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"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven." ― Paradise Lost

The Fallen King of Dimes and Death[edit | edit source]

The original personality of Ushiromiya Battler after being rejected by his original body being unable to accept the almighty psychological trauma from Kojima's torture, and replacing it with Hachijo Tohya.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

When Battler lost his last match against 47, the Focusing Stone that had been tampered by Kojima brought him to his blank new universe where he was endlessly tortured.

After the mental death of Ushiromiya Battler, his intense feelings of despair and hatred at the betrayal by Sminem refused to move on and descended to hell, where they congregated and stagnated to manifest as all the world's evil.

When Kotomine Kirei descended to Hell and used a carefully planned strategy to defeat the former King of Hell, Mr. Bones (inhabiting the vessel of La Parka) to obtain the caged beast, he also was granted the right to chose the next ruler of Hell, and the priest stated "Ushiromiya Battler, or what was left of him, shall be appointed as the new King".

Thus, the astray bundle of feelings and spirit was given a container in the form of La Parka II. But he felt such a vessel was insufficient. So, the priest had an idea, and with the help of his servants in hell and some business partners, the idea took shape. This game would be his vengeance, his ultimate retribution to those that wronged him, a liberation from the script to the participants, and would also net him the strongest vessel after testing all of them.

Episode 1

The first thing he did was announce a special conferences regarding the aftermath of the Kojima Incident, and have Postal Dude make all the intended candidates sign a petition to sign in. However, as extra wrestlers showed up that were less... important, he had them included as well for his cause.

Once everyone had showed up, he appeared through the TV to announce the start of the death game and the rules. He instantly beings the Death Game by executing a candidate, one of his most hated enemies, HUNK, by surprise.

To trim off the uselessness, he holds 2 death rumbles between the non-candidates where the first 10 eliminated are instantly sentenced to the wild ride. All of the eliminated participants are put on the Wild Ride Coaster, and sent to their doom.

Episode 2

As everyone is panicking, the TV turns back on and La Parka announces how the death game will operate tonight.

Episode 4

Once again the TV is turned on with the host on it forebonding death, announcing the theme for the matches is "Friendship". Sacrifice, quarrel, cooperation, unity, companion, power, all aspects of it to be explored.

Agent 47 becomes angry at the mention of friendship since Max died on one of the first rumbles and asks about why he is doing this, but La Parka just says that he's merely the host. 47 screams that he'll "question" his servants then, but La Parka calmly states that they don't know anything, and it would break the rules if he did outside of a match anyway. Saihara then notices an old man in a wheelchair in a corner, but 47 just shouts that he's a deaf, blind old man and none of their concern.

When both polls are set, La Parka states the catch: only 10 will be left in the Main Vote, which will be a Minority Vote as well, but the Special Vote will have half of the participants in it die, so the options will be very limited resulting in a higher lethality rate. But before that, the 14 participants of the Main Vote will participate in a card game, gambling for a chance to higher their odds... or lower them.

Episode 6

From the TV, a looming voice of dread rises. The theme is "Rivalries", and for such an occasion, he has brought special "guests" that have completely Immunity, meaning a safe way to survive.

Upon Kyle Hyde pressing the button, La Parka tells him that he sucks and is on a special vote now.

When 47 goes insane after meeting Battler and seeing him not react to him, and La Parka reveals that the guests are actually something he calls "Dolls", artificial beings that could have another objective.

This causes Agent 47 to have a breakdown.

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

The fifth part of the death game begins with La Parka suddenly congratulating everyone for having the hidden dolls in the game executed. Everyone is surprised to hear that five of the participants were indeed fake, but La Parka refuses to disclose their identities.

After laughing at the dwindling number of participants, La Parka summons a large number of his dolls, some of which are perished participants of the game. 47 goes crazy saying that he saw Max last week, but the bone man says that he carefully chose participants that weren't good friends with each other. 47 goes even more insane...

Aaaaaaaaaaahh?! You call this amusing?! What's wrong with your head?!! Die!

Go slice your head to bits and look inside, you'll see there's nothing there!!!

I won't forgive you!! How could you do something so cruel?!!

I've sometimes thought you could be a bit funny, but I'll never make that mistake again!

You're just a monster who's cruel on all levels!!! Don't show yourself in front of me!! Never again!!

I won't accept you! I won't talk with you! I don't even want to look at your face!!

Did you hear me?!! Don't show yourself in front of me!


...and runs away. After enjoying himself at the sight, Parka says that the dolls probably won't recognize other participants. Kyle wonders about Postal Dude's doll, and remembers along with the other Mystery Masters that Postal Dude had given all of them a petition, but it was actually a disguised invitation into the death game, and La Parka laughs in their face about bringing it to themselves.

Drake asks the TV to turn on, with the skeletal host wondering if he wants to voluntarily join the Wild Ride. Drake considers it, but instead asks about his match tonight, and gets answered that since no one wanted to team with him, he's gonna fight with 3 dolls on his team. When going to his match, Drake notices Andrei Ulmeyda almost lifelessly in a corner and tries to cheer him up, but seeing as he is unresponsive and thinks of him too broken, leaving after apologizing.

When Edgeworth interrogates Mr. X to find out Tommy Wiseau was actually Edward Richtofen after being affected by The Parasite, and then removes it from him and obtains the Focusing Stone, La Parka appears terrified.

Not the stone... NOT THIS DAMN STONE!

Out of all artifacts in this world... This one...

This is the worst...

Why did the stone have to fall into the hands of the worst person imaginable?!

I've gotta get it back!

I can say... without a doubt... The one person in the world I wouldn't want to have it...


You should drop it! I'm telling you! DROP IT RIGHT NOW!

Mr. X holds the stone high and shuts down the death game, stating that the timeline is being isolated.

Episode 10

When everything is shut down and the participants enter in the now unhidden Wild Ride Door, discovering the corpses of their brethren, La Parka shows up in the flesh (bones?) with the dolls of Miami Mutilator and Postal Dude holding shotguns, and proceeds to obliterate Mr. X into smithereens, seemingly along with the stone. He then orders everyone to leave unless they want to end the same way.

In the meeting room, he explains how the Wild Ride didn't break their bodies, but rather their mind. But seeing as they broke the rules, he decides it's time to get physical as the ones who were going to the poll last time will now face very personal deathmatches, this is how they'll see just how serious he is about the game. When Richtofen wakes up, he announces a meeting after his match to demostrate what will happen tonight.

Before it begins, Drake and Tony mention that the dolls can't be anything but human, and La Parka concedes, that the thing he calls "dolls" are in fact human, to which 47 jumps when being vindicated about Max. But La Parka laughs maniacally at how pathetic he keeps becoming, and reveals they are humans from an alternate time, they likely are missing memories and are in fact modified to answer to the death game host's will, all thanks to his business partners' machine.

Moving on to the good part, La Parka presents what will be used for the executions: A Gun. Everyone involved in the matches will participate in the execution.

Once the executions are out of the way, he gathers all the remaining dolls into the conference room.

First, can you see how I've gathered all my dolls here, in front of you all?

Well... my second question is...

Do you like fireworks?

All of the dolls explode into gore, covering the entire room and everyone in it in blood, organs and other bodily materials.

With that, La Parka states that a door has opened that contains the final challenge of this game, leaving to the door.

Episode 12[edit | edit source]

The last surviving participants arrive at the final area of the game: The ring of The Final Trial, surrounded by podiums for the discussion that will take place.

La Parka explains how those who fail on their logic will be doomed to deathmatches, and Saihara wonders if he's deliberately giving an advantage to people gifted in logic.

The first question: What is the full, non-abbreviated name of the company that owns the lab where that artifact (the focusing stone) was modified?

Saihara urges everyone to get as much info as possible, but the discussion is quickly lead astray by bickering. So Saihara thinks back to the story Mr. X told and how his knowledge seemed like a direct connection to "SC", plus the fact that he had never talked until that point. Wright figures what it could mean thinking back on his creator, but just then, the time for discussion ends.Wright, Drake, and Pegasus are up to answer; Drake has a breakdown and doesn't answer, while Pegasus only answers 'Sorry, Commander' to fulfill his wish of dying in battle, meanwhile Wright got the correct answer. Saihara finds it suspicious that Wright knew the answer but didn't share it, but ignores it to keep going.

The second question by La Parka: Who were they? (The dolls mixed between the participants)

Before the discussion can start, Mr. America blasts off about Samoa Joe. Hyde actually agrees, because, in this game, he had both of his arms. As Saihara points out, the real Joe had a bionic arm installed. Edgeworth then points out that the next most likely clones are those coming from the other company, James Sunderland and Patrick Bateman, for the fact that they showing up at all is suspicious and they don't have enough time to consider everyone. Drake then remembers something, seeing a child carrying someone in the room with all the corpses, and Majima adds that the kid was Alice, and the one she was carrying was Walter. Before Saihara can discuss the final doll, time is up and La Parka announces that that tony guy, Bane and Kyle are up to answer. Bane and Tony get the last person wrong and have to fight, but Kyle had thought of taking a risk and then an idea comes to mind: the person who was in the room with the button must have been a traitor, meaning Hachijo Tohya was a doll. La Parka announces the correct answer, but Kyle asks where the real versions of the dolls are, and La Parka decides to answer this once: wherever.

La Parka shoots the third and final question without time to debate: Which episode is this?

Kiryu, Mr. America, Knoxville and Edgeworth are up to answer, but strangely all but Edgeworth had gotten it wrong. Saihara tells La Parka to shut up and explain how they got it wrong, who simply says that they answered that it was the 12th episode of the 5th season. While most think it's right, Edgeworth refutes that this has been TFR from episode 1, which would put the number of episodes at 53, which sends Saihara into shock over it happening again.

La Parka feels that it's time to reveal the truth; much like TFR is a place to solve all of humanity's conflicts, it is also a beloved show, even with it's own mascot, OPkuma. Much like Steel Samurai, TFR is part of a bigger franchise, The Rumble, produced by Team Rumble, with The Final Rumble being it's final series. The Rumble series is actually a huge experiment, a cruel little world where they must constantly produce conflict and fight each other. Team Rumble had done the same with many people before just like them but they got closest to their objective in the current try. The objective was artificial world peace by endless entertainment, and after 52 attempts, the 53rd episode of the 53rd season was supposed to be the culminating point of the series. But thanks to his efforts and a certain doctor stealing the stone that would be used to restart the universe without the undesirable ones, it put a wrench in their plans. And this death game is an act of liberation, to not erased nor forgotten, but reject Team Rumble's cruel destiny. Saihara calls it madness, but the OPkuma robot interrupts stating that Sminem Corporation stock will go up, to which La Parka adds to it's perfect timing, as SC is nothing more than a subsidiary of Team Rumble, and the very heads of Team Rumble are none other than The Bogdanoffs and the false prophet, Sminem. Wright reacts violently to the claim, but Sminem was always behind the heroes while The Bogdanoff were always behind the villains, Sminem could predict the future because he had written it, all for the goal of their artificial world.

That's why La Parka offers the enlightenment of the one who saved him: the priest. As people start to believe, Agent 47 denies such claims, and Saihara threatens that it must be another way to toy with them. La Parka asures that they must think Battler is proud of them... indeed, one of the reason for starting this death game was that white haired man. Tohya springs forth bound and gagged from the floor to everyone's surprise. He wanted to personally torture this man, for he was HUNK himself unmasked, Team Rumble's greatest enforcer.

The skeleton prepares his last question for 47 and Saihara: Who's at fault for your suffering?

Saihara thinks back on everything and how he must want Sminem as the answer, but the more he thinks the more he becomes entrapped in doubt. And then, shining from his pocket, the stone shows him another possibility, an alternate history that did not come to be is clearly shown to everyone, where Sminem sacrificed himself to save them from a calamity. Sminem calls bones for his farce of a question, as Sminem sacrificed himself, and Battler was reborn from Tohya. La Parka breaks down, falling behind the podium. As OPkuma spews marketing taglines, Saihara urges Mr. Bones to face the truth, but, smashing the toy doll while getting up, he states that "bones" was a name falsely assigned to him.

The End of Hope

His actual name is BANS, what he was called down in Hell, standing for "Battler After Not Surviving". Everyone is frozen and unable to speak, so 'BANS' begins telling a story: An underdog who scratched and clawed for each win, who worked for the 'prophet', but a man would not let him go, culminating in his defeat at the end of their feud. The artifact he was carrying started glowing and he found himself in a new world. But that place was a trap, he was tormented by the unstable reality surrounding him, magic tormenting him as it took shape, it felt like suffering countless deaths, yet the ride would never end. He felt that nonexistence was a better fate, but then a gream of hope appeared, his old boss had shown up, but instead of saving him, it took the artifact and left. The despair was so great that his psyche was broken, and the man known as Ushiromiya Battler had died. But the strong feelings that he felt didn't vanish, instead descending to another plane and became the manifestation of all the world's evil. Meanwhile, a priest descended to hell and defeating it's master, appointed what was left of Battler as the new king of hell, and much like La Parka I was the vessel of the former king, La Parka II was the vessel of the new one. And with that, he got the idea of a death game to find the most appropriate vessel to replace La Parka II. By enacting his vengeance, the last 10 will engage in a war to become his vessel against their will.

Everyone is speechless, but 47 makes his answer. The question didn't matter, just who answered first to challenge him. Saihara asks why he wrote his own name, to which 47 responds that it was his way of atoning; he had known for a while about the truth, but he refused to accept it, and took such a ridiculous persona to avoid the fact.

However, 47 is defeated, and hope is lost. BANS shoots Tohya in the head, and The Final Rumble begins.

Miles Edgeworth is the lone survivor, and when Kirei arrives, their dark ritual begins...

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Since the collapse of the other universe, BANS and Kirei have been presumed dead, but an aura of uncertainty looms over every single person in the locker room.

Episode 3

When peace seems like it almost set, he returns, revealing himself as the leader of the rioters dissatisfied with TFR. After Agent 48 walked in on one of their meetings, he is shot to death, and then readies his plan to lay siegue at the company.

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

The Rioters set up a bomb, knocking a portion of the wrestlers associated with the Order of the Locker Room, and make their way to Hideo's office taking out or distracting anyone in their way, and force him to book a show in their favor.

As wrestlers defend TFR, he gets the feel that something is coming and Kuzunoha Raidou informs him that The Three Kings might intend to use their top priority project to level the playing field.

After witnessing Rando defeat his minions Duke Nukem and Helltaker he finds him to be an interesting opponent and wished to test his new body on him. Unfortunately he was no match for "The Broken Man" with the current state of his body resisting him.

He exits the stage with Kirei Kotomine and several of his followers as the rumbling reaches its peak and leaves Rando to his fate.

Episode 5

12 years in the future, BANS leads the faction known a BANS Army and it's legions of chaos as the most important group fighting The Three Kings and Sminem Corp.

Episode 7

While visiting one of his more prominent subordinates, Dark Serge, The Final Resistance invades his fortress. He concludes the meeting and leaves with Kirei, leaving it to Serge to take care of it.

In the end, he was defeated and the soul inhabiting him vanished.

Episode 10

After Johnny Gat manages to win the special recruitment rumble despite losing an arm, BANS has his sponsors give him a demonic arm from the best scientists at his disposal. Gat affirms it was wise to hire him before he got to kill all his recruits, but BANS believes in all of them to become wins, or die in the process.

Episode 17

Fuses with Black Battler to become Shadow BANS btfos Date Kaname but Agent 49 banishes him back to Hell.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Ironman 20' Agent 47 (0-5) Win
W1 L0 1
5 0 P
Note: A rematch with the assassin that ends in him avenging his previous defeat, but at what cost....
Ironman 20'
Agent 47 (3-6) Win Game: 2K20
Ironman 20'
Falls Count Anywhere
Saihara Shuichi (3-3) Draw
Rando Lose
W1 L1 0
5 1 P
Ironman 30' Date Kaname (2-4) Win
W2 L1 1
9 3 P
As: Shadow BANS
Royal Rumble
  1. Sakakura Juzo
  2. Fred Jones
  3. Aniki
  4. Rando
  5. Suou Tatsuya
  6. Chris Redfield
  7. Bevi
  8. HUNK
  9. Coyote
  10. Van Darkholme
  11. Kasuga Ichiban
  12. Adol Christin
  13. Mitake Toujirou
  14. Jacket
  15. Leon S. Kennedy
  16. Kotomine Kirei
  17. Gene
  18. Ooishi Kuraudo
  19. Rean Schwarzer
  20. Second Carlos
  21. Mario
  22. Mr. BANS
  23. Agent 49
  24. Narushima Koga
  25. Aleph
  26. Haze Stratos
  27. JOKER
  28. Rance
  29. Kido Reiji
  30. Date Kaname
Lose Elimination #21
NON-CANON Chris Redfield Lose
NON-CANON Mitake Toujirou Lose TFR's 2nd Anniversary
As: Shadow BANS
BANS, Agent 47, Saihara Shuichi Win Game: WWE 2K20
Ironman 30'
HUNK (4-5) Win
Iconic Match
Game: WWE 2K20

Note: Direct port of 2k19 HUNK into 2k20

Note: BANS started with a 0-2 disadvantage, but somehow he turned it around using finisher after finisher when he became serious

Miles Edgeworth (6-5) Lose
Iconic Match
Game: WWE 2K20

Note: The Vessel was a hard one to make submit indeed

NON-CANON Sans Win Game: WWE 2K20
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE 2K20

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Shadow Fiend
  • Shadow BANS' design was based on Shadow Fiend.

Gallery[edit | edit source]