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A main character from Resident Evil 0.

Capcom forgot he existed.

Forgotten Zero[edit | edit source]

An Ex-Marine Second Lieutenant blamed for the massacring of a village he wasn't a part of.

In mid-1997, Coen was a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps with Force Recon. As the US was intervening in a civil war in Africa, his squad was sent out to confront guerrillas at their base in a deep jungle. The march to the base was long and arduous, fever spread among the men, and they were harassed by guerrillas. By the time they reached their destination, only four were left. When their target quickly turned out to be a village and not the guerrilla base, the squad leader ordered they massacre the villagers anyway. Coen disobeyed orders, and was knocked out with a rifle-butt while the other three executed all twenty-three villagers. Following the mission, faced with the escalating scandal, they agreed to a cover-up, and Coen was blamed for the deaths. He was found sane enough to stand trial, and deemed guilty under Clause 1; Article 118 of the UCMJ. He sentenced to death.

As he was driven up through the Arklay Mountains en route to his impending execution, during the trip, the vehicle was attacked by mutant leeches and crashed. Escaping out into the woods, Coen found the Ecliptic Express, and while looking around, met Rebecca Chambers, a S.T.A.R.S. medic who was out looking for him, being the suspect in the deaths of two MPs in his train. Coen persuaded her to cooperate with him in their effort to survive. The train soon began to run, restarted by Umbrella Security Service operators also infected by the leeches. The train ended up crashing into an underground railway station, itself beneath Umbrella's abandoned executive training center. During their exploration, the two uncovered evidence of illegal human research undertaken by facility director Dr. James Marcus, having infected a number of children with a prototype t-Virus and performed torturous experiments. As they reached a cable car, Coen was attacked by a B.O.W. and fell down a ledge into an underground stream, where he was swept away to a water treatment plant, and Chambers pursued. Both were monitored a "resurrected James Marcus", who had sent various creatures to subdue them, and then attacked. The two managed to temporarily subdue it, only to discover that a self-destruct protocol had been activated, caused by William Birkin to contain the outbreak. Matters became even more complicated when Marcus, actually the "Queen Leech" under the false impression it was the resurrection of its creator, mutated into a second form. Coen fended off the Queen Leech while Chambers opened the roof and exposed the leech to sunlight, making it vulnerable, and eventually was destroyed by Coen. They escaped the crumbling facility, and in the wake of the destruction, Chambers allowed him to escape, by telling her authorities that he subsequently perished in the Arklay Mountains, keeping his dog tags as proof. Coen escaped and was never to be seen again.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

During his escape, he met with Saejima Taiga, who made him learn about the value of doing their hard time, and the two gave themselves up to authorities and were sent to a special Sindrian prison, serving a long but non-lifetime time.

Episode 9

Things here are much better than the first time Kasuga Ichiban was in the slammer (Harry mumbles in the background), at least he was allowed to meet such a good bunch of people, and asks Billy Coen if things were always like this, but apparently things started to change when Warden Osborne started making things better for everyone. However, Saejima Taiga, who was in the previous prison he worked at, says it's hardly believable he's the same guy as back then, yet something must've happened to change him at some point. By the way, Ichiban asks Saejima for his "backstory", who says that they got him because he was escaping prison, so Ichiban instead asks about BEFORE that, and Saejima recounts that he was escaping prison... Ichiban turns to Billy, who also escaped prison, but he met his here friend who convinced him to go back in, since Saejima thinks they have to serve their hard time to the end. Al C. Traz would ask for tips, but their time is almost up, Ichiban even thinks he'll miss the place a bit. Since Saejima and Coen's shift is starting and Ichiban's group will probably be out before it ends, he invites them to some drinks whenever they get out (though it'll be a while, says Saejima).

Ichiban tells bear to take care of them, but bear signals out that someone is coming... and it's not their freedom party, but a beaten black and blue Osborne. The perpetrator soon appears, Heavyweight along with Crack Ripper and Toby Cream, claiming to have come to free Ichiban and his friends... free them from their mortal coils, because the so-called "Hero of Sindria" can't just waltz into their prison and do whatever he wants with that traitor Osborne. Al is surprised by Heavyweight's appearance, and tells Ichiban that the STC goons he was talking about are this guy's crew, Ichiban can't believe he missed the recurring villain like that. Heavyweight gets down to business and tells Ichiban the facts, that the higher ups, like Escharum, won't stand for snakes, and he has something to say...if he would pick up the phone... which he finally does, being quite annoyed until he realizes the situation. Seeing the traitorous warden already taken care of, he reminds Ichiban he must've known he was bound to meet a terrible fate, much like his friend Sinbad. He's surprised the hero could be so clueless, as Sindria lost the war months ago, having been one step ahead at all times, he wishes he could say it was difficult... but it wasn't. He hopes Kasuga Ichiban prays so that Heavyweight punishes his defiance now, because shall they ever meet again, the flesh will be peeled from his bones, and shall he run away, they will hunt him down, pursue wherever he goes... but it's good none of those are worth worry, because he'll be made an example of in the present. The call ends, and Heavyweight gets ready to get rid of his next target after traitors: the vermin! Al C. gets ready to fight, and with bear joining in too, Ichiban feels unstoppable with his party assembled.

Although Heavyweight and his henchmen fall (and don't drop any cool loot), the whole of Heavyweight's allies within the inmate body begins closing in. Lamenting not having more time to level up their bonds, Ichiban puts Harry on his back and runs. Cornered at the gate, Toby Cream gets up first and is ready to pummel Ichiban's group, but Saejima and Coen arrive just in time to defend them, hoping to not be too rusty. Still, the situation remains hopeless as things stand... until, with the last of his energy, Osborne managed to crawl to the security room and open the gate, even though he's done for... he counts on Kasuga Ichiban to protect Sindria... with his last moments. Somehow, Ichiban knew it was Osborne's doing and begins to run away, telling Saejima and Coen to come, but they claim they have both a long sentence and battle ahead, and won't be escaping either this time.

They weren't able to hold all of them back, but by that time Ichiban and friends were already gone.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
NON-CANON Enrico Marini Win
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose
Leon S. Kennedy, Ark Thompson, Enrico Marini, Marvin Branagh

Chris Redfield, HUNK, Piers Nivans, Billy Coen

Win Note: Ten fucking stars match holy shit
NON-CANON Aniki Lose