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A CIA agent sent on a dangerous mission on a plane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Hotheaded[edit | edit source]


Eight years after the death of Harvey Harvey Harvey Dent, mercenaries posing as local militia, headed by Barsad (the "Masketta Man"), turned over Russian scientist Dr. Leonid Pavel to the Agency in Uzbekistan. CIA was the case officer appointed to supervise Operation 98H1. In addition to Pavel, Masketta gave him three hooded prisoners whom he claimed were working for the "masketta man", but were in fact Bane himself and two hired guns who had a lotta loyalty. CIA's main motivation in capturing Bane was to obtain a promotion in the Agency. In fact, CIA was so hellbent on a promotion that he loaded the unidentified prisoners on his plane without checking their identities beforehand; if Barsad wanted to, he could have easily passed anybody on the CIA and pocketed the Agency's cash.

Bane's plan was to find out how much Pavel had told the CIA about his organization, fake the scientist's death while on board the flight, and then crash the plane with no survivors. To that end, a plane full of Bane's brothers secretly tailed the CIA plane whilst airborne.

Wilson tried to interrogate his prisoners about Bane, by pretending to shoot whoever remained silent before throwing them out of the plane so that they would be intimidated, but he was unsuccessful. Bane revealed himself as a Big Guy (For You), and pointed out that their attempts wouldn't work because the hooded men had no reason to give in when CIA was only putting on a show. He also told CIA of his plan as he removed Bane's hood, knowing that they would not survive the attack, and broke free of the restraints just as more of the mercenaries arrived from the other plane to shoot CIA's personnel. In addition, the mercenaries brought in a cadaver to transfer Pavel's blood to fake the doctor's death. Fortunately for CIA, he finally deduced that Bane's getting caught was all part of the mercenary's plan, and congratulated Bane for getting himself caught.

TCR/Season 1[edit | edit source]

Before the plane crash, CIA had taken hidden parachutes under his clothes, which he used to survive the plane crash. He was severely damaged and had to survive on scavenging for approx. 4 years. After being able to make his way to society, he searched for Bane in secret. Once able to locate his position, he found he was competing in a wrestling promotion called The Final Rumble. He tried to join but was promptly rejected, and since then trained for a year before being accepted under the brand The Cartel Rumble, where he awaits his rematch with Bane for his lost men and for ruining his career.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Bane Win
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P

One Fall

Ace Visconti vs CIA vs Hugh Neutron vs Harry Enfield Lose
W0 L2 -2
0 1 P
Battle Royale Heavy vs Kunt vs CIA vs Hugh Neutron vs Half Life 1 Scientist vs Patrick Bateman vs Goro Majima vs El Loco Bandito Lose
W0 L3 -3
0 1 P
1V3 Handicap (Rape) Mutou Yugi vs The Rapists: Big Show, CIA and Harold Lott Lose


Kunt vs Anthony Burch vs CIA vs Kenshiro Lose
W0 L4 -4
1 1 P

History - TFR[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Royal Rumble
Gordon Freeman, Seto Kaiba, Carlos, Megaman, Hideo Kojima, Dagoth Ur, CIA, Makoto Naegi Win Game: Fire Pro Wrestling World
Royal Rumble
  1. Kojima
  2. CIA (wrestler)
  3. Santa Claus
  4. Arcueid Brunestud
  5. Marie Poppo
  6. DSP
  7. Dagoth Ur
  8. Godot
Lose 『Christmas Special』
Game: FirePro Wrestling World

Abilities[edit source]

Hyper Intelligence Ever since CIA was born unto Walus Greene Smith, CIA has been given the power of Hyper Intelligence. CIA often got bullied at school for his massive amount of intelligence. He seems to know a great deal about shooting men before throwing them out of planes; it is not known whether or not his bullies ever suffered such a fate at the hands of CIA.
Intense Charisma With CIA's lust ability, he can attract any human being (or sometimes, according to the book trilogy, animals as well) whether it be male or female. Only 5 times has this led to sexual activity. When activating his charisma ability, he shakes his hind quarters (sometimes with his hand attached to his belt loops). It was unclear how he got this ability, and it was implied that he gained it after sucking radioactive dick.
Resurrection CIA has the power of resurrection. Due to a gypsy curse, he will be resurrected if the source of his death was directly or indirectly caused by a big guy. This power, while unknown to most of his adversaries and enemies, can be seen/hinted during his encounters. In the second book of the trilogy, titled "Avenging the Hothead", CIA showed no fear whilst fighting Batman Bateman in his cave Paul Allen's apartment, which he found the location for after he had used his charisma power with Bruce Wayne's butler. This bravery can also be seen in the movie adaptation of CIA's biggest encounter. He enabled Bane and unhooked his hand cuffs because he wanted to fight him without consequence of permanent death. It was rumored by many of the scriptwriters of the movie that CIA's plan was originally to use his Charisma ability to seduce Bane, but no confirmation exists.
Head Temperature Control This ability allows CIA to monitor and change the temperature of his head (mainly forehead area). This power became apparent after Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hothead ability was used on CIA. He was able to lower his head temperature to a satisfying 70 degrees fahrenheit.
Being in Charge CIA's belt provides him with the ability to be—or at least FEEL—in charge here.
Firearms Handling Expertise CIA's skill with his personal firearm involves cocking the hammer back and scaring people into thinking he's shot them before he's thrown them from a plane. This ability to gather information without having to kill someone is remarkable and proves that in CIA's hands, the gun is mightier than the pen.

Gallery[edit | edit source]