells her to keep hitting Claire, but since she doesn't, starts kicking her herself until Sally grabs a mic and tells her she's bringing down her business and tells Claire to stop acting blameless, and tells them to stop acting like children and figure it out before walking away from her old companions for the final time.

As soon as the arena clears out, Claire and Geneva agree to resolve this between themselves. Claire takes her "partner" apart until she tries to throw her in the corner, and Rose tells her it's not so easy when someone doesn't prop her up, and she would've gotten NOWHERE without her. While grabbing her, Claire asks if she wanted her so bad why did she let her go, and Rose shouts she didn't think she'd succeed. But Rose was never jealous of her, she was jealous Claire brought more of herself to WWE she ever did on TBD--that she ever brought to her. They strike at each other repeatedly, once and again and again and again, until landing a cross-counter that leaves both of them in the ropes, and then another one leaves them in the floor for good. Claire asks if she feels any better after bringing her back, but she's just hurting like hell. She wonders if she's any happy she started taking real chances, and Rose is and hoped she would do so sooner. Claire admits she wasn't ready, and Rose admits she wasn't able to push her far enough. Even though she pushed her to accept Regal's offer, she didn't realize what, who she was giving up on. Now that she's actually back... Rose can finally fire her, so she can return where she belongs.

Wrestlemania Unleashed Arc

If it's too much trouble to get back to WWE, Claire would rather stay at TBD, but Rose tells her Regal's daily calls wanting her back are the real annoyance. Since it's her fault, Rose arranged her surprise return championship match at Wrestlemania. Before she leaves, Claire asks her to come with her to WWE either in the ring or as backstage staff, but she knows she can't because she belongs here at TBD, just like Claire goes her own ways, she's got to do it too.

With her great return, she finally becomes the champion by defeating Becky Lynch, and the end of her relation to Geneva Rose and TBD just marks her new beginning.

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Won Leon's sperm in the season 1 epilogue, Sperm-in-the-bank match
    • As it turns out, the Sperm case was empty, because the Bogs had already used it in the Sons of Sperdo project.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Results Records Singles Details
Ada Wong Win
W1 L0 1
0 0 P
Note: Submission
Royal Rumble
Explosive Wire D.match
Full List
Lose Game: MDickie MPire
Triple-Threat Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Zombie-Chan Win
W2 L0 2
1 0 P
Steel Cage Escape Mrs. X Lose
W2 L1 1
1 0 P
W1 L1 0
0 0 P
Note: Mrs. X escaped the cage.
Tag-Team Las Goblinas

Mrs. X & Zombie-Chan

W3 L1 2
1 0 P
Ladder Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Mrs. X, Zombie-Chan Win
W4 L1 3
1 0 P
Iconic Match
Epilogue of the Case
For: Case of Sperm
Tag-Team Yes Way Straight

China Number One

W4 L2 2
1 0 P
Game: WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006

DQ: Claire was count-out'd

Battle Royale
Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Mrs. X, Kirigiri Kyoko, Pieck, Rebecca Chambers, Zombie-chan Lose
Mixed Tag-Team Fuck My Sister

The Package Deal

W4 L2 2
~1 ~0 P
Iconic Match
FMS vs. The Package Deal
「Mixed Match Challenge」

Note: Match ended in a count-out DQ draw, so OP reset asked Raidou to help, and DELTA too.

W4 L3 1
~1 ~1 P
Iconic Match
FMS vs. The Package Deal
「Mixed Match Challenge」

Note: Partners kept interrupting pins until OP got fed up and took control called DELTA.

Extreme Rules
Claire Redfield Win TFR's 1st Anniversary
NON-CANON Master Chief Win
Furudo Erika & Dlanor A. Knox

Claire Redfield & Red

Win Rokkenjimania II
Elimination Chamber
  1. Mrs. X (#5)
  2. Ada Wong (#3)
  3. Claire Redfield (#4)
  4. Rebecca Chambers (#6)
  5. Jill Valentine (#1)
  6. Zombie-chan (#2)
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2004
Armageddon Hell in a Cell
Vernon Emata, Scorpion, Ryu, Vegeta, Claire Redfield, Chris Benoit Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth
Legend Undertaker, 2pac, Michael Jackson, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Ronald McDonald Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Return From The Past Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2004

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her Post-TS design is based on Ada Wong.