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A character from the Harry Potter series.

WELL DONE, HOWEVER[edit | edit source]

The headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, a mage who always pulls something from his sleeve to reverse the situation.

He always says things calmly.

The Darkweb Rumble[edit | edit source]

Joins one of those moogle wrestling things to adapt to the mundane for his oncoming "traditional Slytherin slaughter".

Episode 6

Teachs that damn Slytherin brat a lesson.

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

Now that he's in Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling, he's decided to eliminate all the damn Slytherin in Paris from the face of the earth, and the country too for good measure.

Episode 1

When questioned about the recent murder, he only answers that if he was Slytherin, then it was well deserved.

Fights a suspected Slytherin member but his underhanded tricks get to him. Filthy cheaters all of them.

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

When Mishina Eikichi hears Cronos de Medici and Albus Dumbledore mention "Gas Chamber" he interject to say that they are recruiting members. Completely misunderstanding the situation, Cronos joins him due to his blue "obelisk" uniform, and Dumbledore thinks it's a real gas chamber. When they are missing a member, Dumbledore mentions an old friend who wants to dispose of elves fast.

They debut the band's first track by Dumbledore and Cronos fighting Walter White & Jesser while Eikichi sings in the sideline

Episode 3

When The Okonogis are about to give a conference about the recent murder case, Eikichi decides it's time for the first Gas Chamber all night backstage concert.

Okabe Rintarou calls upon the Soul Brothers to stop them, but when the match ends with Keiichi Vs Dumbledore, the latter decides to draw when he sees K1's prowress.

Episode 4

After they can't play, Eikichi gets an idea and contacts his friend Nanjo to see if they can buy the RV outside as a band car. Jesse negotiates to sell it for 3quid if they win. If Gas Chamber wins instead, it's free.

Episode 5

During Draft Night, the Okonogis get in the way so they don't play any loud music, but they defeat them and "play their music".

Episode 8

Fights Micah Bell for solo contendership into the tournament, but the american man goes over and he ends up injured.

Episode 9

Due to Gale's planning, the Gas Chamber fights on the 3-on-3 without Eikichi against the The Bystery Busters. The Gas Chamber and Bystery Busters get ready for their match, with Beato and Dumbledore debating about magic, Garithos gets angry about the non-human witch, and Cronos berates Apollo for being a slicker slacker; Amami decides he will end this tag team match while their guard is down. And he does.

TFR/Off-Season 9: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

Dumbledore notices the TFR Manager finally arriving, who was trapped in traffic despite it being a rare occurrence in this city, and he has brought their latest recruit with him: Dumblefer! One who was able to bring them a lot of points already in a critical moment, and will ensure promotion of TFR across all of England, even if that means bringing in another Dumbledore or Saihara! Dumbledore asks if he believes he can pull any kind of magic in this company, which of course Dumblefer agrees, and he even brought along the best magician available to him: Harry Potter! He enters and introduces himself, and Dumblefer names him a 10/10 talent in the roster, someone who has a magical potential few others do. With one swift spells, he delivers more points to the company, directly to the hands of TFR executives. Dumbledore cheers.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Due to Gas Chamber's great acclaim, Dumbledore has been able to spread the good word against filthy Slytherin scum even further.

Episode 1

Newspaper reports confirm Gas Chamber's next concert to take place at the home of the Coolsville Suckers football team.

Episode 6

Amakusa Juuza has managed to not only secure a concert from the band in their next live event, but the band itself as part of the Amakusa Elite Wrestling roster! Their first show: the debut title match for the AEW Quartets Championship!

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Draco Malfoy Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Sam Stone Lose
W1 L1 0
1 1 P
Tag-Team The Methé

Gas Chamber

W2 L1 1
2 1 P
Gas Chamber

The Soul Brothers

W2 L1 1
2 1 P
Okonogi Tetsurou

Gas Chamber

W3 L1 2
2 1 P
Note: Count-out ended the match despite match type somehow
Hisoka & Houjou Satoko & Albus Dumbledore

Rean Schwarzer & Makunouchi Ippo & Mario

W4 L1 3
3 1 P
The Bystery Busters Lose
W4 L2 2
3 2 P
TFR vs. BCW: The Final Tournament」
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W4 L3 1
3 2 P
For Title: Literal Jobber Title Contender
Albus Dumbledore & Zagreus, Okonogi Tetsurou & Amakusa Juuza, The Architect & Charles, Tonegawa Yukio & Date Kaname Lose
W4 L4 0
3 2 P
For Title: Undisputed Tag-Team #1 Contenders
The Workrate Squad

Gas Chamber

W4 L5 -1
3 2 P
For Title: AEW Quartets