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    A gachi star originating from Lords of the Locker Room.

    "Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down." ― Mark Wolff

    The Lord of the Locker Room[edit]


    Master of the sacred Locker Room. His knowledge and technique vast beyond bound. The original Lord of the Locker Room.

    He was first challenged by Van Darkholme, leading to the first legendary conflict for becoming Lord of the Lockerroom, but his desperate desire to use gachi to gain powers from his deep dark fantasies led to him being careless, and that was his defeat. Aniki, was his second challenger and such was the second war for the title, and yet again another was defeated, but Aniki and vowed to use what he learned from the fight for good.

    In G1 Nonstop Infinite Climax[edit]

    In The Final Rumble[edit]

    TFR/Season 3[edit]

    Episode 2

    Apparently, due to the time shenanigans with Van's time travel, this epic conflict could be counted as an The Final Rumble brand new "Lords of the Lockerroom" which gave TFR some of it's greatest ratings ever. With Van coming from the future with all his learned knowledge, he manages to defeat the Lord of the Locker Room like he couldn't a long time ago.

    Extra Episode

    Aniki would also fight his master to re-train during the time travel. He, as well, proves he has grown stronger than his own master.

    TFR/Season 6[edit]

    After much wandering as the undefeated Lord of the Locker Room, Wolff returns and joins Van now that he has proven his power.

    Episode 16

    They challenge their former group.

    TFR/Season 8[edit]

    After spending a large amount of time on G1's catering, he gets a very special call from Aniki and Van... someone needs to be thought who's the boss of this gym.

    Episode 6

    Tonight marks the beginning of The Plan's downfall, says Billy Herrington as him, Van, and Mark Wolff appear to stop Dutch in his tracks and make the consequences of his actions catch up to him. Dutch wouldn't believe they are really this dumb until he saw it himself, they are the ones in control, always have been, and still think they can challenge them? the ones who weren't competent enough to defeat Ricky, and all they could do is bring one smalltime friend? They need to wake up, because Dutch still has the numbers advantage. Colombo thinks thinks the wolf pack is quite hungry, and Red says they'll feast on their corpse, because The Plan runs aaaalll of TFR, adds Papillon. But Aniki is not afraid, because he knows the man he thought was a leader of men is not leading anything—they are merely walking the same path, and eventually the selfishness in every one of them will consume from the inside out and break them apart, and Van will be there to watch their deep dark desires burst forth. But Wolff came to see some action, and Aniki has a proposal: all or nothing, winner takes all... the titles. The members of the plan prepare to reject such a huge risk, but Dutch steps forward and quickly accepts, believing this to be the final high-risk step to send the final opposition to the hospital with the others... and perhaps even become henchmen once they see there's no other way. Rightfully Dutch affirms that all they could muster is this one guy, no one in the locker room will support them, they still have the numbers disadvantage, nothing but mindgames. But they had one final trick... a final golden boy, and it's that self-reassurance which brought The Plan their downfall in the end.

    Episode 7

    ...it had to end this way, even if Aniki didn't particularly want it to and he told Dutch it would happen, but at least that's that and now the injured ones can celebrate retribution was delivered. Gold especially came in as their ace in the hole, who is glad all his time training proved worthwhile, and Van hopes he'll show up more. Wolff is "Tag Team Champions" and could defend the titles by himself, and the possibility does sound tempting, but as far as he's concerned the victory belongs to them all–they're all the bosses of the gym. So Wolff asks Aniki to defend by his side for the meantime, even if Ricardo wants to get off the hospital bed already, Aniki tells him to rest and accepts the invitation. Therapist gets Aniki's apologies for letting him get caught in this mess, but also his thanks for what he tried to do and imparting his bravery to stand up to them! Despite arriving later, Redfield already got out, a genetic freak and a reckless fool, call him Van and Therapist respectively. As for Dutch and co, Aniki doesn't think they'll show their face for a while, but as Wolff recalls, "a bad penny always turns up", so it's up to them to defend the locker room at all costs.

    Match History[edit]

    Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
    Van Darkholme Lose
    W0 L1 -1
    0 0 P
    Iconic Match
     Lords of the Locker Room
    Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain

    Stage: The Locker Room

    Aniki Lose
    W0 L2 -2
    0 1 P
    Iconic Match
     Lords of the Locker Room 2
    Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain

    Stage: Locker Room

    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    Lose Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
    S4E9.5/Royal Rumble (HCtP) Lose Christmas Special
    Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
    Aniki & Gold

    The Gym

    W1 L2 -1
    0 1 P
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
    Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
    Winner Takes All
    The Plan

    The Gym

    W2 L2 0
    0 1 P
    Iconic Match
     Winner Takes All: The Plan vs. The Heart
    For Title: TFR Tag-Team, Bad to the Bone

    Note: KO

    Note: Mark Wolff becomes (double) TFR Tag-Team champion due to KOing Red & Papillon

    Tag-Team Mark Wolff(TFR Tag-Team Champions) + Aniki (The Gym)

    The Hacks

    W3 L2 1
    0 1 P
    For Title: TFR Tag-Team

    History - G1[edit]

    Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details


    • According to soramimi, Mark Wolff is a hardcore otaku. He is the boyfriend of Yukiho Hagiwara, an iM@S character.
    • He is the reason why Ricardo Milos got so big in the first place through his film Jockbutt that was produced on November 26, 2006.


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