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The Anti-Todd Corps, also known as the Counter-Todd Strike Force or Counter-Todd Task Force, was a shortlived organization in TFR.

Description[edit | edit source]

A group of wrestlers who had a grudge against the rising Demonic Merchant and formed an "army" against the Demon's Order.

History[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Episode 8

After declining future-demon ally Dutch van der Linde's offer, Maximillion Pegasus used his money to create a resistance against the man rising up to take over wrestling, Todd Howard, and named his old friend Erwin Smith as commander, to select a group of TFR "champions" who would be making an effort to defeat The Dark Prince of Zenimax.

Episode 9

The soldiers to resist the Demon King are now all gathered as Fred Jones, Aniki, Ricardo Milos and Majima Goro. They listen intently to (but completely disregard) Erwin Smith's counter-attack plan. Pegasus enters the room and claps to such great planning, reminding everyone if they don't follow Erwin's orders, not only will they live in the Howard Reality but in the Shadow Realm as well. Back on topic, Erwin announces King Pegasus has also hired The Mystery Masters as Intelligence Team.

Episode 10

The conference room now gathers most of the Locker Room. Thanks to the intelligence team (and them alone) Erwin announces they have learned of the Mind-Link's true purpose, and the plan is now two-pronged: a group will defend the Locker Room, and another will confront Todd's forces. Either way, each victory will weaken the demon's strength. After all's said and done, someone will go to strike directly.

But for now, it's the time to train. Before the conference can end, a seething Nero bursts through the door asking for Dante before leaving just as hurriedly and enraged when nobody knows where he is. Perhaps a fated meeting that inspired who would be the ones decided to confront the demon directly.

Episode 11

The Demon King War begins, as Dutch, Ruber, and Fargoth move in to attack; The Butterflies defeat and break away Men With a Plan's Mind-Links, but Majima is not so lucky with Fargoth.

Episode 12

Fred Jones attacks and defeats The Janitor, severing his Mind-Link, and Nero, while protecting the locker room, is ambushed by Adachi Tohru, before the two vanish without a trace (but Adachi's Mind-Link remains giving Todd power).

Seeing no other way out, Erwin Smith had decided to make up for his lack as a commander by pulling one final gamble and potentially sacrificing himself: Todd's caged beast, a warrior so strong Todd had to keep sealed and immobile to keep him connected to the Mind-Link, was the biggest contributing factor to his strength and also his trump card. For the greater good, he liberated and distracted the beast, Doomguy, drawing his ire in the process and paying with his life.

While the war happened, the demonic swordsmen Dante and Vergil, previous victims and unwilling allies of the Demon King respectively, headed to the Demon Palace Bethesda located in The Throat of the World, where they challenged Todd and defeated him as the falsehood of his power was unveiled for all to see. With the power of the Yamato used into him, he was divided into a human side that fell into a coma, and a frail demonic side that escaped to Hell to plan revenge (and was shortly after vanquished by Doomguy).

Thus marked the end of the Demon King War, and the group silently disbanded and went their own ways.

Members[edit | edit source]