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"I'm a big fan of movies ― mostly the ones I've starred in, but there are some others that are okay too. But in any film, my favorite part is always near the end when the villain explains their big evil plan, going over every single detail of how they pulled the wool over the stupid, idiotic hero's eyes. But in the movies, this usually allows the hero to escape or stop the bad guy in some way. [...] But I'm not going to be stopped." ― Brooklyn Von Braun
A total fucking evil bitch.

The American "Hero"[edit | edit source]

More like The American Asshole

A captain of the high school wrestling team, she used to bully Red, and later her friend Tre.

She left to become an MMA Elite Fighter titled "The American Hero" and make millions after being undefeated 10 times, returning to her high school only to have it renamed after her & painted as a mural on the same day Red & Tre came to wrestle, and distracted her when she was going to win.

She then messages Red during most of her rise to fame time and time again to brag about her accomplishments.

She latter becomes a famous movie star and appears to co-star "Rank and File 4" ruining Red's audition. After Miz attacks Tre and loses, she appears alongside him on the ring to claim Tre "let it get the better of him" and ruined the movie's production, but he comes disproves that by a guard's statement that she let him in. On Red & Tre's "Preview" match, she distracts Red to lose. She tries the same on Tre's match for the role against The Miz, but Red stops her and Tre wins.

When Red managed to maintain her SmackDown Women's Championship title for 2 years, it is revealed she abandoned MMA & acting to become the new WWE GM, and the first thing she does is schedule a "Best out of 5" Title Defense for Red and Becky Lynch's teams. After "fining" Red for being distracted backstage before the match, Samoa Joe stops Tre from winning the title for Red.

As GM, while forcing a staff member to massage her, Kurt Angle appears and despite she trying to dismiss him, he reveals he's the one she's demanding for the "American Hero" title into being dirt poor, to the point he has to come and beg to stop, but she decides that only is he can somehow beat "Bionic" Samoa Joe in a match. However, Tre pulled an upset and got back at her by appearing and making Samoa livid enough with his presence to job, forcing Von Braun to drop the lawsuit. She makes her way to Tre and Red to complain, and reveals she had re-signed Samoa Joe in "Because he was unfairly let go", and gives Tre a "shot" at the WWE Championship.

During the Mixed Tag Tournament, she didn't assign Red a partner until moments before the match, only giving her the options between Curt Hawkins, Reilly Flash, and Dre McIntyre. When Tre's partner was injured, she gave up her GM position, MMA career and Hollywood fame to become an WWE star and joined Tre in the Mixed Tag tourney. However, she was defeated by Red.

She offered Tre a ride to the gym to help him train for the match against Samoa Joe, and he accepts believing she has changed. She teaches Tre the hidden fault of the Coquina Clutch by showing him footage on his phone. However, this was all part of her master plan:

Brooklyn Von Braun
I'm a big fan of movies ― mostly the ones I've starred in, but there are some others that are okay too. But in any film, my favorite part is always near the end when the villain explains their big evil plan, going over every single detail of how they pulled the wool over the stupid, idiotic hero's eyes. But in the movies, this usually allows the hero to escape or stop the bad guy in some way.
But I'm not going to be stopped. See, I already destroyed your idiot hero last week with the help of Samoa Joe. So now I have all the time in the world to walk you through every single detail of my brilliant scheme ― like I said, this is my favorite part! So here we go. When I was GM, I brought Samoa Joe back fully knowing what his plans were for attacking Tre in the best of five final and costing Red her title.
In fact, I helped make those plans myself! Then I gave Tre a little match against Adam Cole just so Joe could take it eventually from Tre ― sorry, Adam! After that, I inserted myself into the Mixed Match Challenge as Tre's partner to earn his trust, giving me the opportunity to teach him the "secret Coquina Clutch escape". Only when Joe got it on Tre, and he thought he had it all under control...
Those ankles weren't crossed, were they? Because it wasn't a secret anymore. I told Joe exactly what to expect and Tre never had a chance!
But unfortunately to make Tre and Red think I had a "change for the better" I did have to donate a bunch of money to an animal shelter. But don't worry, I purchased out the shelter, kicked out all the disgusting animals and I'm turning it into the newest location for my tanning salon, "Brooklyn Von Brown"!
Which if you ask me does a lot more to serve the community. So right about now, your tiny brains are probably asking, "But why, Brooklyn? Why would you do all this?" I did this to maintain the hierarchy. Tos show Red and Tre that despite what they think they have achieved in WWE, I'm the star and they're losers, just like it's always been.
And that will never change. Anyway, I spent way too much time talking about those rejects, so let's discuss what's next for "The American Hero" ― new trademark lawsuit pending. Well, I have some big news to share ― I'm a champion!
You see, I recently talked to WWE management about bringing back a title from the past. And they agreed I was the perfect superstar to award it to. So I'd like to present to you, your new WWE Divas Champion, me!
You know, maybe in the future, Tre, you should be a little more careful about who sees your phone.
You never know what they could've find on there. Like maybe even a copy of a list outlining all their friend's dreams and ambitions.

When the time came for the fight with the two ancient enemies, the fierce battle raged on until at one point both knocked on each other and stayed down, meanwhile something happened backstage...

...Brooklyn lost in the end, but the war was far from over―there was still a hidden Ace. Brooklyn walked into the locker room of her enemy... and used the knowledge of Tre's parents to force her to retire. After Tre chose to retire too, she came to taunt Red, and tell her that it WAS all over.

Some months later, hearing that Red & Tre were going into the WWE Hall of Fame made her FURIOUS, but she had begun her own plans to ruin even that...

During the Hall of Fame presentation, she walks up to the stage and reveals everything; the people sitting on the crowd are actors, and Tre's parents are dead (Demonstrated by showing their graves on the main screen of the event, on live TV), and that Red had been writing the letters. She and her allies then attack Red, and after beating her, acquired her list and destroyed it.

Before The Final Showdown, she had her arm equipped with a coat of nano-augmented skin, but still was no match for Red. What happened to her afterwards is unknown.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Seeing as how Tre and Red have returned, she joined TFR to once again just prove that she is superior and deserves to be a winner more than them. Joining the same tournament as them, if she can't steal their WWE Hall of Fame, she'll do it in TFR.

Episode 7[edit | edit source]

After winning two times for that useless slob of mechanic fat Samoa Joe, she once again found herself against that pesky girl she once bullied, who was so inferior to her it wasn't even worth acknowledging she existed at all, and who time and time again dared to go against her in a disgusting attempt to prove she was even close to equal.

However, even in this new ring, she was bested by her old rival and humiliated. She would definitely not forget this.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Extra's Backstory
Type Vs Results Details
Backstage Brawl Red Win Note: For Movie Casting role
Tre & Brooklyn Von Braun VS. Sam Sayn & Ember Moon Win Mixed Tag Championship


Tre ➡ Sayn
Red & Curt Hawkins VS. Tre & Brooklyn Von Braun Lose Mixed Tag Championship


Red ➡ Von Braun
Brooklyn Von Braun / Rhea Ripley / Becky Lynch VS. Red Win Hall of Fame CrashNote: Samoa holding Tre hostage.

Note: Red tries to fight each one one by one, but they beat her when they attack her together.

The Package Deal VS. The Bionic Heroes Lose "The Final Showdown"

Battle for the Hall of Fame

Note: Brooklyn herself was semi-augmented before this match.
Note: Both wrestlers where subdued in their signature submission move until they tapped.

Date Type Vs Result Records Notes
[S4E3] Team Umbrella VS. The Bionic Heroes Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Mixed Match Challenge


Von Braun ➡️ Mrs. X
[S4E6] Tornado Tag I Rabu Anne VS. The Bionic Heroes Win
W2 L0 2
2 0 P
Mixed Match Challenge


Von Braun ➡️ Pieck
[S4E7] TornadoNo-DQ The Package Deal VS. The Bionic Heroes Lose
W2 L1 1
2 1 P
The End of Extra Saga. Mixed Match Challenge


Red ➡️ Brooklyn

Note: Final conflict of the fierce rivalry.

Abilities[edit source]

High-Tier Mixed Martial Arts Great experience in Martial Arts and can perform Expert Techniques.
Mid-Tier Wrestling Experience in brawling and can perform Advanced Moves.
Mechanical Enhancements Bionic Skin Layer: A layer of bionic skin, but not surgically implanted. Probable increase in resistance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A total fucking bitch