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I, AI Eye[edit | edit source]

An "AI-BALL" developed by Pewter of the ABIS for Date Kaname, she is an AI developed from "part of Date's consciousness" that resides in his robotic eye. The AI can dive into the "Somniums" of people where she acts as Date's avatar.

Date nicknamed her Aiba, and despite being supposed to be his voice of reason, she's a huge dork as well.

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

With Aiba listing possible locations for a culprit, Date arrives to The Final Rumble.

TFR/Season 4[edit | edit source]

An important case has made Date leave the ring temporarily in the middle of the season.

TCR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Despite Aiba's warnings, Date visits The Cartel Rumble.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

As things calm down, Date slowly starts investigating the unusual circumstances of TFR.

Episode 1

Date suspects things are strangely calm and starts his investigation. He heads to the GM's office as Sminem has gone missing again, adding to the untrustfulness towards the board of directors.

He decides to ask the The Mystery Masters, when... he sees Raiden carrying a porno mag and fights him for it. He puts an Aiba koikatsu card as bargain for it, but...

Episode 3

Aiba tries to help Date break into Raiden's locker, but he is too dumb for that, and then gets knocked-out from behind.

Episode 5

Date distracts both Hideo and his bodyguard according to Aiba's simulations to get into his office, and access his computer. Aiba hacks in and finds... the live feed of the Death Game. Date then rushes out of the office.

Episode 7

Date confronts Hideo, but he is unwilling to do anything about the real perpetrator that might cause an effect outside the death game, and so Date has Aiba call Ooishi to figure something out...

Episode 9

While trying to put Kotomine Kirei into custody, he summons a huge fucking boulder, and Dare and Raiden are hopeless to do anything against it. Aiba quickly runs her simulations and has Date screan "aryan sperm", summoning Chris Redfield, who saves them from the magic boulder but is ultimately killed by it.

Episode 12

When Date meets a complex old man in a truck, he has Aiba search him and also investigate the tag "age_difference", which she refuses.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Date becomes even more interested in making "cards" of female wrestlers...

Episode 2

When Date tries to arrest Rean Schwarzer for assaulting Rando, Aiba reveals he really though he was involved in the death game because of his vaguely skeleton-like mask, and he's let go.

Episode 3

Bullies Date for keeping his cards hidden from Raiden.

Episode 4

After complaining that Aiba didn't wake him up with one of her shocks, Date is told what is going on...

Episode 6

12 years in the future after the disaster, Aiba is still lodged in Date's skull, even if he hardly does any investigating recently.

While on The Final Resistance's raid of Tazuna Industries, Date asks her to map the entire facility "for a good cause", just like he asked to hack some guy's subscription to a "performance arts" website. After Date loses his match against Tazuna Joe, she runs out of battery so he escapes.

Episode 9

After Date loses to Joe once again, he is captured by the forces of The Three Kings.

Episode 11

After escaping from the facility after Date began being experimented upon, she eventually is found by Narukami Yu and lodges into his empty eyesocket as well. Yu vows to do whatever it takes to rescue Date.

Episode 14

Reaching the Coolsville Arena, the time to rescue Date draws near.

Episode 15

Narukami successfully negotiated with the General Manager of the arena to regain the wrestler known as "Agent 50" with two conditions, first that Raiden (MG) has to beat him, and second, him and Juzo will have to face Tazuna Joe and Godzilla together to bring "fujo dimes". Raiden is initially doubtful about fighting his friend, but realizes that if it's to bring him back he needs to give it his all.

Raiden does defeat Agent 50...

Episode 16

But Date just becomes unconscious. Aiba tries to jump into his eye, but another AI-BALL is in there with a harmful program. Aiba engages Terry-AI in a hacking fight and successfully deletes it, bringing back Date who is very confused at being bald now. Feels good to be home.

Episode 17

BANS power is too much and doesn't let Aiba assist Date in combat due to interference, but he somehow survives despite losing.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

An autistic AI in a degenerate man's eye.

Episode 4

Date talks with Piers Nivans and Enrico Marini of Redfield's squad, but he can't understand what the latter is saying at all, making Aiba wonder if she needs to up his dosage.

Date thanks as Enrico and Piers leave on their way, and Date tries to scan the van with Aiba's X-Ray vision without finding anything, so he tries to get closer, but Date encounters Big Pussy, a hostess, and figures she's playing a security guard, which gets him excited. When Big Pussy is about to show him why she's the #2 hostess on the club, Date jumps right into the match, but he was too excited to think carefully and was defeated.

Episode 5

After a pleasant dream with Reika, Date awakens to the coldness of reality after incessant nagging from Aiba, and finds himself in an underground prison cell along with a still sleeping Chris Redfield. Beyond the cell gate he can spot the entrance blocked by a boulder. While looking around, the figure of Security Guard Joe approaches, and tells him that this place belongs to very powerful people, but instead of listening, Date has Aiba run her simulations, which agitates Joe and makes him taunt that this place is a secret smuggling ring and shows Date a copy of the goods no one has access to. Aiba concentrates Date's vision on the guard's hand, identifying a limited edition porno mag, and he grabs him through the cell bars, forcefully hitting him trying to get him to drop the mag. The vibrations cause the boulder's support to break loose, and start rolling towards the cell. Unable to free himself, the guard desperately slides the cell gate to the side, laughing that it was gonna crush his friend, but Chris' instincts flare up and, getting up with a scream, he destroys the boulder in one swift strike, all the while still being asleep. Date can now get his so desired mag, when he notices a skeleton on the next cell and becomes aroused; Aiba restrains herself not to shock him and ups his dosage a bunch.

Episode 8

After Date fails to find anything in Dan's Van due to being too busy collecting mags, she makes sure to burn them while he sleeps.

Episode 14

Burns Date's gigantic stash of porno mags and money that he acquired through illegal means.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

Still in Date's eye, but now bullies him more for spending more time cooming in the locker room of Amakusa Elite Wrestling.

Episode 1

Date lost... again... in a mahjong match against Ooishi. He calls Raiden for reinforcement, but he's busy clicking links to HOT SINGLES in HIS AREA. Desperate, he begs Aiba for help in cheating at mahjong, but she enjoys seeing him struggle too much...

He decides to take a break and leaves the mahjong parlor and hit Survive Bar. Upon arrival he meets Kyle Hyde, a man he hasn't catch up to in a minute, who informs him Survive's Bartender has left to run errands. Date wonders why Kyle is still with TFR when he must've gotten an offer by now, but Kyle still has obligations to TFR, and to not worry since he's just fine. Date tries to pursue further, but Aiba remembers this isn't an investigation and he eases up. Kiryu Kazuma then enters the bar, whom Date hasn't seen in a while, but seems like he's been dragged to this city again by now; Kiryu knows some people involved in the company but hasn't checked it out yet, and asks Date if things are as well there as people seem to say, with Date agreeing it is save from a few issues arising from the company being so new. With TFR being in such bad shape, Date and Kiryu wonder if it can ever recover from the reveal of the schemes management were plotting, but at least they shut them down. After silently observing the conversation for a while, Kyle is done with his drink, so he gets up and leaves, apologizing for not continuing with the conversation.

Episode 2

Shuts down while Date is still drinking for unknown reasons.

Episode 3

Aiba's last memory is Date drinking in Survive Bar before it cuts off due to system shutdown, but somehow she managed to reach Mizuki. As Mizuki waits in a street bench and wonders why Kiryu Kazuma called her, she thinks about how much trouble Date always gets into. Kiryu finally arrives, greeting Mizuki quickly despite having been a while since seeing each other due to the importance of this call. While Mizuki is ready to punch shit, Kiryu exclaims it's not like anything they've ever seen before, a creature completely devoid of light, he has seen evil itself before but nothing like this; this is darkness itself, a monster for sure, and it took Date away. And that's why he must stop Mizuki from going after it, because Date wouldn't forgive Kiryu or himself if anything happened to her; even Aiba agrees, and for once Mizuki manages to calm her girlboss impulses down... Kiryu figured it was his duty to let her know and gather any useful info from her, and while she hasn't really got anything, Kiryu has a plan to find out where they took Date, as there's no other choice...

TFR/Off-Season 9: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

Miles Edgeworth hires Gregory to investigate, but the investigation is going nowhere... because he already has all the evidence to conclude this case right now: the culprit of TFR's recent troubles... is none other than Tre! Such a harmless man that nobody would suspect he supports The Circus, and so long as he works here, TFR won't stop being targeted. So now either Miles accepts his findings, or Gregory will take him tap out! As Edgeworth wonders if his endless babble has any point, Gregory wonders if he'd prefer to tap out in the ladies' room stall instead...

Somewhere else... Saihara Shuichi praises Gregory's ramblings for figuring it out, while Aiba tells him he actually has no clue on what's really going on.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Stays with Mizuki because she thinks it's still too soon to return into Date after the whole "blacked" incident.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

The Sonozaki Estate houses some of the Dragon of Kojima's allies, discussing the current situation. Date Kaname laments at how he never changes, always recklessly risking himself, and now his higher ups won't even let him keep tabs on him. But Akane says the secrecy makes sense; with how the media's been treating him, his higher ups might want to keep the friendship between the Dragon of Kojima and a high-ranked agent from making rumors. And Kasai thinks they've probably moved him to a secure place where a guy like him couldn't escape anytime he wanted, although of course his guilty conscience would never allow him to do such a thing. But still, Date can't help but feel utterly useless; he promised he'd clear Jackson's name, and still has nothing to show for it!

Mizuki barges into the room to tell Date to stop complaining, whom he though was busy "being a teenager" with Mion and Shion, but she reiterates that the only angsty 14yo is himself. Following her in, Mion finds it weird that Mizuki calls him "Date" while being Date herself, but Shion smugly theorizes she must call him "papa" whenever they are alone, which Mizuki tries to deny as lies, yet Aiba suddenly announces there's no lie to be found, making Mizuki threaten to stuff her back in Date's socket, which Aiba claims wouldn't be very entertaining since she'd just solve all his problems in a jiffy. The situation makes Akane smirk as someone else around also never changes.

Still, Akane thanks Kiryu from the bottom of her heart; when they were in a pinch, Kiryu singlehandedly ended the nightmarish situation they had been living for weeks, facing an entire clan alone without any regard for himself, Akane can't understate what a man he is... Date despondently agrees. Their mission is clear, as Akane proclaims they must save Kiryu... from himself. Date warns that Kyrie and Rudolf are still out there, which Akane agrees as she bets they're already on the move, which is why they can't lag behind, so she went and got in contact with someone who's willing to help. A shivering person complains about how damn cold the place is, as Yamai Yutaka enters the room and wonders why she didn't chose a more candid place (like a candlelight dinner), and although Date is unsure from his past allegations, Yamai points out they are "past" since the Dragon wiped them, and besides, they were never direct subordinates of the Sumaderas since it was merely a small business agreement (that fell apart). He reminisces that back in Steven's days the underworld was good and all, but right now there's more lucrative deals for an independent family such as his'.

As far as Kyrie goes anyways, he just joined since she'd let him have Akane if the coup was successful; he knows a devoted widow would never be with scum like him otherwise. Akane snidely calls him disgusting, but Yamai relishes the insult, Kasai joining in to appreciate him being a man of culture, and Date adding that Akane is, after all, very attractive, explaining why a powerful man like Steven fell for her... Mizuki offers to slap them, but Mion instead tells Shion to get "it", as she diligently goes to get her taser, to Date's dismay. Kyrie herself, Yamai reflects, isn't half bad, but isn't quite ripe yet for another five-to-ten years, and that pinch of malice adds the perfect spice, Date comprehending the appeal and adding that she has a great bone structure to boot!

Coughing back into topic, Akane admits she's been deep in thinking, wondering what could've caused her to take the risk; not just the betrayal, but having no contingency, which is uncharacteristic of her. She wouldn't do anything without having extreme confidence in its success, and there's no way she didn't take the Dragon of Kojima's return into account. It's gotta be something in her sleeve, Kasai assures, and it'll be a problem until they deal with it. Date brusquely changes the topic to the Matou Family; wondering if they are legit, and why would they be after Kiryu. Kasai responds that it's too long a story, but they consist of not only old members and fanatics, but also remnants of other families and gangs: Shimano Family, Evolution, even those who worked under "Il Drago". Basically, any enemy of Kiryu is free to join them. A family that was once a cornerstone of the clan, now reduced to a machine moved by pure hatred... but it's to be expected, considering the man who considers himself Kiryu's archenemy, Hayashi Hiroshi, is not only prominent in their business and their de-facto leader, but mentoring Kieran and nurturing his hatred... he must hope that Kieran's hatred grows strong enough, that through hard work a foe worthy of ending the Dragon once and for all will be born. Apparently, Akane heard he came to the Sumadera clan himself, but why, considering Kyrie is responsible for his mother's fate in the first place. Akane wonders, if maybe his hatred stems from his mother's obsession with Kariya, who abandoned them because he only had eyes for Jill Stingray... only to have her "stolen" by Kiryu, Kasai finishes.

Finally Date understands, Kieran is suffering from some sort of intergenerational, father-to-son cuck rage... that's a great idea, actually. Date begins salivating wondering if there's any online stuff like that (like the, uh, "husbandry" videos he keeps at home), and hastily asks Aiba if she can jump in for a sec for some important research–ZAP!–one too many chances, Shion remarks; Mizuki asks to let her do him next, but Mion wisely tells her kouhai to wait until he wakes up.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Single Details
/v/ermin Terry-AI Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P