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A character from Tsukihime. Also a reference character in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Eternal Half Ouroboros[edit | edit source]

Elesia was born in 1976 in a remote village in France to a French father and an Oriental mother. She grew up normally in the village, though she felt out of place due to looking like her mother. The townspeople were kind to her, and she lived happily, helping out in her father's shop, going to school, and falling in love like normal. Ciel's father viewed her as a rival in terms of making naan bread, so he told his daughter, "Don't you dare eat any curry, no matter what. Even if it kills you. No, in fact, I'll kill you if you do."

Everything changed around her sixteenth birthday. She wanted to snap the necks of her friends for no reason, and the sight of a beggar on the road was so funny that she wanted to stab him with a knife. She tried her best to resist the impulses by locking herself away in her room. It was not the same as possession, as she equated the feelings to those normal small destructive passions that all humans possess solidified inside her mind. She knew something terrible would happen if she were to let them take over, so she tried not to see anyone or do anything to avoid hating anyone and bring about her feelings. Locking herself away was a large mistake because that gave time for her mind to grind away and finally surpass its limits. She became completely Michael Roa Valdamjong's seventeenth incarnation, but still felt his actions as her own. With only the thought of her thirstiness, she left her room for the first time in months, and after greeting her worried parents with a smile, bit into their necks and sucked their blood. She heard her voice, despite having never heard it before, saying "---Has it been a hundred years? This body is very fascinating." Roa greatly enjoyed the amount of power the body gave him.

He committed various atrocities to the citizens as he enjoyed using a body with true power, but it was not as wild as previous times and without as much blood spilled. The will of the incarnation still comes from the body, so she still had some power over his actions. She took the townspeople she loved one by one, and she humiliated and mutilated their souls. She figured that she would go insane, but also figured that insanity would cause her to commit even more sins than before. She tried to minimize the damage in order to persevere and keep her sanity. It only took a month before she was in full control of them and playing with their lives however she wished. Her only solace was that it ended quickly. After the town was completely under Roa's control, he was inevitably hunted down by Arcueid.

Elesia's body was taken by the Holy Church to the vatican. She was revived with her original personality without any of Roa's influence. Due to her connection to Roa, she gained immortality in the form of a paradox that says she will not die as long as Roa continues to exist. After being killed repeatedly by the Church for an entire month, she was taken in by the Burial Agency due to her unique nature. Her main desire and mission being the elimination of Roa to end her eternal existence.

While she was originally scared of curry, the offensive and eccentric taste shocked her After that point, she became obsessed with it.

She was also a school teacher as a side gig that one time.

In G1 Nonstop Infinite Climax/Sunshine Super Stardom[edit | edit source]

G1/Season 1[edit | edit source]


G1/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Gets taken home by Rena and meets Furude-san while in there.

Match History[edit | edit source]

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History - TFR[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
5 Falls
Akasaka Mamoru & Chie Rumiko

Tomitake Jirou & Irie Kyousuke

Lose Game: Higurashi Daybreak

As: Chie Rumiko

Royal Rumble
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Lose Game: WWE 2K23
Note: ★★★★