Eden of Coolsville

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A location in Coolsville.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Eden of Coolsville, real naming Chuck's Suck & Fuck, was an establishment based on Coolsville and one of it's more important attractions, gathering the attention of Gachimuchi producers worldwide who made deals with Chuck, constantly using the location for casting and filming, as the place had been the the object of many expansions several times and boasted a great size and rooms. Stars like Aniki were common, while Van Darkholme was a permanent employee who took the basement as his personal dungeon, which offered more extreme content.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 0[edit | edit source]

Founded by Charles 'Chuck' Tamzarian, Chuck's quickly garnered popularity with it's world-renowned Hostesses. President Maticus' ban on pornographic magazines only helped to heighten it's popularity, eventually becoming an economical pillar of Coolsville itself. However, such was by design as President Maticus himself funded the place and trusted Tamzarian to manage it into what it would become.

Chuck's during it's earlier time.

Cum Bucket was widely renowned as the #1 hostess of Chuck's, having the highest price for their services, and even being a favorite of President Maticus. Right after was the #2 hostess in all of Coolsville, Big Pussy.

It was also secretly visited by many famous persons in Coolsville, including Hazz Maticus himself (for the purpose of his schemes with Big Pussy), Sonozaki Family Patriarch Steven Sonozaki, Universal Title winner Samoa Joe, and local Coolsville hater Fred Jones.

Tamzarian and Shimano Futoshi had met and become friends 7 years prior, so the Shimano Family offered some degree of protection to the place. Hazz Maticus also met with Shimano for the first time there, developing a relationship to the yakuza. It also became associated to Shimano Lieutenant Heavyweight's underground porn ring.

The place became part of Hazz Maticus' network for funding Coolsville Hills, as money he invested in Chuck's would be multiplied by Vitalik's match-fixing incident, who would use the money to pay for Cum Bucket's service, and eventually the money would be returned to Hazz in his meetings with Cum Bucket.

The building was damaged by a truck crashing into it and further closed and investigated due to the president's assassination being discovered on the venue. Before investigations progressed much further, the place was set on fire and destroyed by a seemingly unrelated assailant, damaging all levels and areas of the building save for the underground dungeon (which Van Darkholme continued to operate although non officially) and eventually Chuck himself gave up his dream of rebuilding it, permanently marking the closure of the establishment. These events however were planned and orchestrated by Shimano. The ruins were eventually put for sale.

Staff[edit | edit source]