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"G'Day Mate!" ― An Aussie when e's in a good mood.

Australia, also known as The Black Forest, Continent of the Black Forest, and The Dark Continent, is a piece of landmass and pure evil that actively seems to hate mankind.

History[edit | edit source]

"Tha best feckin' country on tha planet, despite currently burnin' down at ten kilometers a second and having an absolute cuck as prime ministah."

"A bloody long toime agoe, three of tha smartest cunts known to dhis world; Marco Angelo, 'Enry Five, and Juli Cesar, decided that Ol' England was feckin' naff, haulin' out to a new land with nothin' but a canoe and a can of beans. After an epic journey that included tha guest appearances of tha Kraken, several hawt babes, and even God 'emself, they made it to tha magical land of Auz'. Declaring the land theirs, they established a chad republic, then promptly burned it cuz' thats feckin' gay. Establishing themselves as gods, they declared tha new land be named AUSTRALIA, combining their energy to build tha capital, Sydney, tha only city on tha planet that isn't a shithole."
—Accounts from a local man.

Description[edit | edit source]

Australia used to have a unique climate, but at some point got taken over by what some call "The Seed of Evil". Accounts say that the being from this forest are "not right", there has been some strange plans like "a tree that drips acid", "a bush made purely of microscopic glass shards", and "a plant whose substance make light burn human skin".

Human settlements have to constantly face the beasts produced from the darkness of the land like giant fuck-off spiders, but Australians seem to enjoy taking on these, and even make unlikely allies with Kangaroos and Emus in time of need.

FACTS[edit | edit source]

  1. Invented tha "High-Five".
  2. Is tha biggest country on the planet.
  3. Has the biggest Spiders on the planet.
  4. And the biggest Croc's.
  5. And Snakes.
  6. And Bats.
  7. Australians have twice the chest-hair compared to every other nationality.
  8. Roo's are one of our long-lost ancestors, making Aus' the actual birthplace of humanity.
  9. Is home to Battler's pet Wombat