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"Who?" ― WWE Staff

Evil being and minor antagonist of Manny Pardo, also a dude who sure hangs low in the wrestling scene now.

The Double-Suicide Murderer[edit | edit source]

Benoit was a famous wrestler, until on that fateful day, his rival and known satanist Kevin Sullivan used demonic techniques to force him to murder both his wife and child and then an hero, as revenge for stealing the woman who he could never forget about. It is said the sacrifices were consumed by a "dark entity".

This character is Dead

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Benoit's, or rather the being utilizing him's, true name remains unknown. "Benoit" came to Earth with the intention of draining its energy so that it could produce genetically enhanced spawn, which would then continue the cycle on other planets. In the original timeline, "Benoit" slept for millions of years, gaining power until 2007 AD. He was summoned in 1967 AD by King Vince Sr. and the Mahhon Machine, changing the timeline. Remaining hidden and powerless under the earth, "Benoit" psychically took over a human and future wrestler, and sealed his true memories until 2007, and its true self returned to slumber. He slowly consumed the Earth until emerging in 2999 AD, and put the world into an apocalyptic state. Because of the interference of Chris-chan things changed again, the memory was awakened in an earlier point in time. He returned with a new mission after being awoken: consummate the ritual by killing both his wife and children and commit the greatest an hero the world has ever seen, beginning the process to bide the time for its destruction.

Episode 1

Chris was called by a mysterious letter to the ring on the 2 of August, 2000. The match was actually a trap by detective Manny Pardo who seemed to have been led into believing Benoit was the Miami Mutilator.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Chris closer to his true form.
It seemed like Benoit died, but in reality he merely pretended to be dead to escape Pardo's grasp and bid his time, but unknown to him, Pardo had bade his time as well, and would return 6 years later and discover of his survival, bringing him into a fight to the death. Seeing no reason to hold back anymore, Benoit released his full strength: The Lavos Wolverine emerged. Unbeknownst to him, Pardo was not without a hidden strength himself, his thick skin allowed him to resist Benoit's power and his mutilating strength almost matched that of Benoit's despite the latter's it's regeneration. After a bloody fight where death was lounging mere seconds away from both fighters most of the match, Benoit finally was put in the coffin after Pardo, bloody and about to faint, suddenly gained a surge of almost-otherworldly strength and with a swift motion sealed Benoit into the coffin. However, in his last moments, he heard some gunshots outside the casket...
And even after all that, his wife and son still died. How could this be?

Several years later, Benoit was awoken in Hell to a pissed off Pardo, questioning why he was awoken again. He unleashed his powers, but even that was not enough to shield him from the last round of Pardo's fury, and finally managed to corner him, slipped behind and broke his neck again. How could he have been beaten? What IS Pardo? Why did Mr. Bones awaken him and Pardo for a last rematch? None of this mattered as he was now damned to hell forever, but Benoit swore revenge, some day.

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

Benoit's attempted escape from hell

And six years later, he would finally manage to escape from Hell, with the purpose to take revenge on TFR and all those who wronged him. But he didn't anticipate Pardo escaping too, and throwing him back in.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Was allowed to escape hell as La Parka's subordinates along with Jacket, and they returned to wreak havoc and go for the belts.

Episode 7

Their hellish bodies proved too far corrupted for the dose.

Episode 12

Defeated the Soul Brothers in their master's name.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

With La Parka missing, he goes into hiding to go back to his plan to devour the world.

Episode 13

Awakens ready to end the world, but Headmaster and Head Doctor of The Three Kings defeat him and erase him, thus ending his threat to the world.

TFR/Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Just a regular alive wrestler with a living family.

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Suspect of being The Miami Mutilator
    • Strangled by Manny Pardo in the ring for being the suspect
      • Survived the attack with his regen
  • Has a wolverine tier healing ability holy shit, regenerated his limbs later into the match.
  • Escaped hell but was returned by Pardo

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Manny Pardo Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
Game: WWF No Mercy
Buried Alive NC
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
Iconic Match
Eternal Burial of the Crippling Mutilator
Game: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

Note: The longest match in TFR history, both combatants fought fiercely until the end but ultimately always escaped death's grip at the last second.

Cell in a Hell Lose
W0 L2 -2
0 2 P
Game: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

Referee: The Undercarder.

Stage: Hell

Door-kun & Demi-Fiend

Chris Benoit & Manny Pardo

Lose Game: WWE SmackDown! Here comes the Pain
Royal Rumble
Full List
Full List
Lose Game: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
Full List
Lose Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

Note: Took U. Richtofen 2 L. Blows and a crit and STILL jobbed to Fred's legendary Coolsville-Nine.

Note: First time we got to see Benoit's entrance in 2011.

  1. Steve Burnside
  2. Black Ref
  3. Vorgin
  4. Kirei Kotomine
  5. Sebastian LaCroix
  6. Ricardo Milos
  7. Big Show
  8. Chuck
  9. Raidou Kuzunoha
  10. Mrs. X
  11. Eric Sparrow
  12. HANK
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  14. Albert Wesker
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  17. Van Darkholme
  18. Doomguy
  19. Arkantos
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  24. Agent 47
  25. Chris Benoit
  26. Tommy Wiseau
  27. Hank Wimbleton
  28. Johnny Knoxville
  29. The Undertaker
  30. Battler Ushiromiya
Lose Christmas Special
Games: Here comes the Pain, SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006, SmackDown vs. RAW 2011
  1. Hulk Hogan
  2. Leon S. Kennedy
  3. Nemesis
  4. Battler Ushiromiya
  5. Demi-Fiend
  6. Door-Kun
  7. Richtofen
  8. Vergil
  9. Dante
  10. Arthur Morgan
  11. Rey Misterio
  12. Manny Pardo
  13. Frank West
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  15. Chris Benoit
  16. Maximillion Pegasus
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  29. Reverse Flash
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  4. Michael Jordan
  5. Zombie Benoit
  6. Erwin Smith
  7. Garcian Smith
  8. Undertaker's Druid
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  19. Balthios James
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  22. Yosuke
  23. Albert Wesker
  24. Goro Majima
  25. Walter
  26. Dutch Van Der Linde
  27. Edward Richtofen (Primis)
  28. Doomguy
  29. Fred Jones
  30. Arthur Morgan
Tag-Team Jacket & Chris Benoit

The Daily Dose

W1 L2 -1
0 2 P
Benoit ➡(Submission) Dr. Piccolo
The Soul Brothers

Jacket & Chris Benoit

W2 L2 0
1 2 P
Chris Benoit ➡ Ooishi Kuraudo
The Headmaster Lose
W2 L3 -1
1 3 P
W0 L3 -3
0 3 P
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania II
Note: Shows up twice as entrant #1 (zombie) and #6 (alive)
Ironman 60'
Manny Pardo (10-13) Win Rokkenjimania II
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose
Full List Lose Game: WWE 2K18
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
Armageddon Hell in a Cell
Vernon Emata, Scorpion, Ryu, Vegeta, Claire Redfield, Chris Benoit Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth
Buried Alive
Manny Pardo Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
Royal Rumble
Full List Win Rokkenjimania III』– Electric Rumble Boogaloo Arc
Game: WWE Wrestlemania XIX
Full List Win Rokkenjimania III』– Electric Rumble Boogaloo Arc
Game: WWE Day of Reckoning

Note: Danny couldn't reach Benoit through the rope to kick him so Benoit technically wins.

Full List Crash Rokkenjimania III』– The Final Arc
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Return From The Past Arc
Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006
Full List
Iconic Match
Stage: North Pole
Full List
Royal Rumble
Full List
W2 L4 -2
1 3 P
For Title: Literal Jobber #1 Contender
Extreme Rules
Sandro Lose Game: WWE 2K23

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First appeared on Off-Season 2
  • Benoit input frame perfect saves during the buried alive match, probably meaning he was never using his full strength.

Gallery[edit | edit source]