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A brand during Season 0 and The Extinct Light.

Description[edit | edit source]

AEW (Amakusa Elite Wrestling, formerly known as Amon Elite Wrestling), is a brand originally formed by the renowned Amon Clan of superior fighters, known to be full of anti-draws and flippy shitters, before becoming Amakusa Juuza's star project, still full of anti-draws and flippy shitters. Originally, AEW constantly tries to rise above other brands such as TFR by using methods such as constant debuts or redebuting old talent, but in the end they never manage to quite reach that "milly". But after getting acquired and changing itself, it came to be one of TFR's fiercest competitors that kept draining TFR's declining vitality with it's talent acquisitions.

History[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

After witnessing the defeat of Hazz Maticus' plans, the Amon Clan moves into action to take over Coolsville and make AEW the most popular brand now that TFR is down. By challenging Coolsville's strongest warriors, they seek to prove they are the strongest brand, and they set themselves firmly in Coolsville Hills.

To: The Dragon and others

This is a challenge to all of you. To the biggest wrestlers around Coolsville. If you're willing to defend the current rotten state of this business, then you shall face us. However, I'm afraid it would be pointless todo so, considering our immense strength. Our new promotion has some of the most talented people to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. We will eagerly await your decision.

- The Amon Clan

Although the war is dire, AEW is one step away from victory until their secret weapon, Amon Phoenix, betrays them by revealing he is actually Phoenix Wright. Thus, defeated, they returned to the indies to bid their time...

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

After the complete defeat of Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling cost also leaving The Final Rumble in a terrible state, Okonogi Tetsurou acquires Amon Elite Wrestling and places it in the care of their protege, Amakusa Juuza, rebranding it to Amakusa Elite Wrestling. Since the plot cast by Sminem was revealed, many TFR staff members also caught in it or disgusted by it left the company, which made conditions on the fed even worse; it was at that point that AEW showed itself and took advantage by offering much better contracts and conditions than TFR could currently offer in its present state. Many wrestlers weren't in a condition to reject the terms they were offering, and made the jump once their contracts expired, sometimes under a new gimmick; loyalty became something scarce in TFR, while AEW kept debuting it's way to steal the loyalty of the "fans".