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Attorney Online Vidya's wrestling brand AOV (also known as Attorney Online Vumble and Attorney Online Versus) is a brand separate from The Final Rumble, hosted by Sorathesavior.

It also hosts the Rumble Premier League, a football competition between most of the TFR spin-offs held on Pro Evolution Soccer with modded-in characters.

Description[edit | edit source]

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season 1
AOV/Season 1
Attorney Online Vumble
Season 2
AOV/Season 2
Attorney Online Versus

RPL Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season 1
RPL/Season 1
A grand tournament between 12 teams of the Rumbleverse: the hosts AOV, TFR, TCR, G1 and their female division SSS, nWr, TSR, TER, CNR, TWR, TTA, and a group formed from the leftovers by chat's choice: NEJS. The Epstein Rumble ended winning the tournament and becoming the Rumble Premier Champion.
Season 2
RPL/Season 2
20 teams battle against one another to become the champion of their group. Joining the fray are TFHR, AVR, and NMS, and through NEJS's death, new possibilities open up; BCW separates itself from the worse brand, the womemes of WEW and the schizos of SCZ balkanize themselves from TCR, the italian-americans declare independence from G1 and become SOP, Epstein's millenary island library is opened and brings THC from the past, and Walt Disney funds his own TTA. Some teams also reincarnate into a different, generally less jobbier form; like TER being closed and replaced by AFR, and CNR not taking his meds and evolving into SVS. Womemes Excluded Wrestling ends defeating the great jewish menace of TTA, and becoming Rumble Premier Champion.
Season 3
RPL/Season 2
Back to an old (and better) version of PES, RPL is finally back and better than ever (debatable). Teams die and are replaced, and equilibrium is maintained: BCW is sold out by the Bogdanoffs who find out footy is a waste of time, now rebranded as AEW. SVS dies it's last (and hopefully final) mental breakdown, opening the path for VSU to step down from boss status and enter the battle.

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