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A character from Yakuza, one of several Bobs who give bonus content.

Clown[edit | edit source]

Bobs are a group of clowns that are tasked with the sacred task of giving people shit for doing menial tasks.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

Bob is allied with CHAOS.

Episode 10

After an incredible bowling strike, Okada walks up to Kasuga Ichiban and introduces himself: Okada has been scouting Ichiban and asks him to join his cause, but Hayashi Hiroshi comments on Okada's choice since he seems "far below The Dragon's level", when Jack calls them CHAOS and lunges at Okada only to be blocked by Heat O'Brien and Bob Utsunomiya. Ichiban is surprised Chaos is actually real and rejects their offer because he hates when party members leave, but Sinbad tells him to be careful since they are as formidable as KaibaCorp, and since he won't join them the easy way, Okada decides it's time to test Ichiban. Okada gives credit to Ichiban for his potential as leader, and their team escapes.

Episode 12

Ichiban's Parry arrives at KaibaCorp's entrance with oddly little trouble, only to notice the area had been taken over by CHAOS. Okada, Heat and Bob challenge Ichiban, while Hayashi is busy running away from the police (...seriously, Date?), and Ichiban faces off against CHAOS once again. However, they are too fierce this time.

Okada recognizes Ichiban's formidableness, and he likewise praises him, but by fighting in front of KC, Okada's plan is realized when they attract their attention and Jack appears with his squad to block the entrance. Okada is prepared this time, and joins Ichiban's party now that their goal are aligned and he has tested Ichiban enough.

Before he challenges Jack, Okada holds their position so Ichiban can complete all the substories.

Episode 14

As Kasuga Ichiban's group ventures into KaibaCorp HQ, they defeat their initial defenses, but they feel the rest of the Robo-Kiryu production line is soon coming for them. Before the robots have a chance to stop them, Okada's CHAOS' allies show up to back him up, and Evil Itself admits that even if he may not be as powerful as Kiryu, Ichiban really can be a Dragon too after all. However, the robot army arrives and still far outnumbers them... but the person who has witnessed Ichiban's adventure from the start arrives: The Bartender, who brings along three mercenaries who were having a drink at his bar: Depp, Hopper and Bathhouse Owner. With so many people helping them, the party ventures further into the Dragonlord's lair.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Ichiban's Party


W0 L1 -1
0 0 P
W1 L1 0
1 0 P
Royal Rumble
Full List Crash Rokkenjimania III』– The Final Arc

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As CHAOS is a reference to the chaos-aligned faction of Season 6, Bob represents The Circus.