Barnacle Jim

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Barnacle Jim is a piece of shit who came to TCR in hopes of getting his hole fucked up and his small wet prick damaged beyond repair. His face is extraordinarily long and when he walked into the TCR arena for the first time he actually smacked the rafters down and it took 5 hours and the fire department to hoist his world trade forehead back up again.

Jim's damaged hole is the reason The Cartel Rumble exists in the first place. The Final Rumble have repeatedly sent agents to attempt to heal Jim's hole so that TCR can no longer exist, but every time they arrive, they find that his hole has been damaged not only by the TCR staff, but by Jim himself.

Jim's face is so long that it's visible from space.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Spigot found him sucking off bikes in the parking lot and so he gave him a sound philadelphia ass-whooping and forced him to sign an apology letter for being a gay pissed-on faggot weiner that likes to suck off bikes. of course the average packrat can outsmart this dipshit and he actually signed a contract now he's forced to lose in TCR until his contract runs out (eternity)
  • Barnacle Jim doesn't shower, unless it's a golden shower dispensed by his work peers. The Magical World is believed to have a shady deal in place in his downtime.
  • Barnacle Jim's face is used as the airport landing strip onto which the other wrestlers arrive. This explains how they're able to obtain flight plans on such short notice. In addition, his face is long enough to act as the air control tower.
  • Jim's faggot wiener is the target for the nearby frolf league. They are able to dismember his tiny, wet dick at 500 paces with a single well-tossed frisbee.