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"You know the world is a fascinating place, isn't it? Full of so many different kinds of people, and all with their own unique hopes, dreams and aspirations. But there is one thing that these people have in common. THEY ALL GET ON MY FUCKING TITS!" ― Mike Strutter

Alignment is an element that originated in Dungeons and Dragons. People, creatures, spells, objects, and places can have an alignment. The term is used in role-playing games whenever characters or NPCs have a simple stat for their own code of conduct. In TFR this basically boils down to who is a Face and who is a Heel and some other shit too.

Alignment is usually begging for an argument (such as whether it was Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil to murder that little child in front of their parents) so don't take this seriously unless there is a severe lapse in judgement.


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